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The future is bright but it also might be smelly.. :P 



Innovative process turns diapers, sanitary products, into energy

A process is taking sanitary products, diapers and incontinence pads and turning them into energy.

The LifeCycle technique, developed by hygiene and waste management company PHS Group, has been designed to process commercial hygiene waste in such a way that moisture content is removed and a "raw, clean burnable mass" is left over. This fuel, known as Refuse Derived Fuel, is then burnt to create energy.

The process has a worldwide patent. The PHS Group says its system is able to process 10 tonnes per hour, and has set itself the target of "zero to landfill" for waste produced by its customers by the end of this year.

The business said that before it had developed its technology, hygiene waste products were either sent to landfill – where a diaper could take 500 years to decompose – or burnt.




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Depends Power!!!



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