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Can anyone recommend a MacBook Repairshop in Cebu ?

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1 hour ago, Goetz1965 said:

MSI-ECS will try to scam you - I experienced that with them - DONT GO THERE !

I got my McBook battery replaced then at PowerMac Center Ayala - they did a GREAT job and also told me that if I wait I get a promotion from Apple that gives me a totally free repair - so I waited 2 month but paid nothing !
AND - instead of waiting 3 weeks they dd the job in kust about 1 week.

Regular price for battery replacment is about 200US$ - with labour its never more than 13500php here. 

How long ago was this?  What was the promo that Apple offered?  I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that there have been quite a lot of complaints about expanding batteries?

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2 hours ago, Ace101 said:

Thanks for the input Goetz1965I will go to PowerMac Ayala then tomorrow morning. I have already set my mind to go to MSI-ECS until I read your comment.

Im just a little bit worried knowing I have to surrender my laptop for a week. My personal details are all in here - credit card details, bank account log in and email log ins. Will the technician will not touch these things?

I have had bad experiences with all repairs here, Apple and otherwise.  I am not able to advise how you can protect your information, but on Mac products you can create a non-admin user for a technician to use for diagnostic work.  This will protect your user information.  

I had a MBP repaired and when I got it back, there was a folder on the desktop with birthday party pictures labeled "lolo". I had a battery replaced, and when I got back to Leyte, I discovered the technician had forgotten to reconnect the keyboard backlight.  Easy to fix, but meant a return trip to Cebu and leave it to be repaired again.  

I have other examples, bit the best was not with an Apple repair.  I had a windows system computer repaired and when I got it back, I discovered a variety of soft core images.  I also had a software added which was commonly used for getting illegal downloads.  This explained the extra days needed for the repair.  

Any repairs I may need I’ll go to the Mac center, not the istore. 

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