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going to cebu living on the edge


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You know, Seattle2cebu reminded me of my Dad in a way. In 1960 he joined a commune that was starting in the Galapagos Islands, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, at that time was one of the more remote places on earth. He had the what the #@*# we are doing this attitude. Took the whole family there, once the company owned ship dropped anchor, it was announced that the company was broke. Got interesting when there was more people than beds on the ship. Dad decided to stay with only 20 dollars in his pocket. Took 2 yrs to get out of there. To this day, that is one of the best memories that I have.


I have been as hard as anyone else on Seattle2cebu but you know, have to give the guy some credit, has the same metal that my father has.

Doug and Sally

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some call it living on the edge i call it a lack of planning.... being poor sucks always has and always will anyway you try to color it..

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kar wren

...I personally don't see a post as entertainment at the point of ridicule.

Unless the poster meant it as an entertainment.

Maybe if he wasn't here posting anymore, its for his best after all. Good thing.



Who knows what the future will hold.

We may be sane today.....

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Apply for a call center job, that's the only one I can think off that would guarantee you immediate employment. There's a lot of call centers here looking for qualified applicants... They prioritize applicants who can speak like an American...


Then live within your means... Don't go buy whole lechon for picnic again... unless you want to feed a whole neighborhood or something... lol


btw.. I don't think having a lechon biz is quite feasible... you need to build your name for that, and that takes years... also lechon business is seasonal...


I agree.


Just apply for a call center position for a higher paying salary. Just keep in mind that they would not really consider paying more than $500 a month for someone fairly experienced. One other downside is you would most likely work at night. Although, you'd get to meet a whole bunch of great people. The night activity in Cebu is growing immensly and within the next 3 years can see it becomming as lively as Seoul.


As for ESL, there are quite a few people offering that service here and from the plethera of candidates I've interviewed for my offices, those jobs are few and far between...to the point they need to search for a more secure form of income.

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