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Earthquake M 6.5 Northern Mindanao 10 Feb 2017

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3 hours ago, AlwaysRt said:

Have you thought about filling the tanks to do a leak check to verify before continuing? It's possible for damage not to be obvious to the eye.

How did the chickens and the chicken house do?

Stay safe.

   I climbed down into the tanks and thoroughly inspected both the inside surfaces and the outside surfaces. This needed to be done before I am going to allow the ceramic tiles to be laid on the top and inside surfaces. Currently I do not have the plumbing on the drain outlets nor the pump here needed to pump 96,000 liters of water needed to fill all the tanks. The visual inspection I believe was thorough enough to verify that the tanks are free of any fractures.There is a finishing layer applied on both the outside and a finishing layer with a water sealant applied on the insides which were totally free of any micro-fracturing. I had poured a heavy foundation and every second row of hollowblock had a rebar ring as well as a solid concrete cap w/ rebar ring poured on top of the tanks. I had earthquakes in mind when I was designing these tanks and I supervised all the pours and construction. I had the hollowblocks made at a ration of 25 to 1 instead of the normal 70-80 to one that most hollowblocks are made here. I even had twice the ratio of cement added in the mortar mix used.when the tank sides were being built.

   When I built the chicken coop I made it a heavy frame construction because I expected being so close to the waters edge that there was a strong probability of heavy winds. This was certainly tested when this area was hit weeks back by a heavy tropical storm that slammed into this area. The coop's heavy frame construction handled the high winds and also did equally well when the earthquake hit here. The frame actually sits on hollowblocks and did not appear to have shifted off the blocks, The earthquake did not effect the hens in the coop, but the hens have not fared so well with the wet season.

   I had a nepe roof which was sufficient to handle the rains and I had the coop place within a foot of the wall of the facility. I also had installed large roll-down tarps on the front, left and right sides of the coop. Even with these precautions being so close to the ocean water has a drawback due to the high winds, humidity and long drizzly weather. This particular breed of hens seem to have a delicate constitution and susceptible to chill and being so close to the shoreline has taken a toll on this particularly species, even though they had been kept dry during the rains. I will have to raise the cage ceiling heights an add an electrical fed into the coop so I can install a series of overhead heat-lamps. I will also have to add additional roll-down insulation layers under the rain-tarps as well, and add an insulation layers that can be laid down on top of the coop ceilings to hold the lamp generated heat inside the cage. The hen population dropped from 54 hens to 21 hens in the last 3 weeks. We still average 18 eggs a day, but before the heavy rains and winds started we were yielding 28-35 a day.

   After the rainy season ends I will build an addition coop to raise the 45-day chickens to stock our freezer, and I well be building a rabbit hutch to raise rabbits. No farm yard animal consistently produces more viable protein a year than rabbits, and rabbits have a cleaner healthier meat than that of chickens. We can eat rabbit, drop a few 45-dayers in the freezer and sell the rest along with the eggs to pay for the feeds and upkeep for the coops and hutch..    

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