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  1. Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) The Cebu City Police Office ,Camp Sotero Cabahug, Gorordo Avenue Cebu City. Tel No.: 233-6795/233-0762~Fax: (032) 233-6705 PSSUPT NOLI ANDRADE ROMANA City Director CEBU CITY POLICE Dial 166 from any land-line within Cebu City Police Stations Police Station 1 (Parian Cebu City) 032 254-5002 Police Station 2 (Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City) 032 253-5636 / 032 256-2194 / 032 255-7350 Police Station 3 (Waterfront Pier Area) 032 254-6968 Police Station 4 (Mabolo, Cebu City) 032 412-8262 / 032 233-6793 Police Station 5 (Carbon, Cebu City) 032 256-2192 / 032 254-8635 Police Station 6 (Taboan, Cebu City) 032 261-9788 Police Station 7 (Pardo, Cebu City) 032 273-3642 Police Station 8 (Talamban, Cebu City) 032 344-7400 Police Station 9 (Guadalupe, Cebu City) 032 256-2193 Police Station 10 (Puerto Princesa, Cebu City) 032 261-7507 / 032 261-5470 Police Station 11 (Mambaling, Cebu City) 032 261-9804
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to share our experience on our stay in Moalboal. My girlfriend and me wanted chill and explore the underwater life of that beautiful area. We rented one of these semi-automatic xrm honda to move around. On Sunday, 7PM, we left the resort to have our dinner somewhere else. There's a few minutes dirt road from the resort to the main road, which certainly is really dark at night. At some point of the ride I noticed a thin metal wire crossing the dirt road at the height of neck. I came to a short stop and thank god for few inches nothing happen to us. At that very moment another bike was coming the opposite way, we made him signals to stop. He was a local and could talk a bit with my girlfriend about the issue when suddenly somebody started to throw us stones from darkness, one did hit my front wheel. We bow our head, passed the wire and drove far from there, the other driver in the opposite direction. I was so nervious I could barely hold well the handlebar. When we almost arrived the main road we stopped a bike driver with an older woman as customer and advised them of the situation. They kindly headed us to the barangay captain house. We explained him the situation but he seemed sleepy and said it was his day off, so we should go and report to police station. He explained it was not the first time that happened and that there seems to be jealously issues between some of the resorts and the land ownership. His son drove a bike and show us the way to police station. There my girl reported the issue and a police car escorted us back to the resort. At the point where the issue happened there was around 15 locals and the other bike driver who was also attacked, he was very thankful we did stop him. He did show the wire to police. Later at the resort, the owner personified and explained us it did happen before in other resort road but not in theirs, she seemed really pissed off and said they will caught who did it and put in jail... I'm not going to name resorts here but I would recommend you guys to be careful if you plan to drive in those dark areas. I arrived Philippines on November 2012 and didn't had any issues so far until now. We are affected, specially my girl who couldn't sleep for two nights.
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