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    • SkyMan
      It's like a tattoo. Don't post anything you're going to regret. 
    • Dutch
      They really are, however, in lots of places they offer 24 hour tests, Dubai for example, also a lot cheaper (~30 euro for PCR test).
    • Edd
      Dutch, Thanks mate, appreciated.  Those timelines are crazy for the countries shown, I think the UK at 72 hours from departure is tight enough.
    • Dutch
      For the UK it seems okay, you must have a test taken 3 days before boarding your flight (https://www.emirates.com/nl/english/help/covid-19/travel-requirements-by-destination) Backed up by: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-testing-for-people-travelling-to-england   Netherlands it has to be 72 hours prior to arrival, denied entry if no valid test is presented. Germany it's 48 hours prior to boarding. Denmark is even worse, the test must not be older than 24 hours prior to boarding.
    • Edd
      Dutch, Not doubting your word but do you have a link to that?  I have to travel to the UK in a few weeks time and I was under the impression that it was 72 hours from test to boarding the plane. Sadly, I cant find anything official to confirm either way. Very tight timeline, not going to be easy whatever it is, lol.  
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