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Remnants of at least 2 water spouts in Liloan.

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GOOD photo catch that.

Bit surprising to see this in Liloan.


Was driving up the east coast north of Danao (Catmon I think) late last week and came upon a tree down blocking part of the coast road.  There was really no sign of any storm until the last 100 yards (or less) before the tree down.  then there was a short section +/- 100 yards around the downed tree with lots of leaves and small branches down, and then back to no signs of unrest north of there.  At the time I didn't think much of it other than "must have been a micro burst of some sort".  You pic makes me wonder if it was more than that.

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We used to have plenty in Florida, one hit our base and the hanger I was in had clam shells from the parking lot flying horizontal. I was covered with wet sand before I could get in the shelter. Several planes were damaged.

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