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Experimental Solar tracking

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Oz Jon
4 hours ago, Paul said:

Not with grid tied inverters. They shut down when the mains go down. 


That's what I meant by " properly designed/approved connection kit".


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For a while now I've had a single solar panel on a Micro Inverter on the roof of my dog kennel which pitches bit south.  Last month I had to move it to the north side of the house for the summer sun.

Looks like you can get that inverter from lazada http://www.lazada.com.ph/600w-18v-on-grid-tie-inverter-mppt-pure-sine-wave-inverterdc105-28v-to-ac190-260v-solar-power-micro-inverter-intl-1843296

When buying eBay products from them, I have found they are more concerned about their rating, and making sure the customer is happy, than they are about the money. They have sent me refunds before, af

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7 hours ago, Oz Jon said:


That's what I meant by " properly designed/approved connection kit".


I understand. But, all of this is built into the internal electronics of the inverters nowadays. I know very little about them, due to not having owned any grid-tied hardware, to date. However, that is going to change soon. :) 

I figure on having enough fed back into the mains daily, to counter most of what my air-con uses. I'm gonna see if I can maintain low dollar electric bills. :)

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