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Ban on cutting of coconut trees starts today

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Just for three months though and with a few exceptions...




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DAMN, I had this urge to go out into the woods tonight and cut down a coconut tree just to hear if it made any noise if no one was around. Guess I'll need to go cow tipping instead.

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"To Preserve and Conserve"   Three months only


Another  holiday    :yahoo:


Where are you going with that chain saw?


Cut coconut 


That excuse not usable for 90 days


Ok...cutting any kind dead and danger only

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Coconut water is a booming industry, in Aust it simply wasn't stocks at all on supermarket shelves just 6 or 7 years ago.

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And just today I have a buyer for some land that will involve chopping a few. I had better research that one tomorrow. Globe lines did cut one of mine and didnt pay me for it. No way will they be in trouble. They do what the hell they like.

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Doubtful this will have much of an effect, in this area anyway. They have been a protected species for years, but nobody seems to acknowledge that.


"Endangered species"? What, in Manila?

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One of the most bizarre after effects of typhoon Yolanda was the so-called cleanup effort. On property next to us, owned by my FIL, there were dozens of damaged and fallen coconut trees. Some were in precarious positions, ready to roll down hillsides. Neighbors and family did what we could to stabilize these. Later, we cut manynof these into useable lumber. What remained were stumps and the remnants of some trees, safely left to rot.


Then, the clean up came. A small crew with a chain saw came and would make some cuts on the stumps and such. Nothing was removed. Just a lot of cutting.


I think they were told to clean up the remnants and paid by the piece.

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I <3 Cebu

As usual, i'm struggling to understand their logic. Are coconut trees native ? Most of them appear to have been planted, or do they tend to grow naturally in a grid pattern ?


Wouldn't it be better to promote sustainability, you know, like if you cut down a forest plant another one ?


Putting a temporary ban for 3 months only protects the trees for 3 months, after that its game on,wonder if any of them thought of that..hahaaaha

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Nationwide ban on cutting of coconut trees proposed

By: Delfin T. Mallari Jr. - @inquirerdotnet
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 12:03 AM December 06, 2016

The proposed suspension of the cutting of coconut trees would ensure
farmers and growers a steady supply of coconuts. —DELFIN T. MALLARI JR.



LUCENA CITY—A nationwide ban on the cutting of coconut trees would be implemented by the government to start the rehabilitation of the coconut industry, Philippine Coconut Authority Administrator Avelino Andal said here on Monday.

“But it will not be long. It will only be a short-term moratorium,” Andal told reporters in a press conference. He, however, did not elaborate on the period covered by the moratorium.

Andal said the suspension is an immediate measure to save coconut farmlands from illegal coconut lumber trade, “while we have yet to implement the needed control and monitoring mechanism on the ground.”


He lamented the prevalent corruption between unscrupulous PCA employees, who issue permits, and coconut lumber traders.

“There are instances of bribery, irregularities in transactions,” he said.

Andal said checkpoints put up by PCA and the police to prevent the transport of illegally cut coconut lumber have been rendered useless by widespread corruption.

‘Cash points’

“Oftentimes, these checkpoints become ‘cash points’ where grease money changed hands,” he said.

Andal said the military and volunteers, from a group called “Rodrigo Duterte Volunteer Foundation,” would help PCA and policemen in his renewed war on illegal coconut logging.

He said the implementation of the coconut tree cutting would start this week in Eastern Visayas and Zamboanga Peninsula regions.

“Coconut lumber traders in [these regions] would be advised to source their lumber from Basilan [province], which is now under heavy attacks from cocolisap (coconut scale insect) infestation,” he said.

Under Republic Act No. 8048 or the Coconut Preservation Act of 1995, the cutting of coconut trees is prohibited unless a permit is secured at the local PCA office.



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