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VHA Foreign Medical Program Philippines

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Salty Dog
3 hours ago, urbanrrc said:

I was curious about the "fill in problems" comment.  It looks like the way the form is designed is that you can type your information in it, but then you are not able to save the data. No idea why the VA would use this style/type of pdf form, but given that they have I would instead of filling it in by hand, type in the data from your computer keyboard....that way there will be no mistake sin transcribing someone's hard-to-read writing.  I am not that crazy about the idea of scanning in the documents and sending to VA Manila as a secure message. VA Manila is terrible about managing paper correspondence, why take a chance of them loosing it?  Instead, I would either mail it or the by far preferred method is to fax it. Recognize that not many will have their own fax machine and taking it to a business center for faxing is a pain.  However, while I have not yet learned to use it, I understand most PC's have an application that allows you to take pdf files and send them to a fax machine number.  I have heard there is a cost for this application, but that it is very, very inexpensive, like less than $10.00 a year. Everyone needs to figure out how to do this, because why add 2-3 weeks on the reimbursement process for FMP claims because of international mail, skip all those steps and send a fax directly from your PC. Those that do not have a printer with scanning ability will need to get one, but they are usually less than $100. Another thing I noticed is that reimbursement is in US Dollars by check. Not always easy to cash a US Dollar check in Phils these days.


After completing the form, just print to a PDF file. It will ask you for the name of the document you are saving to. You will now have a filled in copy on your computer...


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