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Best international delivery service

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Ok need another visa debit card send to the Philippines ,the one they just send me not work that took 32 days by USPS and the card not work the man I am dealing with at the bank they will send this one by a faster delivery service. I  want one to deliver to my condo near Mango Ave and National book store any advice would be nice especially if you have had them deliver something to you in Cebu proper. Thanks to all!!!!! 

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Sent from where? From the USA we get Fedex deliveries in 5 days or less. But costs about $70.00.

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Some years ago I had my debit card replaced. My bank used FedEx for delivery.... took 10 days.

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Kabisay-an gid

FedEx International Priority Service. They delivered some important documents I sent from the U.S. east coast to Quezon City in 3.5 days, at a cost of about $56 U.S.

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I would expect that FEDEX is good.

But I'd also expect that DHL is good, and you can likely get it delivered directly to one of the DHL storefronts..  like the one in SM City.  I "think" there's one in Ayala too..  but I would check first.

Both FEDEX and DHL should give you a tracking number, which will allow you to go online and monitor exactly where the package is.  You'll be able to see when it arrives in Philippines, and when it arrives in Cebu, and that may be helpful to you.

Regardless who you use, make sure they can your phone number so they can call you in Cebu if they have any issue.


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