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Is having children worth it?

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They would say that wouldn't they, since reversing the process might take time, surgery and it's probably illegal.


Rather like people recommending a Doctor, builder or landscape gardener.  They don't ever want to admit they are wrong.


Orphanages in SE Asia are not full of parent-less children, rather they are full of mostly abandoned kids.  And they need help.  Wanna be a real angel?  


But remember this, kids are not just for Christmas.  You can't pick them up, and then throw them away when they are not perfect.



None of the so called perfect parents told me how much time they actually spend with their kids.


I know a few of those perfect parents in my home town, they always come to me and beg for advice (I am kind of strict but fair).


It's the outside, fake.


Be real and state the reality.



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We adopted a baby girl one month old who's mother had died shortly after childbirth and was abandoned...the phillipines with its cheap help is the perfect place to do this ....any regrets?....hell no!....the house is alive with laughter and tantrums ....I would highly recommend it....couldn't imagine life without this little ray of sunshine in our lives......and the great thing is I never even have to change a nappy!

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At the age of 60,l know that I'm ready and it's something that l truly want.l just hope that l haven't left it to late. As to the the question " are they worth havering", without personal experience l think if your in the right place and frame of mind l would have to say yes, absolutely, bring it on.


Age 60 is absolutely fine for breeding...as long as you make financial provision for your scion. 

It's absolutely high time we stopped paying people to breed, with welfare and benefits, and started to give childless people tax cuts.


Tricky balance.  We need a well-educated new generation.

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You don't see that the world's more intelligent people have the fewest children while the world's less intelligent are having the most children. Open your eyes. The examples are all around you.


I take it you haven't seen Idiocracy? Funny, your quote reminded me of the movie now gone documentary. 


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For some reason, kids don't like me and I don't like them. (I'm in my 40s with no kids.)


By all means, I'm doing my best to be nice and friendly to all. I get along with adults of all stripes just fine.... but kids? I see others having a great time with them, but me, no.


I'm observing that kids are loud, annoying, ignorant, respectless, and most of all selfish. While I understand this is a natural process of development, I cannot bring myself to enjoy it.


Some people have kids in order to ensure someone will look after them in old age. I call this egoistic. Anyway, as long as one has a bit of money and organization, that is a non-issue.


I understand some people enjoy the unconditional love that children give. But you can get the same from a dog. And if that's the only love you can find, perhaps you have bigger problems in the first place.


The same goes for playing with toys or getting out in nature. I'm quite capable of having fun and getting fresh air on my own, or with adults.


Some people - maybe especially females - want to have kids due to peer pressure or expectations from family. Feck that. I don't need to be part of any in-crowd, and could not care less what others think about my choices.


Then there's the idea that kids are somehow representing an extension of your own life, giving a touch of immortality...


I call BS on this. As Richard Dawkins has explained in his perhaps greatest book ("the Selfish Gene"), the only thing being perpetuated is a set of genes. A row of molecules.


There is also ample evidence that parenthood works just as well without that genetic link.


So I don't see what all the fuss is about.


Intellectually, I understand that someone needs to have kids for our species to survive..


But I think humanity would do just fine - possibly even better - with a much smaller population on the planet. Say, less than 1 billion.


It's not like we are an endangered species. On the contrary: If some sort of more advanced civilization were responsible for managing our planet, like a park or zoo, they'd probably make deep cuts to the number of humans.


So I fail to see what all the fuss is about.

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