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A reminder to all men

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We all seem to know everything. We all have a great woman. Most of us have been divorced before. Remember never to give up control. Keep all your money in your name. Once you give up control and put your money in your gf name or your wife's name you stand a great chance of getting FD. Don't let that happen. This is just a friendly reminder of what can happen. 

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I taught in China for 8 years, and the subjects of relationships and money came up often.

I would ask the students if the husband or wife should control the money in a relationship, and the answer was always the wife:

"Why do you think the wife should control the money?"

"Because women are better at managing money."

"Really ?  Tell me what you really think."

"Because if a man has money he will use the money for alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and girls.  No money means he will not have any girls"

"Why don't you find a man that you trust that you can marry ?"

"We don't think about that...."


The same general conversation happened with my students dozens of time.  I think the same applies in the Phils also.

I want a woman that trusts me, not a woman that feels that she needs to control me.

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Busted Dick

I hand over most of my monthly income to asawa to control; if I did not then for sure I would spend more.  I would definitely buy more alcohol (ohhhh yes I like alcohol!!!) and I am a technology geek so would have bought stuff that I would like but we definitely don't need.   I don't do cigarettes or gambling and don't need girls, although I have had a lifetime of being distracted by women and screwing up what I already have so if I had more money in my pocket, who knows!!!  I retain control of the money because my income goes into my bank account from which I then transfer a monthly amount to asawa and I keep an eye, informally, on what we are spending etc but she acts as a filter to stop the excesses that I have always been vulnerable to, throughout my life!  So it works for us!

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