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Sunstar Grand Hotel Quiapo, Manila

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Quiapo and Divisoria  -  the Philippines on Steroids  :-)    Stayed 3 out of the last four nights in the Philippines at the Sunstar Grand Hotel   -  from the outside doesn't look like so much in the middle of Quiapo  - but you go inside and its a really nice place.  One of the nicer hotels I have stayed in the Philippines.  Great bargain  - today I saw it it for about 1250 pHp on Agoda.   Nice, good sized room with a nice CR and very nice bed.  Breakfast was included but I would put it in the just ok range.  Standard free breakfast delivered to your room.

   You go outside and you are in the hustle and bustle of Quiapo  - cell phone repair shops, optical shops, discount electronics.  Home too to the Black Nazarene in the Quiapo church where they have the 2 to 3 million strong procession each spring.   supposed to have been carved from the burned hulk of a wrecked spanish galleon.   Take a short jeep ride over to the Divisoria market - where you can buy as much of anything you want to buy at the lowest price in the Phils.- all the counterfeit goods you could want.  Chinese neighborhood here too down to Bintondo.  Lots of good authentic chinese food for sale.

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