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    • jaybee747
      What is the "substantial discounts" you are getting by paying cash over credit card? I assume the hospital can give you discount of up to 5% for the credit card processing fees they are paying but behind this what benefit the hospital is getting for giving substantial discount for cash?
    • bkb1
      Darn, I thought they were p*ssy Willows...
    • savarity
      Online business in my case. I'm 37 years old. Set it up in my mid 20s so I wouldn't have to deal with people, or work in a corporate environment. I have a BBA and MBA by the way. Many years later, I realized I could live anywhere in the world, and eventually came here for a unique medical reason (I wasn't eligible for health insurance until 2019, due to a bizarre set of circumstances). My expenses are about the same as staying at home. So no problem staying here.
    • Kahuna
      A man blew up his lawn in an attempt to get rid of cockroaches This video shows the incredible moment an amateur gardener in Brazil, blew up his lawn in a drastic attempt to get rid of cockroaches infesting his back yard.
    • Kahuna
      Airline "Complementary  kisses"  
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