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Found 3 results

  1. I have added, to my ever growing collection, probably a lot of useless eBooks (PDFs). But, there are a number of good ones in there as well. There is a total of 980 eBooks in 18 folders, 9.45 Gigabytes total, all part of the "... for Dummies" series. When I got them, they were all in a single folder. I separated them alphabetically, in case you wish to go through one folder at a time and choose what you want. There are, roughly, about 50 to 75 eBooks in each folder, with exception of the very first folder, in which there is only one eBook. There are two ways by which to download these files. You can visit the direct link and download them direct from my Google Drive account. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Enjoy.
  2. I update each of the categories listed below, as I can, and when I come across new information. Disclaimer: I cannot state as to this being 100% being 100% permitted by their respective owners. But, in every case possible, I have secured verbal or written permission, per the owner of any work attached here, to store said resources on my Dropbox account and share them with others. Alternative Energy - A number of folders in this category, including solar panels, hydro generation and wind power, generators, biogas, DC appliances, battery bank information, purchasing, charging, battery monitoring systems, charge controllers, solar water heating, watter pumping, etc. Cabin Floor Plans - Floor plans, in several formats, that I have collected from other sources, including some nicely drawn plans by a moderator on this very forum. Farming & Gardening - Want to try your hand at farming? I have resources for pigs, chicken, quail, and other livestock, here. Where there is no... - Where There Is No Doctor is a very popular title to keep handy. Others included here. Water & Personal Health - My newest and most recent folder added to my list of resources. eBooks on rainwater harvesting, bio-sand filtration, SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection), and other forms of household water disinfection, treatment and storage. I will be adding some health related ebooks here, soon.
  3. Greetings: I have somewhere in the neighborhood of about 22,000 eBooks, all of which can be viewed on a reader, or via software (like Kindle Reader) on your computer. If anyone is interested in a copy of my eBooks, AND / OR interested in swapping eBooks, I am open to either. Please contact me via email, or post here. Email: yahoo.paul (@) gmail (dot) com Thanks.
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