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What was the worst food that you were served here ?


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While working on a boat om the Pasig River at the mouth of Manila Bay I ate most of my lunches at the Seamans Club on the road. Kept passing all of the vendors on the south side of the river noticing what looked like wonderful little sausages. One day I braved myself to try a few. Had to quit early that day. Had LBM before I even got back to the boat. Similar to durian just the opposite. Smell/taste good, LBM immediately. :-):-):-)

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I bought a bottle of wine today and the label on the back read, 'Usually drunk with pizza.' I thought, "What a coincidence, so am I."

There are just so many that it would be hard to pick just one.  

Let's hope this thread can be steered back towards worst foods that are intended for hungry foreigners... Quite obviously balut, Jollibee, Yellow Scab Pizza and such are not geared towards foreigners

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Worst tasting so far was not the fault of the restaurant

She'd never had  Mongolian - you select  they cook it  -  style

She tired some of mine (I told her not  to) had tears in her eyes - I tried hers and almost threw up

Only meat in the bowl was Sardines and some BAD BAD BAD sauce

She said "wait until you try Balut"  her way of getting even with me again. I said I would :killself:

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I can't even smell Crispy Pata. Maybe there's something wrong with me, I usually bear with a lot of filipino dishes but that thing is horrible to me.

And the burger patties here don't even look like beef at all. I could not find yet in the groceries a single patty that will satisfy my craving. So I usually by beef and do it myself.

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