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    • HeyMike
      As for myself, I am sure a water filtering system would work, but we have been dealing with this for over 10 years. Someday I will invest in the system. You are right about the fixtures rotting away... especially the cheap chinese garbage.
    • Bama
      Perhaps not practical to deal with---perhaps you are renting but I wouldn't put up with the hard mineral water mess at my house if at all possible.Is there no type of water filtering system that could be installed ??? A friend of mine lives in Cape Coral, FL where the water can rot plumbing fixtures off the wall in no time.They use some outdoor type of filtering system that seems to help quite a bit. 
    • HeyMike
      What you say is a possibility, but the machine did work for like 2 years without a problem. But at this point, I am open to try anything. I am going to try GBT62's suggestion first. If that don't work, I will "t" off the hot and cold. And if that don't work, I will buy a new solenoid valve. If none of that works, I will have to use my old washer.... my mother-in-law... just kidding.
    • Woolf
      My LG has a build in heating element, only one water inlet Front loaders use less water saves on electricity as less water to heat
    • Cgu
      The app still works and drivers are still available. Maybe just ger a different helmet.

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