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Question about exchanging money..

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2 hours ago, Soarking said:

There are totally different rates if they are buying pesos or selling them.   I wouldn't do any exchanging at an American bank.   I would suggest waiting until you get to Cebu and exchange $ 100.00 at the aitport to get you where your going and find a better exchange rate later.

For hotels and larger purchases you can use major credit cards most anywhere.   Just be careful which ones you use.  Some charge fees, some don't.   I use Capital One here a lot.   No fees and a decent rate.   Lot safer than cash.

you also want to call your bank and credit card companies to let them know when and where your traveling or you may find they put a hold on your cards first time you use them.


Exactly right capital one is great no fees and excellent exchange rate. Citibank is all about charging fees no good

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on another note...about exchanging. Be careful at street type exchange places if you plan to exchange a large amount. I don't know about Cebu but here in AC some have some pretty sketchy looking chara

At most exchanges they give a lower rate for bills lower than fifties.  So if your bringing money over from the US bring fifty and hundred dollar bills only. Also they are very particular about t

I would only bring $100s and they want the new ones with the blue stripe.

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