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    • James Bond
      The Roble fast ferry did run. I hired Alphabet Ormoc rent a car to get from Baybay to MayLaka on Biliran. They wanted 3500 for a city car, which sounded too small, so I opted for 4000 for a Suzuki Ertiga. They were so-so: inaccessible seatbelts and the driver didn't come inside my hotel to get my bag. 4K pesos seems expensive, and maybe I should have asked around the van terminal in Baybay to see if we could hire something cheaper. There were lots of vans there that said a route on their side, but none said Biliran or Naval, near where we were headed. They offered 3.5K to get me to Tacloban after the weekend, from where I'll head to Manila and home, but I'll try one of the better reviewed/recommended on the forums Tacloban-based car services.
    • Humboldt
      That Describes about 50% of the Taxi Drivers in Cebu City
    • Mitch Rapp
      Good video, thanks
    • cookie47
      Don't know how all those YouTube references appeared. I just "intended" to quote from KID and all those videos appeared. Any never mind..

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    • cookie47
      Been a fan for quite some time now

      I like the "Ventures" Wipeout... (including the original)...

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