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  1. In the recent 3 weeks, two persons I know of have allegedly been threatened by Cebu / Mactan airport BI officials upon arrival to get their permanent visas or risk not being able to return to the Philippines again. They have both lived here a number of years, look and dress responsible, and have lovely fiances or GFs. The officers allegedly also told them they are marking their passport info in the computers with remarks saying they won't be able to come back into the country if they don't have permanent residency. That would mean SRRV of $15,000 up to $50,000 to be deposited into a bank here or the 13-A visa which is the marriage visa. That could be considered a forced marriage. I've been with my girl 2.5 years and I don't want marriage and nor does she. I've been here 6 years leaving soon for my 2nd visa run this month. Has anyone else encountered this experience? Yesterday Iloilo City BI suggested I get married and get my 13-A visa because I could save a lot of money. They were not forceful, just informative.
  2. I must apply/purchase my first visa extension of 30 days. Many years ago, in order to any gov't office, you needed to wear your big boy pants, not shorts, and wear shoes/sandals but no flip-flops. Are all or any these rules still in place?? To obtain the 59 day visa upon entering the country, YOU MUST NOT GET IN THE LINE TO HAVE YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED. YOU MUST BOLDLY GO DIRECTLY TO THE OFFICE ON YOUR RIGHT, CROSSING ANY BARRIERS IN YOUR WAY. ONCE THEY STAMP YOUR PASSPORT, YOU ARE F....D! THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU; and, like me, you will have an extra trip to immigration within 29 days.
  3. AMENDED ADVISORY 2018 January 04 In view of the upgrading of policies of the Bureau, the following advisory is hereby released. To implement the Annual Report (AR) 2018, all registered aliens shall, within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year, report in person to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Main office at Intramuros, Manila, or to the nearest participating BI offices. The AR 2018 shall be held from 1 January to 1 March 2018. The parent or legal guardian of an alien who is less than fourteen (14) years of age shall have the duty of reporting for such alien. Failure to comply shall result in imposition of administrative fine and/or imprisonment, at the option of the Commissioner of Immigration. An alien may be exempt from personal appearance, provided: (i) personally appeared in at least one of the Annual Reports held in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 with an accomplished AR form; (ii) presentment of all official receipts of Annual Report fees paid; (iii) payment of P500 express lane for non-appearance; (iv) presentment of a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with valid government-issued ID of legal representative; (v) presentment of a valid passport; and (vi) undertaking to fulfill obligations (in case of aliens with CA 613 and/or RA562 related liabilities). The reportee shall present: (i) original ACR I-card and (ii) confirmation number issued via AR 2018 online system (for aliens who failed to accomplish AR 2014 form or AR 2015 or AR 2016 or AR 2017 online form). An alien who returns to the Philippines with a re-entry permit shall, if he/she has not yet made the required annual report, make such report within thirty (30) days from the date of his/her return to this country, no fines shall be imposed. In addition, personal appearance shall be required for all with paper-based Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) for the updating of registration records: (i) Native-born Indonesians distinguished as “Illegal Entrants” under Memorandum Order No.AFFJR-05-003 in Southern Mindanao (100 Section XIII k); (ii) Sec.47a2 Exempt and (iii) Sec47b (Refugees). AR application forms and guidelines in the conduct of AR 2018, list of participating BI offices, AR 2018 online encoding system and all other information regarding AR 2018 shall be found in the BI website www.immigration.gov.ph. All aliens are encouraged to report and remit payments at the AR 2018 BI designated offices. December 2017. Signed JAIME H. MORENTE Commissioner http://immigration.gov.ph/#advisory
  4. I have heard that when a filipino leaves the country, say , with a US Visa in hand to visit the USA, the Philippine immigration at the airport requires the filipino to prove they are coming back by providing a round trip airfare ticket, certificate of employment (if possible) or other proof they will return. Is this for real? makes no sense to me, but need clarification. Perry
  5. Just flew from Boston to Hong Kong and finally into Cebu-Mactan yesterday via Cathay Pacific, and wanted to share my APEC experience as a US card holder. Mentioned this in another thread a while back but it is worth repeating: the USA - APEC card that just started being issued last summer does not list any pre-authorized visa countries on the back due to the US not having reciprocal visa and interviewing policies with asian countries. Basically the US version is only supposed to be good for using the APEC / Diplomatic lanes in immigration to countries, but I had heard reports online of people getting an automatic 59 day stamp when using it to enter the Philippines! Figured this would be a nice kick-start to my visit... I'd received my APEC card last fall and never gotten around to trying it, so I decided yesterday was the day. Got off the plane pretty quickly, and experienced no lines due to simply taking the stairs down to immigration and bypassing everyone on the escalator! This was good and bad... No other plane or people ahead of me meant the booths were only partly staffed. Nobody was manning the APEC / Diplomatic lane at all! Undeterred, I presented my APEC card to one of the regular booths for foreign visitors, he examined it and stamped my passport. Watching carefully since I was the first person through from this flight he did the math before writing in pen... only 30 days. Well, crap. Now I've been stamped through so I guess I'll be going to J-Center Mall before August 28th for my extension. Anyone actually have a UNITED STATES issued APEC card besides me? If so, have you tried it here in Cebu and gotten a 59 day entry? I was hoping to get this small perk as a bonus to the line skipping ability but maybe it just wasn't my lucky day. Side note- plenty of white cabs at the new station a short walk away from the exit, only waited about 1 minute in line. Traffic and one-way ugliness turned it into an hour-plus ride and about 220 pesos back to my apartment.... anyway glad to be back!
  6. Good day people, I came here to find some answers regarding the VCU form (philippines immigration) which is downloadable on internet on this link https://www.pdffiller.com/en/project/37556930.htm?form_id=28389995 I'm actually applying from abroad (to know if im not blacklisted or whatever after threats), so i'll have someone there in Phils bringing my passport copy plus VCU form filled out. The issue is that i have no idea on what to put for ''PURPOSE". Immigration may find weird my request from abroad ? hope to find some help, thanks for the reading
  7. Hi everyone, In 2013, i was holding a 9G visa (non immigrant) and left for Singapore for 2 weeks holidays. The day I was about to go back to the Philippines, I had hard time with the Singapore immigration lady asking me a proof that I was living in the Philippines ! After showing many papers, she was in fact looking for my 9G visa card and let me board. It was a stressfull situation and heard lately that a 13A visa had the same encounter. So my question is, what would happen if i couldnt show my 9G visa card ? Singapore immigration are aware about all those non immigrant and immigrant status in the philippines ? Thanks for reading, Tom
  8. Like the topic title says. I went to the office this morning, and it was apparently being inspected by safety officials. I was told it would be open for business as usual on Friday. Anybody heard any different?
  9. This Year 2013 is the Year of ANTI Human Trafficking. A very laudable effort which involves and coordinated multiple Government and Non government organisations such as this : http://www.malaya.com.ph/index.php/news/nation/21748-86-rescued-in-trafficking COAST Guard elements last week rescued 86 human trafficking victims in separate operations in Zamboanga City. Coast Guard spokesman Cmdr. Armand Balilo said their Special Operations Group conducted the operation last Thursday following a tip that two vessels along Petro Bay Wharf in Zamboanga City were carrying human trafficking victims, mostly women. Coast Guard elements first boarded M/L Nurhira and rescued 50 victims. A follow-up operation, in coordination with the Sea-Based Anti-Trafficking Task Force, resulted in the rescue of 36 victims aboard M/L Fatimaraiza. Balilo said the victims were turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Processing Center for Displacement in Talon-talon village. The victims told investigators that they each paid P2,500 to a facilitator they identified as “Abs” for their trip to Sabah, Malaysia in exchange for unspecified work with good opportunities.
  10. http://immigration.g...=1920&Itemid=78 BI nabbed 635 illegal aliens in 2012 DECEMBER 26, 2012 Intelligence operatives of the BI Intelligence Division have so far arrested this year a total of 635 foreign nationals for violating Philipine immigration laws. BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. disclosed that aliens arrested this year rose three-fold over the 153 foreigners arrested in 2011. “All of them were detained at the BI detention center in Bicutan, Taguig and subsequently charged for violating our immigration laws,” David said. He added that most of the aliens were already deported and later placed in the bureau’s blacklist of undesirable aliens. According to the BI chief, foreigners engaged in cybercrimes comprised the bulk of the arrested aliens. They were arrested in various operations conducted jointly by the BI with other law enforcement agencies, including the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Committee. Taiwanese nationals numbering 390 topped the list of the arrested aliens, followed by 137 Chinese, 32 Koreans, and 25 Americans. Included in the list are 45 foreign fugitives from justice who are wanted for serious crimes, most of whom were already deported and are now serving jail sentences in their homelands. Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang, BI acting intelligence chief, said the arrested foreigners were among the subjects of 755 complaints and cases that thwe BI intelligence division investigated this year. She said cases handled this year by the division is slightly higher than the 732 cases it processed in 2011. Mangrobanng attributed the success of the BI’s drive against illegal aliens to the strong cooperation between the bureau and other law enforcement agencies. She added that many of the bureau’s intelligence operations were conducted with the cooperation of police attaches from the different foreign embassies who provided information that led to the capture of the illegal aliens. ###
  11. It is not really an Embassy, but here one find always the latest Immigration News. http://immigration.g...=1916&Itemid=78
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