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U.S. Confirms that North Korea Fired Intercontinental Ballistic Missile


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China has been paying N.Korea to do this shit for 60 years. If someone fired a missile over China they would set their hair  on fire and call it an act of war. But it's ok if their lap dog fires  a few over Japan. No big deal. No consequences.

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Well..that doesn't surprise me.. personally I have no wish to see millions of people die..

I know many think that the current POTUS is crazy but if "bad haircut" shoots even one missile at the USA I bet there will be a lot of Americans who are glad he is the president.

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Mr. Mike

...CNN....hummm...is bullwoofy!

They are almost out of business!

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Richard K
Just now, Mr. Mike said:

...CNN....hummm...is bullwoofy!

They are almost out of business!

I am not sure that it is "news"... more of a human interest story I would think.

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It's game over. Like it or not. NK is now a nuke power. Treat it as one. India, Pakistan went same way and USA can't bully them anymore. Not to speak of zion-nuts who threatening all of it's neighbors. 

Nukes to every nation. How stupid is this homo sapiens sapiens (who knows (thinks?) he is smart) :bomb:

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