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Want to improve your spoken 'RP' English (the Queens English), or IELTS Band Score?


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Does anyone need help with their English pronunciation - RP (Received Pronunciation) or the Queens English?

I have helped many students in China over the past 5 years improve their spoken British English, as well as obtaining IELTS Band Scores of 6.5 and higher (many Chinese Training Schools only seemed to manage a Band 5.5  Final Score!).

I also helped improve their 'Business English',
I have Teacher access to English 4 Hotels & Resorts  site-logo.png 
Also 'English 4 IT', site-logo.png
and 'English 4 Accounting' site-logo.png , as well as 'Medical English'  site-logo.png

 Noticed there is now site-logo.png , which is all the above, on one Website (need to ask Larry, about getting Teachers access to that)?

85 Units Available in 5 Subjects

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