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Hey there,


My name is Petteri, and I've been lurking around here, reading threads for quite some time, and decided to pen this short introduction.


I got married to my wonderful wife in October last year (in Cebu), and am currently in the process to get her to the Netherlands where I am residing at the moment. I am not a Dutch national, so the process is (thankfully) a LOT easier for me than if I would have been a local.


I am a huge fan of languages and language learning, and I am proficient in quite a few languages. I am having a lot of fun learning Cebuano/Visayan as it is such a different language from the ones I already know.


I've been in the Phils a few times and definitely find Cebu to be the nicest city of those I have visited. However, the honeymoon spent in Boracay wasn't bad either :P


If you have any questions, fire away as I can't think of anything interesting to say anymore! I'll just go back to hanging around the Language section.




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Caveat Emptor

Welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!! :P:cool_01:

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Welcome!! There is a wealth of knowledge stored on this forum!!!

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Vince Runza

Greetings! Heh, I almost got in Dutch with a girl, once...

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