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    • seanm
      I am pretty sure Volaris Airlines may not be more mismanaged, but it has definitely been handled worse during this whole pandemic. They are kind of like a Spirit or AirAsia (budget airline) of Central America.    After reading many of their reviews today, almost everybody said they will never spend another dollar with that airline.....
    • Kreole
      So, the conclusion being that an SRRV is no guarantee of being able to reenter the country after a visa run.  My situation is as follows: In September my visa will expire after being here for 36 months, so I will be required to leave the country. I have already obtained (2) 6 month visa extensions which is the limit, so I am not eligible for another. At this point I am at a loss as to what to do.  Otherwise I will be required to leave the RP and not return until the quarantine restrictions are lifted.
    • Kreole
      I lease a cottage long term, although there is no defined time frame beyond year to year.  I would prefer putting $20k in a bank account to paying it toward a long term lease.  Us foreigners have absolutely no rights here in the RP if a landlord decided to take the money and then terminate the lease.  Even if the foreigner won a judgment, they would never see their money again and the landlord could make the place uninhabitable at will.  There are no protections.
    • noddle
      once I retire,  I'm hoping to get a heap of 18650 to run my house ( or part of the house ), but if finding batters are anything like the trouble I have here in Australia finding them,  i'll probally wont be about to do it... at the moment I'm running a 7S80P,  but it's only running my lounge and the light,  7S80P is no where near enough batteries to run my full house ( kitchen is a hugely power hungry )  
    • Paddy
      Sorry - it’s not as clear as I’d hoped.    From this advisory, an SRRV holder will not be admitted to the Philippines based on the content of DFA Circular 29-2020.  The 2nd last sentence of the highlighted area says that PRA have requested that SRRV holders be treated as permanent residents.  However, there has not yet been, to my knowledge, an update to say that other departments agree. Also, I have not seen anything that changes the content of DFA Circular 29-2020. 
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