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Boats, split from Eastern Samar

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My SIL here on Guam, grew up on boats. His family sailed here on a self built, Chinese-junk hull design from Santa Cruz, California. He owns a boat repair shop. He likes to tell me that a boat is a "hole in the water that you throw money into" :P 

All kidding aside, that's a nice boat, Shadow.


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12 hours ago, Richard K said:

tell me more... I love boats

Just noticed I have no good pics of my Ocean Yacht...

Kimple 400.jpg

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11 hours ago, PhilsFan said:

Thanks for the link Dafey. That link is probably going to cost me a lot of money someday, Lol.

Let me know...I'll mate for you. There are some cool boats that he builds.

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20 hours ago, shadow said:

Built the trailer myself, for about P40,000. I've built a number of various trailers over the years for other people here.


This is a photo taken in Makati (not by me)

You might like to build them a tow bar next time.


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