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Catholic Country vs young unmarried girls with children

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Jess Bartone

Hmmm, a very interesting post, senseless. Some of it stands up, some doesn't. There seems to be some confusion over the difference between "intelligence" and "education". I could be wrong, but the post seems to suggest that Filipinos are stupid. Perhaps you made a bad choice of words.


My apologies for quoting out of context, but a couple of sentences caused adrenalin to flow in my blood:


"What happens if the fisherman is nearly retarded and incapable of learning the basic actions to fish?"


"Perhaps once intelligence is brought to the philippines this country will be far superior to any ever in history"


I am a Celtic Australian, my wife is a Morena Filipina. Science has proven that we both have the same capacity for intelligence, just as have all Homo Sapiens for tens of thousands of years.


I suggest you reconsider your perception of intelligence versus education, and revisit your post. I, for one, find it offensive.thumbs_down.gif

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I guess I do not understand Filipino culture. I would think that a country with such a strong religion would inhibit so many young girls from getting pregnant from guys who simply take off and pay no

I thought this was covered in biology 101. Failure to use birth control does not get you pregnant, sexual intercourse does. The Church teaches that you should not have sex outside of marriage or use b


Hmmm, a very interesting post, senseless. Some of it stands up, some doesn't. There seems to be some confusion over the difference between "intelligence" and "education". I could be wrong, but the post seems to suggest that Filipinos are stupid. Perhaps you made a bad choice of words.


There are 2 things, innate intelligence and information (Education/Memory).


Innate intelligence to me is something that can be trained just like any other natural human skills (running, jumping, throwing). You can create pathways yourself, or in others which will alter their way of thinking. My example of the 'retarded fisherman' (you're right probably not politically correct for those coming from UK or AU) was the crabbing. A crab trap is something that can be thrown together in a couple hours of work for 100 pesos of materials. You would think that within the last 50 years somewhere in cebu would have come up with this, and that others would have copied. Seeing that those philippine blue swimming crabs they catch run for 300 pesos a kilo in the wet market, or 500 pesos a kilo in the city. But this has not happened. People by the hundreds every night at certain tides go out to the ocean to go 'crabbing' with their feet. Whilest, using a trap they could catch kilos of crab every hour.


It's something I call slave mentality. When the spanish conquered (partly) these islands, they outlawed reading and writing in the local language like they did in mexico to the incan empire. However in the case of the philippines (they learned from mexican conquest), Not only did they outlaw reading and writing in the local language, but they also did not allow locals to write in spanish (for the most part). Over a generation or 2 this would have created a dumbed down 'idiocracy' type people. If you look at western culuture, most of what we learn is passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. This process that is natural in the human species was prevented from continuing in the philippines. This created what I call the slave mentality. A people who wait to be told what to do instead of taking initiative or learning themselves. Ontop of that you add the american influence of hollywood and western culture, you end up with a people who know nothing, pass no information between each other, have issues with verbalizing their feelings/positions, and have a strong desire for shiny bobbles and widgets. It's not really a good combination.


So yes, I do think retard is a fitting word in this case. However, this retardation was caused by years of supression/opression and murder. Which is reversible with time (possibly over generations) unlike those born with a mental disorder. I think the biggest issue is the mentality of the 17-23 age group in this country. Their sense of entitlement is worse than anything i've seen in the US.


This is based upon my findings in cebu and does not necessarily apply to every other island. As I'm sure most of us foreigners have figured out by now, each island population tend to have their own traits that other islands don't have due to isolation from each other and level of spanish/american influence in their history.


Also, to clarify what I meant by DNA. When species/sub-species/races whatever you want to call it procreate with each other, it is the tendency for the most prominent traits for each race to be passed in DNA. The more sub-species you mix together, the better the chances the most prominent traits of these to mix together. It's not just the way you think, or how you learn, there is indeed and always will be a genetic component to this.

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Jess Bartone

Fair call senseless, thanks for the explanation, and a lot of what you say makes... sensebiggrin_01.gif


I didn't know about the crabbing thing though, sounds painful at best. Here in AU we have similar species of blue swimmer crabs, and mud crabs. Blueys probably wouldn't do much more than draw blood, but mud crabs, which I had on Boracay, have enough power to take a toe, finger, or hand, clean off (depending on the size of the crab). So what do you reckon senseless, we should start teaching some Filipinos how to make a simple crab trap. Incidentally, the traditional method for catching muddies here was to take a bit of stick (coat hanger wire these days), and poke it into the holes under the banks in the mangroves where they live. The crab takes hold of the wire and the hunter slowly withdraws the stick/wire until the crab is out of water then flick it up on the bank. If you wish to keep the crab alive and complete, you need to tie the claws, because they will remove body parts. I honestly can't see Filipinos using their feet to catch mud crabs.


The original post was about the effect of religion on contraception and pregnancy, which is another matter entirely. Filipino boys don't seem to lack intelligence and imagination when it comes to convincing the girls that "I will love you forever, I will take you to meet my family, we will be married and live happily ever after". The stupid part is that if they get what they want (sex), then the girl must be a slut for giving it to them, and they lose interest, then tell everyone who will listen (mmm...everyone) what a slut she is.


The girl, on the other hand, is under a huge amount of pressure, firstly to retain her virtue, but also to get married before she is "too old". So after months of wooing, thousands of words entreating her to "give it up for her future husband" (so to speak), plenty of girls relent, and give up the only thing of value they have in this impoverished country. However, many, many more stand firm, and wait for the wedding ring.


Intelligence, or the lack of it, has nothing whatsoever to do with this very complex game of sex and marriage.

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So what do you reckon senseless, we should start teaching some Filipinos how to make a simple crab trap.


Not teach them how to make traps, but teach them how to use their brain. It seems that the people I meet are incapable of sitting down and thinking. "Hmm, I have a problem. There has to be a solution, which is the best one?"


"I want more crabs, how do I get them?"


"I want electricity, I wonder how I can get it?"


"I need easy access fresh water, how can I move and purify water for drinking?"


The people just need to ask questions and ponder on solutions. But their brain doesn't work like that, as children they're not taught problem solving. The children here don't play with puzzles, they fight spiders to the death. Then people wonder why amputaan mess, and all these crazy robbery and shootings are happening. It's because as kids these people were not taught how to use their brains. As people they're all instinct and reflex. "I want, you give me".


I believe others have related this to cause and effect, which is a stem of the same problem. The kids are unable to see how their actions of having sex at a young age will completely ruin their lives. (regardless of who breaks down or the social politics of the situation). They never stop to think "hey what will my life be like after I have children". I just found out last week that my wife's sister got knocked up by some guy because she didnt force him to wear a condom. I must have yelled at her on the phone for hours. As a result, I'm going to get her parents to force the youngest sister to be in the delivery room to watch when the baby is born. Hopefully the blood, screaming, crying and pain will be enough to scare her straight. Now she has no degree, no job, no income, and a kid. She'll end up neglecting the kid as she has to work 24/7/365 to support it (i'll probably end up paying for it out of pity). The grand parents end up raising the child, and that child ends up being indocterinated to the same mess that got her mother pregnant. It's a continuing cycle of ignorance is bliss.


(oh and, the guys parents forced him to propose to her, and then she (and the family) said no (wifes sister))


American teenagers for the most part are the same. We go in high school trying to have sex with anything that moves. It's more or less impossible for a teenager to control himself or herself when hormones start raging. Some girls get known as the 'sluts', 'hard to get', etc. The one difference between here and there? They sell condoms in the bathrooms of everywhere, and give them out for free at school. Kids will be kids, and they're going to have premarital sex. What you want is to make sure that every guy and girl has condoms on them when that hormone frenzy kicks in. All of the society bs that follows is irrelevant in the prevention of pregnancy.

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Bob Ward

This topic should have been closed a long time ago as it deals with religion. Please keep it on topic or it will be closed.

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Jess Bartone

You make a powerful argument, senseless, which I personally find very difficult to refute.


Ever thought of entering politics?


I guess my first reply was just on the intelligence thing. You are right in what you say about the cultural mindset, the cycle really does need to be broken. The problem is it's such a hand-to-mouth existence, and a very difficult habit to break. Example:


When I bought a ref for my in-laws, I had to train them in its use. Sure, they would go to the market, come home, fill up the ref, but then proceed to empty it, with plenty of help from neighbors and relatives who were only too willing. It took a while, but they have come to realise that a refrigerator is there to save you the trouble of going to the market on a daily basis. Just because there is plenty of food in the house, that is not a reason for a free-for-all. It was very frustrating, but now they are actually beginning to see 4 or 5 days into the future, instead of just to the next meal.


Overall, senseless, I get the impression that you are often angry and frustrated with some aspects of the Filipino culture, but try to remember the old "Serenity" poster we had on our walls in the 70's:

Courage to change the things we can, serenity to accept the things we can't, and wisdom to know the difference. You sound like a good bloke, smart, articulate, sensible, but.... Mellow Out Man!

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