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    • RogerDuMond
      I made Minestrone soup for lunch today. Great with homemade bread.
    • Doofer
      Not for me, but the Express Lane people may have had at lunch or my wife got special treatment.  
    • SkyMan
      No ELF for an AR.
    • Doofer
      Went there on Thursday around 12 noon. Was in and out in less than an hour and I assume it would have been faster if it wasn't around lunch time. Also no Express Fee at least not for me.
    • SmokyMtnRon
      Wondering the same thing. Also are hours the same as they were at J-Mall? I'm not that familiar with Robinsons. Only been there once many moons ago and basement parked by grocery entrance. What is the best place to park to enter for BI?
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