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Ever done something dumb, just because you weren't thinking of where you were?

Maybe you did something the same way you do things back home.

Be careful while vacationing in Cebu, or in any location that you are not used to.


While in Cebu I was invited to a

round of golf at the Alta Vista Country Club. The tee

time was to be at 7 the next morning.

I got up at 6 and followed the same routine I do back

in the States. I got ready and had a coffee and went.


We were on the forth green, about 8:30 in the morning,

and the temperature was aproaching 95 degrees F. My

leggs started wobbling, my knees were buckling and I said

I didn't feel well. I started to go down and

my opponent and one of the Caddies grabbed

me before I hit the ground, and lead me to the golf cart and

drove me to one of the out-lying mini club houses, where they

poured water over me, gave me sprite and water and put ice on

my neck, arms and legs.


What was happening to me was I had gotten dehydrated

from sweating. One coffee just wasn't enough for me

to maintain my hydration level. My body lost the

ability to regulate my core temperature. This sounds

like a "no-brainer" , but the fact is, I could have

gone into a coma, or died. I just wasn't thinking.


They could have called an ambulance, or put me in a

taxi, or just stood by and watched, maybe thinking I

was having a heart attack, or something. But they

helped me, and I think they saved my life.


I was fine in about 20 minutes, finished the round

(with a rotten score) and tipped both caddies very

well. ($20.00 USD each) Some may say they were just

doing what they were supposed to, and that my tip was

way to much, but I was so grateful that I wish I had

brought more cash with me to the golf course.


Wiser for the next round,






(See Paul, it isn't just animals that almost kill me. :as-if: )

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Avoiding Heat Stress Injury


* Hydration: Drink plenty of fluid 30 - 45 minutes before exercise and then a cupful every 10 - 15 minutes while exercising. After exercise drink more fluid than you think you need. Especially if you are over 40. Your thirst mechanism does not appear to be as effective a gauge of your water needs as you age. Drinking fluid, while exercising and after completion, will help speed your recovery. Sport replacement drinks are superior to water at longer distances and times (over 60 - 90 minutes). The electrolytes and carbohydrates in them will also help speed your recovery from the stress of fluid loss and your long distance run. Somehow they do seem to taste great in the heat and the good taste encourages you to drink more and replace your fluids.


* Acclimatization: Gradually build up your tolerance for running in warmer weather.


* Stay Fit and don't overestimate your level of fitness: Individuals with a higher VO2 Max are more tolerant of heat tolerance than those with a lower level of fitness.


* Watch your health: Make sure you are aware of both medical conditions that you have and medications that can affect your tolerance of exercise in the heat. Medical conditions affecting your heat tolerance include diabetes, high blood pressure, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, obesity and fever.


* Dress Cool: Wear light weight shorts and a singlet rather than a tea shirt, to permit evaporation of perspiration.


SOURCE: http://www.drpribut.com/sports/humidtxt.html

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I'm glad that nothing worse happened to you man. I will say, the caddy's were happy that day, as you tipped them about 5 day's salary. :as-if:


When I am in any hot climate, I make it a point to drink fluids like a camel. I typically keep a 5 gallon bottle of water, along with a dispenser, on the table in the kitchen. From that, I keep several 1.5 liter bottles filled. When I go out, I will take one or two of the bottles with me.

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One coffee just wasn't enough for me to maintain my hydration level.


For your information coffee is a diuretic.

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Had a similar thing in Greece one time. I was 16 years old at the time. Rented a bike and went far out in the country side. and got a flat tire. Without hat, no water and not much money I walked the bike back to town. Maybe 10 km or something? I dont remember that I entered the town. I just remember waking up in my hotell the next morning feeling really crappy. My grandmother had returned the bike for me the day before.


Heat is dangerous. Cannot stress this enough. If you are not used to it, drink plenty of liquids! Much better you drink more than you need. The only thing bad that comes out of that is that you need to look for the cr more often.


When you feel thirsty, its actually too late. Thats the best advice I ever got.

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