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Worms in CR

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3 hours ago, Richard K said:

 a couple of packets of regular yeast does the same thing.. it adds the needed bacteria to the system.. soap and cleaning solutions kill the good bacteria that eats the poo.. Toilet paper here basically melts in water.. as I am sure you have found wiping with it.

Septic systems here are the weirdest I ever saw.. mostly just a tank.. no leach field and all household water goes into it.. or it ALL goes into the street gutter in front of the house.. that's pretty common really.. 

I was given this tip by an oldtime RV'er.   Problem is yeast needs a tempature of 95 to 115° to activate,  might not be an issue in the PI's??   

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Kabisay-an gid
4 hours ago, AlwaysRt said:

Does anyone know what the Philippine version of septic tank bacteria is called and where to buy?

There are different brands available. Just ask at any Ace or TrueValue hardware store - they'll know what you're talking about. Home Depot would be another place to check.

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I have seen them in drains here thru the years. I had multipedes in ours at old house.

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