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  1. I’ve been trying to find an equitable solution to my storage problem. At first I thought to buy some external 2TB USB3.0 Hard drives to store movies, music and data files on. It worked okay when I just had a few movies, lots of music and plenty of data files. I had 2 each of the 2 TB drives. Then I downloaded over 2,500 movies / videos and loaded up 2 more of the 2 TB drives. I thought I’d just buy an external USB3.0 device and a few 4 TB Western Digital Red hard drives to solve the problem. First up to bat was the Anker USB3.0 drive that I could temporarily put drives into and then swap them out and put them into an external case. Problem was, when it arrived in Korea, I found out that it worked well with smaller hard drives (2.5 and 3.5 inch), but would not work with a WD Red 4TB hard drive. Supposedly it works with the WD Blue 4TB hard drive. Anker offered me a full refund though, but I refused it and have since been using it at my work to check out hard drives that have supposedly failed (using my laptop). Next up to bat was a Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5” hard drive enclosure with USB3.0 and eSATA. I plugged in the two 4TB hard drives and USB cables, powered it up and my laptop computer won’t recognize it. My tablet computer also won’t recognize it. Both running Win8.1. I tried the eSATA and same routine. Won’t recognize the external drive at all. I can see the lights flicker and then one of the USB ports has an error on it that I can’t fix. I tried accessing the drive thru DOS commands and Windows. Went to the Disk Management screen in Control Panel, but it was not shown there. I sent a complaint to Amazon and they offered no troubleshooting advice. They simply provided a full refund and paid the shipping costs. Finally I tried a Vantec NexStart HZX4R with USB3.0, 4 bays and eSATA. They advertised a solution that would allow RAID configuration with upwards of four of the 4TB hard drives. Same routine with the Mediasonic Probox though. My laptop and tablet computers won’t recognize it. Everything powers up normally. Pretty lights flash. All looks normal. Any advice on how to get this running? After 3 solutions failing, the problem has to be with Win8.1 (I think). I asked some of the company software engineers that came out and all 4 of them denied any advanced knowledge beyond my capabilities. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but why wouldn’t the device just be plug-and-play? Note: I'm not using the RAID or even JBOD configurations. Just want to see if the drive will work with 1 or 2 of the 4TB drives first before thinking about RAID.
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