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  1. I always found Immigration a pleasure to deal with. Always polite and friendly. Maybe a question or two if one is married or not, and thats it. Can't remember any incident like this reported before. On one of my returns to Ph, I went to the side office at arrival where the high ranking IO is located. I presented my passport and 3000 and asked if it was possible to get a extension to 59 days. Immigration Officer took my passport and went thru page by page. Yearly trips to Thailand for a couple of months, between my PH visas. Also retirement visa for Thailand. That alone should had been a clue of my 'status', as retired. IO: Why you come here so often? Do you have business here? : Sir, I am early retired and have pension from my home country. I do not work here. IO: I think you work here, but you stay on a improper tourist visa. : Sir, I can proof to you that I have pension from my country and don't need to work. Do you like to see my Embassy letter? While I started to take out my documents, I was given a verbal shower about how many who work without the appropiate visa for doing business in the country. This went on for like forever, and I started to worry that they would return me on next flight out. I was now holding out my proof of income, my embassy letter, but the IO did not take it, just continued talking. I was now very uncomfortable. IO: We can deny you entry, and very possibly we will not allow you to enter next time, without a proper visa. With those words, a person was called in, and out went my passport without explanation. After some time, my passport was returned to me. IO: Get the appropriate visa next time. I was then followed out to a IO booth and my passport and doc was handed in. Was stamped in and left the area. Looking back, what did I do wrong? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Normally casually dressed same a typical traveller. Not like a business man, or a tourist on his very last dollars, polite all the way. Never had contact with PNP or any dispute at all, in or outside the country. A totally clean police report from home, as well. To this day, I can't fanthom why I was given this special treatment. 1/2 hour of my life that I will never forget. That younger frequent tourists might get this hassle, I can understand. But that age 50+ with their documents in order get this treatment, was beyond belief. I had extended at airport before, hassle free. Anyway from now I rather go to Immigration in the city, and extend there. Their service are excellent, minus waiting a few hours, of course. Maybe I was the first to experience this, maybe not. Anyway, be prepared to proof your income source, if you are a frequent visitor, and want to extend at airport. I now also bring a print out, of my bank account deposit and withdrawals, from my home country.
  2. The consortium handling the modernization and expansion of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) plans to undertake more improvements at the airport, which has been named among the 30 best airports in Asia. A survey conducted by travel website The Guide to Sleeping in Airports showed the MCIA at 18th spot in the list of the 30 best airports in Asia. “This is just the beginning. This ranking motivates us to work even harder in making MCIA one of the best airports in the world,” GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. (GMCAC) president Louie Ferrer said in a statement. He said getting the 18th place in the region is a welcome development as the company is focused on implementing improvements at the terminal. GMCAC, which won the MCIA terminal building modernization and expansion public-private partnership deal, is composed of Filipino company Megawide and India-based GMR. A year after GMCAC’s takeover, travelers have noted significant improvements at the airport like shorter passenger queues, cooler temperature and brighter surroundings. Baggage retrieval at the airport is also faster. The company has also installed brand-new ergonomic seats in the pre-departure lounge, while a standardized public announcement system has been put in place. To accommodate more passengers during peak hours, the company has put up new universal check-in counters and self check-in kiosks. More shopping and food options are also being made available to provide passengers a better airport experience. “Working with a world-class operator like GMR gives us the confidence that we will attain our objective of being ranked as one of the best, if not the best airport in our category,” Ferrer said. Aside from MCIA, two other Philippine airports made it to the list of 30 best airports in the region. These are Iloilo International Airport (21st) and the Clark International Airport (24th). The annual survey was based on airport experiences of travelers covering the following areas: services and facilities, terminal cleanliness, customer service and comfort. (Philippine Star)
  3. The police arrested Saturday afternoon an Englishman after he allegedly started constructing a fence around the Sta. Fe airstrip in Bantayan island and claimed the facility as his own. He allegedly also accused Sta. Fe Mayor Jose Esgana, who arrived at the airstrip after learning of what Alexander was doing, of trespassing. Christopher Paul Alexander, 44, was handcuffed after he erected the fence starting at the front of the airstrip and had four laborers put an “AIR BANTAYAN” sign near the fence. Sta. Fe police said they received from Esgana a telephone call around 3 p.m. asking for assistance because Alexander and four persons were fencing the airstrip. http://www.philstar.com/cebu-news/2014/09/22/1371845/foreigner-fences-sta.-fe-airstrip-shoos-away-trespassing-mayor What was he thinking. ?
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