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  • Archives: August 2006 - December 2013


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  1. Going to fly to Manila in two weeks time, I'm looking for a place to stay around Roxas Boulevard preferrably a luxury suite So, my friend recommended a place called Admiral Bay suites I checked their site here: it looks good, has a classical feel to it but it looks way above the term luxury, sooo... anyone here got any suggestions on finding relatively affordable luxury suites? And, has anyone here ever stayed in that luxury condo I mentioned? Thanks in advance!
  2. ricardo123#

    Traveling with an acoustic guitar

    I am going back to the US in Sept. for my daughters wedding. While there I would like to buy an acoustic guitar, made in Canada, that is not available here in the Philippines. Has anyone had experience with being able to "carry-on"? Acoustic guitars are pretty sensitive to abrupt extreme changes in heat and cold and also pressure changes. I have heard some horror stories of guitars being ruined if they are checked as baggage. If carry-on is not viable has anyone had any experience with shipping one from the USA to the Philippines? and if so which carrier and estimated cost? Does FedEx do door to door here? Any pertinent information would be helpful.. Thanks..
  3. Any other member promote the beauty and wonder of the Philippines? Been a Hobby of mine which I enjoy. Hope that my efforts have helped with tourism over the years, Just one of my many sites....please enjoy http://philippinesthebeautiful.wordpress.com/
  4. David Mason is a Writer, a Professor, and a Poet Laureate from Colorado, USA There's a lot to admire about Australia, especially if you're a visiting American, says David Mason. More often than you might expect, Australian friends patiently listening to me enthuse about their country have said,''We need outsiders like you to remind us what we have.'' So here it is - a small presumptuous list of what one foreigner admires in Oz. 1.. Health care. I know the controversies, but basic national health care is a gift. In America , medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy. The drug companies dominate politics and advertising. Obama is being crucified for taking halting baby steps towards sanity. You can't turn on the telly without hours of drug advertisements - something I have never yet seen here. And your emphasis on prevention - making cigarettes less accessible, for one - is a model. 2.. Food. Yes, we have great food in America too, especially in the big cities. But your bread is less sweet, your lamb is cheaper, and your supermarket vegetables and fruits are fresher than ours. Too often in my country America , an apple is a ball of pulp as big as your face. The dainty Pink Lady apples of Oz are the juiciest I've had. And don't get me started on coffee. In American small towns it tastes like water flavoured with burnt dirt, but the smallest shop in the smallest town in Oz can make a first-rate latte. I love your ubiquitous bakeries, and your hot-cross buns. Shall I go on? 3. Language. How do you do it? The rhyming slang and Aboriginal place names are like magic spells. Words that seem vaguely English yet also resemble an argot from another planet. I love the way institutional names get turned into diminutives - Vinnie's and Salvos - and absolutely nothing's sacred. Everything is an opportunity for word games and everyone has a nickname. Lingo makes the world go round. It's the spontaneous wit of the people that tickles me most. Late one night at a barbie my new mate Suds remarked: ''Nothing's the same since 24-7.'' Amen to that. 4.. Free-to-air TV. In Oz, you buy a TV, plug it in and watch some of the best programming I've ever seen - uncensored. In America , you can't get diddly-squat without paying a cable or satellite company heavy fees. In Oz a few channels make it hard to choose. In America, you've got 400 channels and nothing to watch. 5. Small shops. Outside the big cities in America corporations have nearly erased them. Identical malls with identical restaurants serving inferior food. Except for geography, it's hard to tell one American town from another. The ''take-away'' culture here in Australia is wonderful. The human encounters are real - people love to stir, and stories get told. The curries here are to die for. And you don't have to tip! 6.. Free camping. We used to have this too, and I guess it's still free when you backpack miles away from the roads. But I love the fact that in Oz everyone owns the shoreline and in many places you can pull up a camper van and stare at the sea for weeks. I love the ''primitive'' and independent camp-grounds, the life out-of-doors. The few idiots who leave their stubbies and rubbish behind in these pristine places ought to be transported in chains to the penal colonies. 7.. Religion. In America , it's everywhere - especially where it's not supposed to be, like politics. I imagine you have your Pharisees too, making a big public show of devotion, but I have yet to meet one here. 8.. Roads. Peak hour aside, I've found travel on your roads pure heaven. My country's ''Freeways'' are crowded, crumbling, insanely knotted with looping overpasses - it's like racing homicidal maniacs on fraying spaghetti! I've driven the Hume Highway without stress, and I love the Princes Highway when it's two lanes. Ninety minutes south of Bateman's Bay I was sorry to see one billboard for a McDonald's. It's blocking a lovely paddock view. Someone should remove the MacDonald's Billboard. 9.. Real multiculturalism. I know there are tensions, just like anywhere else, but I love the distinctiveness of your communities and the way you publicly acknowledge the Aboriginal past. Recently, too, I spent quality time with the Melbourne Greeks, and was gratified both by their devotion to their own great language and culture and their openness to an Afghan lunch. 10. Fewer guns. You had Port Arthur in 1996 and got real in response. America replicates such massacres several times a year and nothing changes. Why? Our religion of individual rights makes the good of the community an impossible dream. Instead of mateship we have ''It's mine and nobody else's''. We talk a great game about freedom, but too often live in fear. There's more to say - your kaleidoscopic birds, your perfumed bush in springtime, your vast beaches. These are just a few of the blessings that make Australia a rarity. Of course, it's not paradise - nowhere is - but I love it here. No need to wave flags like the Americans, and add to the world's windiness. he says, "Just value what you have there, don't spoil it and DON'T give it away "
  5. Ozbrum

    Only way to travel

    Hope this is true and available at about same price as my Kia.... https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/D4uSWtazRCM?rel=0
  6. Has anyone brought their wife/GF to Europe. Who do you recommend for travel insurance. She is only 28 and healthy so a bare bones policy is all we need. I'm searching from Ireland and keep getting results for trips starting in Europe.
  7. 6 of us will be staying in Sogod Cebu in a house for 14 days. Home has a staff and driver that we'll be paying. They'll be shopping and cooking for us as well. My question is how much should each couple bring for a 14 day stay to pay staff, gas, excursions, food etc? Should we bring cash or travelers checks to exchange? Do many places take credit cards? Any other money suggestions?
  8. My wife and I have stayed in many hotels in Cebu during our living in and traveling to Leyte Our favorite is Radisson Blue, but this time my wife would like to consider the Quest Hotel. I think that hotel has been discussed on here before but I haven't been able to find it on searches ; admittedly most likely due to my own technological inefficiencies. My purpose in this post is to find out if any of you have stayed at the Hotel Quest and if so what were your experiences in terms of cost, location, quality of rooms and service. Thanks in advance
  9. I thought this was an interesting review of traveling to Camiguin Island by the Philippine Star columnist Bobit Avila. Some of you may have been there and could add to this yourself or would like to go there . http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2015/03/12/1432668/visiting-mystical-island-camiguin
  10. Hi, My GF and I are planning on a 2 week trip in Philippines. Mactan-Oslob-tumalog falls-apo islands-Siquijor-Bohol-Mactan (a small loop)..is the current idea. Our interests are mainly snorkeling, trekking/nature. Any route suggestion will be great. Thanks !
  11. Hello looking for updates on travel, accommodation and things to do on Bantayan Island appreciate any updates on previous info and comments thanks Al
  12. Any suggestion for a good accommodation in MOALBOAL CEBU for a backpacker?
  13. JETSTAR is about to crack down on passengers who try to sneakily take extra carry on luggage on a plane. After receiving frequent complaints from passengers fed up with a lack of overhead locker space because others have broken the rules, Jetstar has decided enough is enough. The budget carrier has announced it will introduce dedicated “cabin baggage officers” at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Gold Coast airports. They will check that passengers aren’t taking on board more luggage than they should, and that their bags aren’t too big. A Jetstar spokesman said of the move: “We know that some of our customers become frustrated when there is a lack of overhead locker space for their bags. “To make the air fair for all of our customers, we want to make sure that everyone is compliant with our carry-on baggage allowance. That’s why we will have team members positioned at some airport gates to ensure all passengers take on the allowable limit of carry on baggage.” Full Story
  14. Tuesday, June 24, 2014 VALLACAR Transit Inc., operator of Ceres buses in the Visayas and Mindanao, has 72 hours to explain why its franchise should not be suspended or canceled, following the accident involving one of its buses in Carmen, Cebu last Sunday. Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)-Central Visayas Director Ahmed Cuizon ordered Vallacar to submit an accident report, police report and other related documents, including those documenting the assistance it extended to the victims. He also ordered the bus firm to submit a Motor Vehicle Inspection Service conducted by the Land Transportation Office and the result of the test conducted by the Department of Health on the bus driver in the accident over the weekend. Cuizon set the case hearing on July 9 at the LTFRB-Central Visayas office. Capitol offer In a related development, the bus management has promised to shoulder all hospital expenses of the 37 passengers who were injured in last Sunday’s accident, according to Rosalinda Jao of the Cebu Provincial Health Office. “I have talked to the manager of Ceres and they assured that they will shoulder everything. The Province has no problem so far, but in case they will need our help, we are here,” she said. Governor Hilario Davide III had said the Capitol will provide assistance to the victims, if needed. “The owner of the bus pledged to shoulder all the expenses so if there is anything needed, we are also extending assistance in whatever we can do,” he said. As of Monday morning, 24 victims had been discharged. Jao thanked the local government units of Danao, Compostela and Liloan for providing transportation so the patients could get home. She said those who remain in hospital include 11-year-old Marc John Invento, whose condition was said to be critical last Sunday night. Missing patient “He is in morbid situation right now, but not critical. He is already responsive, he just needs to be guarded,” she said. Invento and four others are confined at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC). VSMMC information officer Nonoy Mongaya said Invento and Marites Burgas, 41, were admitted to the trauma center after sustaining multiple physical injuries. Maria Isabel Arnado, 22; Ruben Monleon, 23; and Florencia Condino, 59, are under observation, he said. Mongaya said they couldn’t find 16-year-old Justin Kent Abad. “It’s either niuli nga wala mananghid. Wala mi disposition niya na (He must have left without informing us),” he said. No complainant Chief Inspector Alvin Balio, Carmen Police Station head, said none of the victims have expressed willingness to file a complaint against Roberto Lato, the bus driver. The legal counsel of Vallacar Transit told police they have already paid more than P100,000 for the hospital expenses of the victims, he said. Balio said they’ll be forced to release Lato from custody if no complaint has been filed against him after 18 hours of the reglementary period. Apart from the VSMMC, the other injured passengers were taken to the Cebu Doctors’ Hospital, Cebu Provincial Hospital-Danao City and the Perpetual Succour Hospital. The accident in Carmen wasn’t the only one that involved a Ceres bus last Sunday. PO2 Ernesto Pablo of the Borbon Police Station said a bus driven by Antonio Castillote accidentally sideswiped a motorcycle past 7 p.m. when it reached Barangay Clavera. Both vehicles were heading north when the bus overtook the motorcycle driven by Benjie Ople, 32. Settlement It knocked down the motorcycle, which also carried Benjie’s wife Marichris, their son Jessie and their nephew Jericho, when the bus was forced to return to its lane because of incoming traffic. “Tungod kay ngitngit kaayo, wala kabalo ang driver nga nakaigo diay siya sa likod (The driver didn’t realize he had hit someone because it was really dark),” Pablo told Sun.Star Cebu. Residents in the area rushed the four victims to the Juan B. Dosado Memorial Hospital in Sogod. Pablo said Jessie, who suffered head injuries, was transferred to an undisclosed hospital in Cebu City. Pablo said they were able to locate the bus in Hagnaya, San Remigio. The family has agreed to settle after the bus management promised to shoulder Jessie’s hospital expenses.
  15. I found this interesting article from 2013 but as many of us are regular travellers we can relate to these. I have resisted adding my comments as I see most of these on a regular basis No doubt you will all have your own to add J 12 Most Annoying Things Travelers Do in Airports Few travelers would argue that dealing with their stay at the airport is like running the gauntlet. There are numerous reasons to hate it, ranging from enduring security measures to navigating the vast expanse. That said, the most irritating part of being at the airport is other travelers. Many also exhibit some pretty outlandish behavior. Here are the 12 most annoying things travelers do in airports. 01. Conversing Loudly You’re sitting in the lounge at your gate, just trying to enjoy a book or catch a few winks. Meanwhile, the person next to you is having the world’s noisiest conversation. They don’t seem to get that nobody’s interested in their dirty laundry. It’s almost as if they think that nothing you’re trying to do could possibly be more fascinating or important than hearing about their personal business. 02. Loud Music The day they came out with cell phones featuring speakers was the day the world let out a collective groan. As if hearing loud, awful music from passing cars wasn’t bad enough, you’re now forced to endure it in airports. Maybe it’s the rise of social media that causes people think it’s okay to make spectacles of themselves, but that doesn’t make it any less rude. Nobody wants to listen to your music. That’s why headphones exist. 03. Disgusting Food While a tuna and limburger sandwich might seem delicious to you, it makes everyone else want to vomit. Bringing your own food is a wise decision, but please leave the stink at home. 04. Misbehaving Children Every parent knows that kids can be difficult to control. However, that doesn’t make it alright for parents to let their children go nuts. Few things are more grating than small children running around and screaming. What’s even worse is when no real attempt is made to control them. Sorry parents, but politely asking little Brittany to use her “inside voice” isn’t going to cut it. Furthermore, kids running amok poses a hazard to other travelers. Hot coffee is hot, and all it takes for someone to get third-degree burns is for an unruly child to crash into them at full speed. 05. Joking With Security Shockingly, this happens a lot. When asked whether they packed their own luggage, someone just has to get smart. What happens then is that security, bound by law, must thoroughly inspect that person’s bags. As a result, everyone else gets held up. It might be tempting to crack jokes, but it’s not worth it unless you like being embarrassed. 06. Crazy Attire While it’s ridiculous that you can’t wear whatever you want on the plane, that’s the way things have become. The news is awash in stories of travelers being denied boarding rights because of short shorts, low-cut blouses and shirts with potentially offensive messages. Body piercings also present a problem. All that metal is going to set off the detector, and the more you have to take out, the longer you hold everyone up. Do everybody a favor and leave the shocking attire at home. 07. Obnoxious Chewing Eating and chewing gum are all fine and good, that is until it gets obnoxious. How many times have you been seated next to someone who insisted on chewing with their mouth wide open or incessantly popping their gum? If you’re like most, once was too much. Even in a crowded airport, a certain level of table manners should be displayed. 08. Argumentative Passengers There’s always somebody who feels the need to argue with staff about their baggage or some other triviality. Besides making a scene, this also forces everyone to wait longer. 09. Slow Walkers This is understandable for the elderly or disabled. However, there’s no reason why a young, able-bodied person can’t get a move on. Airport goers are already in a hurry and slow-pokes just make matters worse. 10. Carousel Crowders Standing as close as you can get to the baggage claim isn’t going to make your luggage come out faster. Nor are most people interested in taking whatever might be in them. Crowding just makes everything more inconvenient, especially for people with large or many bags. 11. Not Paying Attention There are always people in the security line who, despite what everyone else is doing, don’t realize they need to remove their shoes or empty their pockets. When they finally get to the checkpoint, they’re surprised and annoyed that they must follow suit. 12. Public Diaper Changes Many a horror story circulates the Internet about parents changing their kids’ diapers right there in the terminal for all to see. Dirty diapers don’t just smell putrid. They’re also unsightly and unsanitary. Plus, who wants to sit in a seat that a poopy baby has been changed on? There are changing stations in the bathrooms for a reason. Try to use them.
  16. Seems Scoot have some cheap flights Singapore to Sydney and return. Then reasonably easy to get a direct flight to Cebu and avoid the need to go via Manila ( QAntas and Jetstar) anyone used this airline ? can anyone recomend alternatives to avoid the need to fly into Manila Al
  17. I wonder how many people have had passport problems. Here is an example. 4yr-old uses dad's passport as coloring book, gets them stuck in South Korea
  18. Dumb question Is there a transfer bus between terminals Yesterday I was too busy to find out so got a taxi (A more arrogant person I have never met, but thats another story)
  19. jvmarti

    Need bus rental for a day.

    Hi guys, Ngita'g ko'g ka rentan nga Bus for a day para sa outing namo karong Aug.17. Plan unta namo, kay from Banilad, mo adto mi ug Balamban, nya lahos mi sa southern part of cebu. Around 30 mi kabuok, naa mo'y nahibaw.an o ma esuggest? Pa tabang nya... Salamat.
  20. As I was sitting here reflecting on the last almost 10 of years of living here in the Philippines-I thought it might be fun to write a little about personal experiences in traveling to the Philippines. What I write here is in no way an advertisement for any company or service. Its just a suggestion for those that are considering a trip here for the first time or the 100th time. If coming from the United States, the obvious difference is the travel time when compared to flying anywhere within the US. From the west coast to Manila is at minimum a 14 ½ hour flight. I worked for the airlines for most of my working years in the states and flying was and still is my favorite activity in life. So much so, that my wife tells me that I must have jet A fuel in my veins rather than blood. She understands my weakness for aircraft I think, but still giggles as I rush out of the front door to look skywards every time I hear a large jet depart from the airport at Clark airbase. Many airlines fly the routes from the US to the Philippines. Most all airlines fly the route with a stop over and aircraft change in Korea, Tokyo, or Hong Kong. That’s okay except that it adds to the already long flight time and changing planes is no picnic; not to mention the possibility of lost baggage during the stopover. From a safety and service standpoint, Philippine Airlines has always been my personal choice without exception. Most all flights are made using a newer Boeing 747-400 aircraft that is comfortable and very well maintained. From Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles they have non-stop flights to Manila. Or sometimes depending on passenger and fuel load they will make one stop for fuel. But there is no waiting for a change of aircraft and usually you just remain in the aircraft during refueling and you are on your way again. Very nice and makes the already long trip much easier. Once you arrive in Manila unless there is family at the airport, you are faced with getting a taxi to a local hotel or to the bus station for the rest of your journey. Getting out of the airport in a taxi is frustrating at best. At worst it will mean paying a dishonest taxi driver a small fortune to get to your destination. Also, from time to time it can mean being held up by your taxi driver as well. A scary prospect for the first time traveler to paradise. To avoid problems, delays, and hassles, I have always stayed at the Swagman Hotel in Ermita, Manila. If one is going to be a guest at that hotel, their airport pick up and drop off is free of charge and there is no concern about personal safety. From that hotel they also have private bus service known as “Fly D’ Bus” that goes to and from Angeles City three times per day for I think about P600 now. Again, using that service avoids problems of delays and even holdups that do occur on public busses from time to time. Anyway, I just felt the need and desire to share a little something on getting here and hope it might help someone along the way. Now I guess I can go back to sitting on the patio with my iced tea and wait for the next big jet to fly over the house. Mabuhay from tropical heaven, Married Kano & My Better Half
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