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  1. So, yesterday (Friday 4 Sept) I got up early to catch the bus from Sibonga to South Terminal, and then a cab on to J Mall to pick up my ACR card, and add some time to my visa. A couple of side notes, or observations.... Firstly, the bus route has changed. It used to divert off South Cebu Road at Talisay and go via SM Seaside, before rejoining South Cebu Road, a couple of K before the terminal. Never quite understood why.... until yesterday. Now it goes straight up South Cebu Road, through Tabanok, etc. The trip used to take about a hour.... Yesterday it was over two hours. I am assuming (Yes, I know the danger) that because of the much published clearing of roads, the bus companies are now compelled to use the main roads. Even in my sleepy little village of Sibonga, street vendors have been given the heave-ho in the name of ...... not sure what to call it. Oh, yes I do... a pain in the ass. Is J Mall to be renamed K Mall? My other observation is the takeover of J Mall by Korean shops and products. No complaints, just an observation. Enough of the ramble. So I arrive at J Mall around 9am and head into the annex to pick up my ACR card. I was greeted, no, that is not correct, I was confronted by a surly 'frontline' employee who told me to come back in a couple of hours because the internet was down. Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle the main office cash register was claiming foreigner cash full on as usual, and processing visa applications, like a veritable machine. Albeit, not a very efficient one - sort of like soviet era tractors. Gets the job done, but requires lot's of swearing. Anyway, being partial to a Teriyaki Burger (MacDonalds style) and this is J Mall after all, I amble down and waste some time before heading back to the Annex around 2pm. Still no action, just a sign over the window saying they are 'Offline'. Go for another trip around the mall, consider having a massage by a 'blind' Korean masseuse, think better of it, and head back to the Annex around 3pm. This time the doors are locked and padlocked. Long story short.... If you were going in first thing Monday - maybe worth a call first.
  2. I always found Immigration a pleasure to deal with. Always polite and friendly. Maybe a question or two if one is married or not, and thats it. Can't remember any incident like this reported before. On one of my returns to Ph, I went to the side office at arrival where the high ranking IO is located. I presented my passport and 3000 and asked if it was possible to get a extension to 59 days. Immigration Officer took my passport and went thru page by page. Yearly trips to Thailand for a couple of months, between my PH visas. Also retirement visa for Thailand. That alone should had been a clue of my 'status', as retired. IO: Why you come here so often? Do you have business here? : Sir, I am early retired and have pension from my home country. I do not work here. IO: I think you work here, but you stay on a improper tourist visa. : Sir, I can proof to you that I have pension from my country and don't need to work. Do you like to see my Embassy letter? While I started to take out my documents, I was given a verbal shower about how many who work without the appropiate visa for doing business in the country. This went on for like forever, and I started to worry that they would return me on next flight out. I was now holding out my proof of income, my embassy letter, but the IO did not take it, just continued talking. I was now very uncomfortable. IO: We can deny you entry, and very possibly we will not allow you to enter next time, without a proper visa. With those words, a person was called in, and out went my passport without explanation. After some time, my passport was returned to me. IO: Get the appropriate visa next time. I was then followed out to a IO booth and my passport and doc was handed in. Was stamped in and left the area. Looking back, what did I do wrong? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Normally casually dressed same a typical traveller. Not like a business man, or a tourist on his very last dollars, polite all the way. Never had contact with PNP or any dispute at all, in or outside the country. A totally clean police report from home, as well. To this day, I can't fanthom why I was given this special treatment. 1/2 hour of my life that I will never forget. That younger frequent tourists might get this hassle, I can understand. But that age 50+ with their documents in order get this treatment, was beyond belief. I had extended at airport before, hassle free. Anyway from now I rather go to Immigration in the city, and extend there. Their service are excellent, minus waiting a few hours, of course. Maybe I was the first to experience this, maybe not. Anyway, be prepared to proof your income source, if you are a frequent visitor, and want to extend at airport. I now also bring a print out, of my bank account deposit and withdrawals, from my home country.
  3. Even after reviewing various online videos, I remain unsure regarding the best way to approach arranging a trip I may wish to extend beyond 30 days. This involves three points: (1) visa extensions; (2) onward ticket; (3) (a long shot) cost of flight schedule changes on Eva airlines. I am aiming for a trip of about six weeks days and expect to fly on Eva Airlines. I am a U.S. citizen and will fly from Seattle to Cebu. My initial understanding is that one can readily get a 30 day visa at the airport upon arrival in Manila or Cebu, and that one can get an extension if needed after entering the PI. My question is what is most advisable, not merely what's possible. (1) For a sixty day trip, should I arrange the visa from within the U.S., or obtain one at the Cebu airport? (I'm in the Tacoma WA area, there does not appear to be a Philippine consulate nearby). (2) If I arrive with a round-trip ticket, is there any need for an onward ticket for a 6-week trip? (apologies for re-asking this question, but last time, it might not have been clear that I was arriving with a round-trip ticket). (3) This is pretty detailed, but I've had trouble getting this answered elsewhere. I am trying to determine the cost to cancel or reschedule flights on Eva Airlines. Their web site states that reservations canceled within 24 hours of purchase are eligible for a complete refund, but doesn't say what they charge for a change made more than 24 hours after purchase. On this topic, any feedback on Eva or any competitive airline (that flies out of Seattle) would also be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help the board can provide.
  4. I am currently getting the paperwork together in preparation for acquiring an exit certification. While going through the checklist provided me by the local BI, under passport requirements, it said I needed a photocopy of the biopage, arrival date, CRTV STAMP, latest extension. I have all the documentation prepared, but for the life of me, I have no idea where this CRTV STAMP is located in my passport. Personally, I think this is a rather inconvenient hassle, especially having to travel to Cebu for certification. They have everything about me in the computerized system, including all of my visa extensions....isn't this a bit of overkill on their part. I realize they want their money, where money is due, but a quick look into the computer would supposedly clear that up. Do other countries require this much documentation? However, if anyone could fill me in on the CRTV STAMP question, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. My Filipino wife and I (fil/am) have been together 30 years. In that time we have made several trips from the US to PI. This is the first time we have been queried before being allowed to board our flights. The first time was in the US before boarding the Delta flight to Atlanta. The agent wanted to know why we didn't have visas. When I explained we didn't need them as we are issued Balikbayan stamps at entry she wanted proof of my wife being a natural born Filipino, even though that is printed on her US Passport. Next she wanted proof of our marriage. Lucky my wife brought both her PI birth certificate (in Spanish btw) and our marriage cert. We had no problem in Atlanta, maybe because "DOCS OK" was printed on our boarding passes. In Seoul again Korea Air wanted our bonafides before we were allowed to board and we presented them, but after a 15 hr flight our patience was running thin. Have other Balikbayan travelers experienced this? What's up?
  6. AMENDED ADVISORY 2018 January 04 In view of the upgrading of policies of the Bureau, the following advisory is hereby released. To implement the Annual Report (AR) 2018, all registered aliens shall, within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year, report in person to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Main office at Intramuros, Manila, or to the nearest participating BI offices. The AR 2018 shall be held from 1 January to 1 March 2018. The parent or legal guardian of an alien who is less than fourteen (14) years of age shall have the duty of reporting for such alien. Failure to comply shall result in imposition of administrative fine and/or imprisonment, at the option of the Commissioner of Immigration. An alien may be exempt from personal appearance, provided: (i) personally appeared in at least one of the Annual Reports held in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 with an accomplished AR form; (ii) presentment of all official receipts of Annual Report fees paid; (iii) payment of P500 express lane for non-appearance; (iv) presentment of a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with valid government-issued ID of legal representative; (v) presentment of a valid passport; and (vi) undertaking to fulfill obligations (in case of aliens with CA 613 and/or RA562 related liabilities). The reportee shall present: (i) original ACR I-card and (ii) confirmation number issued via AR 2018 online system (for aliens who failed to accomplish AR 2014 form or AR 2015 or AR 2016 or AR 2017 online form). An alien who returns to the Philippines with a re-entry permit shall, if he/she has not yet made the required annual report, make such report within thirty (30) days from the date of his/her return to this country, no fines shall be imposed. In addition, personal appearance shall be required for all with paper-based Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for the updating of registration records: (i) Native-born Indonesians distinguished as “Illegal Entrants” under Memorandum Order No.AFFJR-05-003 in Southern Mindanao (100 Section XIII k); (ii) Sec.47a2 Exempt and (iii) Sec47b (Refugees). AR application forms and guidelines in the conduct of AR 2018, list of participating BI offices, AR 2018 online encoding system and all other information regarding AR 2018 shall be found in the BI website www.immigration.gov.ph. All aliens are encouraged to report and remit payments at the AR 2018 BI designated offices. December 2017. Signed JAIME H. MORENTE Commissioner http://immigration.gov.ph/#advisory
  7. Hi, anyone can give me some info about how long does it usually takes to downgrade a work visa (9g)? I already cancelled my work visa and wondering how long does it takes to downgrade it. And what should i do after downgrading? Get an ECC? Thanks
  8. sheffieldmel

    2 month stay

    When i lived in Cebu i had to go to the immigration department every 2 month and pay a fee to live there, can i still do this ?. The reason i ask is we will be coming over from the beginning of December to the end of January and the notary signature on the extended visa is at least £90. Also can i just enter the Philippines on a British passport tried phoning 3 numbers at the London embassy but they don't answer the phone.
  9. Seeking helpful advice from members who have gone thorough this process: 1) My wife has an interview scheduled in Manila in late October for a spousal visa (green card). I am trying to pay NVC fees as per the NVC website prior to the interview. To do so I need an "invoice identification number", which I do not have. Two emails to 2 different "Contact us" invitations on first the NVC then the Manila Embassy websites were useless. Finally I called the "Contact us" telephone number for the embassy and was told by the rep who answered to just pay the fees on the day of the interview. Any advice on this issue? I am worried about being turned away due to no pre-payment of fees. 2) I submitted the DS-260 on line, then attempted to submit photocopies of required documents via website instructions, for which I need a "document cover sheet, which I do not have. Also, website instructions indicate that case numbers beginning with the 3 letters MNL must submit said photocopies via surface mail to an address in Maine, of all places. The same rep who responded to question #1 above told me to just bring originals and photocopies to the scheduled interview. Any advice on this issue? I am worried about being turned away due to no pre-submission of documents. I appreciate good advice on these issues.
  10. My fiance has an approved U.S. K1 VISA. We would like to go to the U.S. and get married then come back to the Cebu and get married. We plan to continue living in Cebu after we are married. We would like to travel to the U.S. at least once a year for short 1-3 month holidays. What are the best option(s) based on the above as well as keeping our options open for future. Options? * Marry then Apply to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status and stay in the US for 6 months min.? * Once married in US apply for an Approved Parole? so we can go back to PH * Apply for extension? * Marry then Apply for change of status? * Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence? * Wait two years from marriage anniversary then apply for xx visa? * Get a civil wedding in the PH before going to US? * Don't get officially married in the US, go back to Cebu and do xx? * Marry in US, leave to Cebu, then Petition for Alien Relative after married on next vacation to US (6 months min) * Marry in US, leave to Cebu, then apply for Tourist VISA (hard to get?)
  11. Have to say how the department has improved since moving from the old building in Mandaue to JMall, Did my 2 month extension today, which will take me up to 24 months..... arrived at 9.06 , I had my documents pre prepared and duly handed them in, place was filling up, all seats bar one taken with several people standing....called to pay my fees within 8 minutes, having paid my fees, i sat down expecting at least a wait of half an hour or so.....when....name called,visa stamp in passport completed and i walked out the door at.....9.34 !! Had a coffee.... (yep.... a real coffee in the little cafe on the same level) , finished drinking and drove out of the car park at 10.05.15p for parking,.... great service..... now if only they stay at JMall and extend the 6 month issue of visas to long term residents...... yippee....
  12. Straight to the point,my friend is planning to apply a fiancée visa to the USA and she's keep asking me if what is the steps she needed to do and what are the fastest way to get visa approved, fiancée visa or spouse visa? But I can't answer all her question it's because I don't know about those type of visa, I'll been in USA California for visiting my family only and that's all I know. Is anyone here, a wife or a gf that been applying a visa going to the USA? What are the fastest way? It is possible for her to bring her son to USA ? Her fiancée is not the real father but willing to let my friend bring the kid to the USA, is the kid need a visa too? Is there a travel agents here in Cebu that can assist my friend of what she's needed to be done before travelling, please let me know. Please if anyone can give me any information, I highly appreciate it. Thank you..
  13. We are getting married in Cebu in July. I am from UK, she is Filipina. We are both over 18. I meet the rules for spouse sponsors income. She has had 4 previous tourist visas to UK. We have been together 4 years. She has taken the English Language exam and passed. We will obtain the NSO marriage certificate and apply for her new passport shortly after our wedding. We will submit the Souse Visa application by hand to the British Embassy Office in Cebu probably in September. Here is the big question!! Has anyone got first hand experience of the length of time it takes to process the visa application? We want to spend Christmas 2015 in the UK.
  14. Looking for a step by step on procedures to obtain a visa for my partner to enter and stay in the UK and European Union countries, for a few weeks starting April next year, returning June to the Phills. I have searched for this info but can't seem to locate the details i need to know. Appreciate any guidance offered Al
  15. Stayed 2 months in Philippines. Got my 6 months extension in Cebu now 5.750 + 2500 = 8250p. ACR re-issuance 250 Visa sticker fee 100 Monthly ext apl fee 900 Monthly ext fee 3000 Emigraion clearance fee 700 Head tax 250 Certificate fee 500 Legal research fee 50 Total 5.750 Express lane fee 1500 Express lane fee certification 1000 Total 2.500 Sticker is less than 1/4 of a page.
  16. University "offer" me two types or visa - student and SSP, can you explain what's a differences between them. Of course SSP is 'easier' to get but anyway I wanna make a driver licens eon Philippines and not get problem if I will go out from country and come back(last time they pushed me to buy return ticket..). Have you got experince with both of kind those visas and what about costs?
  17. ellenbrook2001


    went yesterday for my extension then ask how many months left before i have to get out ?then they told me 3 years just do the renew every 2 months that all wowww that good but will go out before to get some fresh air hahahahahah
  18. I come and go from here to the US about twice a year. I am married but I travel alone. When I come into PI, they give me a 30 day visa. But if I were to come in with my wife, they give me a year. Now I am being told that it is a two year visa if I come into PI with my wife. The problem is that if I travel alone, they put a new 30-day Visa stamp onto my Passport. Can this be avoided? I was also told that I can bring along a copy of my Marriage Certificate and that they will not cancel my Balakbayan Privilege. Can anyone verify the new Balakbayan Privilege rules and also the validity of the Marriage Certificate for traveling alone? If this is true, I will just go on a trip to Hong Kong with my wife to get the 2 years. But if it is going to be cancelled when I travel alone, I will apply for a Permanent Visa.
  19. I lived in Dumaguete for three years and was able to go to the local BI Office with shorts and slippers. It was usually a painless experience and took from 20-40 minutes from arrival to departure with my new 2 month extension in my Passport. However as they had to send many things to Manila for completion or approval, at times it was a long waiting experience. Especially when I was applying for my extension to 20, 22, and 24 months, needed an ECC or to renew my ACR-I Card. Point in fact, I renewed my ACR-I Card on May 17th and as of July 15th, it still had not arrived back in Dumaguete. They said hopefully in August. Since I had to extend my Visa by the 21st of July, I was wondering how much of a pain it would be in Cebu getting my extension without a current ACR-I Card. Dumaguete told me no problem, just show them your receipt. Also I had read in the Forum that they never ask to see it in Cebu. So yesterday wearing my once in a year long slacks and receipts of every BI transaction since 2010, I jumped into a taxi at 8:25 (bad start, I had over slept). Much to my surprise we arrived at the BI by 8:45. Not bad for 6.5 km trip during rush hour. I walked in the door and the place was full, at least 30-40 people. The guy wasn't at the check-in desk so there was a short line waiting for him. He returned a few minutes later. He looked at my application, passport and copies of my passport which I had already completed on my computer. He didn't ask to see my I-Card so no problem there. He stamped my application, wrote the number 12 on it and told me to take my application to window 1. About 10-15 minutes later they called my name and sent me to the cashier. She took my payment and told me to wait. After about another 20 minutes they called me to releasing. It was 9:40 and I was out the door, in a taxi and back home again by 10:00. I was very happy with the speed and efficiency in which they seemed to be working. Not sure why there were so many people there when I was just number 12, but everyone it seemed had at least another person accompanying them. I got a kick out of watching a young American guy being walked through the process by a Filipino who he had obviously hired to help him. The only difference I saw was the Filipino handed the paperwork in while the American stood beside him. As for the requirement for long slacks and shoes. There were some really dirty grossly dressed people there who looked much worse than I could ever look in my neat shorts and Reeboks. One old European guy had a button type shirt on, but it was completely unbuttoned except for the very bottom button. He would have turned eyes anywhere. I had read on a post that parking was no problem across the street, but it was a zoo there and all I saw was a big lot full of jeepneys. I think the P120 each way for a taxi was worth not messing with trying to find parking.
  20. I have a question about getting an extension vs paying a penalty when leaving the country. Usually I am able to get an extension to 59 days upon arrival (usually in MNL) however this time arriving Clark at 11 pm if there is an office there it was closed. The holy week closings complicated getting an extension while in cebu city. My 21 day tourist visa expires April 6 so there is plenty of time but would like to leave cebu city Sunday rather than wait around to do the extension on Monday. I will leave Phills on April 19 or maybe a week later, undecided at the moment. This would put me at 13 to 20 days over the 21 day limit. The question is what will happen if I go to airport on overstay when I leave out of Clark. Will it just be a matter of paying 3000 peso or so. Will there be any problem flying Cebu to Clark with an expired tourist visa. Any other issues to consider. I will likely get the visa extended but would like to know what the alternative is as it saves me 2 days to travel outside Cebu city. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'm interested in how I can work for myself legally. I work online (webdev and SEO) but will also be communicating with customers abroad and marketing to potential customers by VOIP (mainly in Australia, possibly US). Other people do this sort of thing under the radar, but I'm interested in dotting my i's and crossing my t's. One reason is that I would like to work in a call center, so more publicly than most. Another is that want to employ locals; also that I don't want to risk the consequences of getting busted working illegally. From what I've learned elsewhere, one of my options is to get a visa by establishing a company in Australia then opening a branch office in RP. Has anyone gone this route? Can anyone tell me how much hands on work the visa permits or if I need to also get a DOLE work permit? The second option I've been considering is the visa (SEGV) given for employing 10 or more filipinos. It's not my first choice as it means being compelled to run a larger business than I want with the associated risk and stress, but under consideration still. Has anyone gone this route? I'm also interested in anyone's experience with this visa. Thanks, I'll be very grateful for any knowledge or experience any members here have with these visas and setting up business to get them.....
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