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Member experience or knowledge of implementing new grades 11 and 12

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I'd like to know if any members have had any first hand experience with the new senior high school, grades 11 and 12. I'm not trying to discuss the merits of whether it is a good idea (K-12). I'm primarily interested in how the process is to work for the senior high school.


From what I understand, not every school will be able to establish the courses for the different "tracks" students will be in. For example, some schools may not be able to have facilities or instructors in some topics such as sports or arts, and will NOT be able to enroll students in these tracks.


What I also know is there is some sort of screening test(s) conducted prior to the student entering grade 11. I am assuming it is an aptitude test of some sort and possibly others.


What is of interest to me is if the results of these screenings will FORCE the student into a specific track. For example, if the student appears to have an aptitude for training in some trade, but the student wants to go on to an academic future, i.e. College.


I had hoped to get some information from the school my children attend, but there is not much guidance provided.


Any members with experience or with knowledge of the process please offer comments.

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I was a executive board member in PTCA  at University of San Carlos BED South Campus (junior high school)
PTCA (Parents Teachers Community Association).
My daughter is in grade 11 now, but no PTCA for Senior High School(SHS) currently.

In PTCA it was much discussion, preparation, updates and uncertainty about SHS, there is still much uncertainty,.
The full implications we will probably not know for minimum 5-6 years. when the first is finished with college.

There are also different contents in the different schools, even for the same specializations/tracks,
So it is not it's not certain that all your daughter / son SHS units will be approved in the college they like to enroll.
It is therefore important to choose the right SHS for your children with a view to further education. Not only specialization/track.

Back to your question about the test and 'forced'
The kids will undergo assessments to determine their strengths and interests, different tests.
The school guide the students in choosing their specialization or track, some will feel this imposed, but they can choose a different direction then what the school recommends.

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Thanks for the useful reply. So far there has no real communication from the school, either to parents or the students. Most of the discusssion has been over classroom availability and teacher numbers etc.


This may be unique to the school my kids attend. Fortunately, I have two families members who are DEPED teachers.


One child is taking some exams this week, over two days. No explanation to the child except that they were to bring pencils etc.


My principal concern is over the potential to guide students into studies (track) that fit the needs of the school, as opposed to the child. Overly concerned on my part, perhaps.


I'm not particularly concerned over the credits issue (hope I don't eat those words). My older child is now in second year of college, and so far much of the class work has been just a continuation of high school. In effect, college first two years seem to be doing what coulda/should been done in high school.


This should change once the K-12 is in full operation. That is, the first years of college can expand upon the K-12 experience.

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