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    I met Paul in 2002 in Cebu Ciyu and we have been close friends since. He moved to Thailand for awhile for a change of scenery, visited Sihanoukville, Cambodia early 2012 on a visa renewal run and just stayed. I moved from Cebu to Sihanoukville, May 2012. Paul met Chan there and instantly became a pair., Eventually moving to Battambang where Chan has a farm about 30k outside town. They split there time between a city apartment and living quarters they built at the farm. About 2 1/2 months ago Paul started to experience random abdominal pains. About 3 weeks ago he consulted a doctyor. Blood tests and MRI showed pancreatic cancer, stage 4. Diagnosis was perhaps 6 months. About 4 days later he took a severe change for the worse while at the farm with Chan. She called me and then managed to get him in a tuktuk and to the hospitol I got him admitted. The did further blood test, 2 blood transfusions and IVs for meds, sucrose. Next morning the doctor said he had at best one week. We checked him out and returned him to the farm. He was barely aware of his surrounding, in and out of coma. The next evening, Nov 8, about 8:20 he passed away. Myself and some other of Pauls friends will hold a wake here in Battambang, Saturday, Nov 17 at The Delicious Restaurant. No Host event, to honor his life and send him on to wherever he is going. At least it was very quick and he did not suffer much.
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    Paul was cremated in Phnom Penh on December 9. Chan has his ashs/urn with her at the farm. I was a witness at the cremation.
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    Good article by a Filipino https://philippineslifestyle.com/cash-filipino-families-foreigners/?fbclid=IwAR1Gt-viVqCZPNN3drbwxbFXq2Oyx2wVgskHKh-tAGkTv_vz-_EBhQPbMX4 Opinion: It’s not just foreigners who are expected to splash the cash MARCH 30, 2019 BY GUEST WRITER1 COMMENT Foreigners who marry into Filipino families often complain of being seen as “walking cash machines” by an ever-widening circle of relatives. While some are happy to share their good fortune without question, others are forced to risk ill-will by limiting — or stopping altogether — the flow of cash to the in-laws. However, the social minefield of how to help those in need without creating a culture of dependency is something that many successful Filipinos also have to navigate. Here, Steven de Guzmán, a computer scientist currently living in Spain, recounts his experience: I guess it’s time to share my story here so that foreigners will understand the cultural differences. I know that it is better to send out positive vibes, but it doesn’t mean avoiding talking about the negative side of our culture as if it doesn’t exist. (Dear fellow Filipinos who get triggered easily, please stop reading beyond this point…) This is darkest side of the Filipino culture that I personally experienced, and fairly common in poor families. I am from a lower middle class family of five. We have a complacent family culture and unclear family values, and I realized this after traveling and knowing other cultures. I grew up parenting myself. It was crystal-clear that I was the academic superstar in the family and would achieve greater things in life (I studied in La Salle & Ateneo, had good jobs in the Philippines, worked abroad, etc.). I didn’t get any validation from my parents. Instead, I got additional responsibilities, under the guise of equality: You kids should love each other and maintain family harmony; it’s just money that you can’t bring to heaven Your siblings will help you when it’s your time to need help (Never happened). At least you’re the one who has the means to help, not the one who needs to ask others for money. Your education was expensive, it’s payback time (My sisters went to expensive schools too. Sure, mine was the most expensive, but I studied in the most reputable private school and I have the highest ROI) You got “lucky” with your jobs and your siblings simply didn’t. (As if I didn’t study hard and it was a mere coincidence to graduate from a reputable university. As if I didn’t handle political drama in the corporate world. As if I didn’t have to commute for hours to reach Makati everyday.) In short: they want equality in privileges but not equality in responsibilities. In old Asian traditions, parents see children as investments who will eventually take care of them when they get old, so they don’t have to save money. For a decade, I was giving most of my money to them, and I am still in the process of financially recovering. Every time I had a salary increase, their expectations only increased more. My main problem with the setup, surprisingly, was not the money, because I was brainwashed that I am the designated “padre de familia”. My main problem was the fact that they set the bad decisions while I am supposed to be the enabler. My parents and my siblings want to pass the same unsustainable culture of complacency to the next generation, grooming my nieces and nephews as future brats. So I ended up paying for their tuition but I didn’t have the right to dictate their study habits. I am not their dad when it comes to setting responsibilities, but it changes to “if you love them, pay for them” when they need money. My mom was also hoarding a lot of unnecessary things, from clothes to grocery. When I asked her to budget, she got defensive and made more excuses (e.g., the cost of living is getting higher, we need to have a third floor because we have a lot of things). I don’t have any allies in my family, because they all benefit from the unfair setup. I was also labeled as the “Hitler” who only knows discipline and not love. My sisters and my mom told me that I shouldn’t judge their parenting style because I am not yet a parent, so I said they shouldn’t judge my level of discipline because they haven’t achieved any of my success. It came to a point where I had to limit my monthly contribution to “only” 30k/month, and I was suddenly seen as selfish. They reacted to it as if they suddenly had to set extreme austerity measures. Eventually, I got fed up with all of these injustices against me. What happened next?: I moved out and stopped giving them money. People should learn the consequences of their life decisions, and I can’t always learn these things on their behalf. It’s also time to love myself — I am currently living in Madrid (not working full-time), and will study masters next school year in another country. It’s time to prioritize my own life goals. Personally, I don’t mind giving money, it’s a part of our culture and I am much richer than all of them. But in return I expect each of them to do their part by working well and by setting the right culture to their kids. To those who are in a similar situation, my advice is: set boundaries, don’t be guilty of loving yourself.
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    It's hard to know what to say when a friend passes. My last communication with Lee was like that. I didn't want to use the typical platitudes, so I just talked to him. Lee knew this was coming sooner or later and had planned for it for years. I think his number one goal was to make sure his wife was taken care of after he passed. In that respect, he achieved his goal. Lee was the one who introduced me to LinC and was the first person I met in Cebu when looking for a place to rent. He did a lot of things to help me with our move to Cebu. We became friends and went out often with our wives to dinner. When we met at a restaurant, I never knew who else would be there, but it was almost always another LinC member. Most of the people I met from LinC, I met through Lee. As things go, we didn't stay in contact as much once I left the Philippines. Emails now and then and the occasional phone call. We had planned to get together here in Florida, but it just never happened. I knew of his current situation a while back, but kept it to myself because Lee was a private man. I think most who knew him personally though, knew about his chronic disease that he had lived with for years. Each trip back and forth between the US and Cebu was becoming harder and harder for him. Those who never met Lee, but interacted with him here on LinC and other Philippine forums, never got the chance to really know Lee. He was one of the most helpful members on LinC when the topic was something he knew about. He never was one of those type to Google the answer and pass it off as though he was talking from experience. Lee had an unwritten code about how he interacted on the forum and he expect the same from others. Some might have called him old school. He wasn't confrontational, but didn't shy away either. He often came to the defence of others when he felt they were being unfairly attacked. I'm sure those who read much of Lee's post, knew of his strong political leanings. Yet, in person, he never once mentioned such things. Most who spent any time with Lee, would probably have describe him as a "Good Man"...
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    Indeed its not, its a country where a few families have ruled supreme in both national and provincial areas for generations. Passing laws, obtaining political office, doing business in a way that ensured that they would obtain more wealth, obtain more influence and control of their given areas. The Don's so to speak...the last election came as a surprise to them in a big way if you compare the Aquinos to the Democratic party in the last election you can see some very close parallels. So along comes Roddy, someone that was not in the club, someone that actually wanted to see the Philippines prosper and upset the apple cart. So what did he inherit? A country that was infested with corruption, infested with nepotism, a country that was held together by a spider web of elitism that controlled everything from the smallest government agency to very top of the military and police. A country were drugs permeated every social class and a country were entire sections of the southern regions were controlled by people that wanted to secede from the union and were willing to do it anyway they could. So how do you fix that? Who among us would even attempt to fix a mess like that? They call Roddy a strongman, indeed he is, stronger than anybody that I have met...he had only one option, fight fire with fire...the only way to wipe out cockroaches is kill them all, if you do not the eggs hatch and you have the problem all over again in a few months....as much as people hide their head in the sand and because its not politically correct to recognize the fact it remains the truth. It amazes me sometime that people continue to harp on non-judicial killings in a country where anybody can (and are) killed daily by the infamous "two guys on a bike" for the paltry sum of five thousand Philippine pesos. Wake up, like the man said "this damn sure ain't Kansas Toto" President Duterte has only six years to achieve a monumental task. A task that only a fool or a patriot would attempt. At seventy one he is not guaranteed to live out his Presidency, nor is he guaranteed to have a successor who will carry on his work and his dreams of a successful country where the Filipino people can have a good life without prostituting themselves all over the world to make a living (OFW's). As I have been living here continuously since early 2011 and visiting here since 1967 I can tell you that DU30 has been like a breath of fresh air, and yes even though you sit on the beach and marvel, occasionally you have to smell a fart. So for me, I hope he does what ever it takes to clean out this country and make it into a country where my four kids and my wife can actually get an education and work in their own country without being under the control of a small group of oligarch families who care only for their own wealth and power. I hope my kids and family never again have to grow up in a country where drugs and power rule the landscape... Go Mr. President..do what is necessary to clean up the mess you inherited.
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    And if THAT'S the worst mistake you ever make in Phils, well, you'll do quite well!
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    In a sense, YES! I may be be remembering incorrectly but this is how I remember it. Not sure what year I joined LINP, I think it might have been 1999. Regardless, when I joined there were only 200 or 300 members. . I was made a moderator at some stage. Paul Petrea was definitely a moderator too. I think David Whittall may have been a moderator and pretty sure Perry Gamsby was a moderator. Because of the LINP association, Paul Petrea came to the Philippnes and stayed at Don Herrington's house. Don at that time employed Jan Pernia to do his IT work. Jan Pernia was given the nickname JJ by Don Herrington. JJ and Paul were married in I think, December of 2003. JJ left the employment of Don Herrington which mightily pissed off Don. Unfortunately for Don, Don's replacement IT people were morons and, I presume without Don's knowledge, referred many issues to JJ so JJ still had access to ALL Don's sites. LINP was lost for some reason. So LINP1 was created. Don asked me to make more yahoo groups just in case. So I created LINP2, LINP3, LINP4, LINP5, LINP6, LINP7 and LINP8. then handed over ownership to Don. LINP1 was lost shortly after LINP was lost so we started with LINP2. In 2003, Perry Gamsby started a yahoo group to promote a book he was selling. I used to hang out regularly with Don in those days. In December 2003, Don and I were having lunch and Don said to me that he could not believe that Perry had not protected himself by creating a domain name to match his yahoo group and that Don had bought the domain. Don then asked for my opinion. Should he sell the domain to Perry at cost. Should he give it to him or should he try and make a profit. My suggestion was at cost. Before Don could do anything, it was revealed by Paul that Don had bought Perry's domain name. Paul knew because JJ knew. There was uproar in the LINP community. This is what created the split. I tried to tell Perry what had happened but Perry just believed that Don was trying to steal his business. LINP used to have monthly get togethers at Ratskys in Ayala Mall in those days. Before the Terraces, there was a night club section with late opening restaurants. Now if you go into Ayala mall at the entrance closest to Citibank, It is the section with the long circular staircase. Ratskys was a 2 storey night club in that section. It was a night club at night with dancing in the bottom level and dining in the upper level looking down at the dancing. In the daytime they had a special which was all the pizza you can eat and all the draught beer you can drink. Pretty sure the special started at P99 but was up to somewhere about P150 by the time it ended. Where Ratskys was is now shops downstairs and shops upstairs. The first get together after the domain purchase, there was much vitriol at the meeting. I can remember Orey Higgins and Don Herrington nearly coming to blows. There was Perry Gamsby having a go at Don verbally. Anyway, multiple people went off and created there own yahoo groups. Perry Gamsby had several yahoo groups. Some more adult than others. Long before free video sharing services such as yahoo videos or youtube, as far as i can tell, I had the first free Philippines videos available online. These days, there are more Philippines videos posted on youtube every day than i ever had so i can't be bothered with videos any more. Anyway, I already had my own yahoo groups for showing off my videos. It was a ridiculous system though because of the small file sizes. Paul said he could help. We created Cebutours, LINC, Bigjimsphilippinesexperience and maybe pointmancebu. Although pointmancebu may have already existed. When I say we, I mean JJ. JJ was the brains and created everything. I paid for the domain names and the hosting for everything. I had to keep increasing the data usage until I was paying for 180gb of data usage each month. Right about this time Don Herrington contacted me to say he wanted to help with my videos but when i told him that Paul was already doing it, that created a rift between us. Anyway, along with the LINC forums, JJ also created the LINC yahoo group. A decision was made. I would run the LINC yahoo group and Paul would run the LINC forums. We still had get togethers. LINC get togethers continued at Ratskys while LINP get togethers moved to the original Mooons cafe as it was very close to where Don Herrington was living. JJ was still assisting the staff working for Don Herrington. So JJ still had access to everything. Paul decided to mess with Don and closed down LINP2. That is when LINP2 changed to LINP3 which continued for years and may still exist for all i know. The old forum was closed down and the current forum created in 2006.
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    I remember that guy who died in the city in 2014, I believe, and his body was in funeral home over by J Mall-no friends-relatives-nobody to make arrangements for body, and Lee/Nila made don't know how many trips across city from their condo(taxi)to get all info about guy-get in touch w/folks-LOT of trouble/aggravation he went thru to get it taken care of. Another typical example-1st year after we came back, I had to get some surgery done over at Tampa VA, and had to have someone drive us. This was before my wife had her license, and Lee offered to make the 4 hour trip from Ft Lauderdale to give us a hand. I know of lot of instances where he helped people cause that's just the way he was.
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    We have got my wife's father as a permanent resident in our house , I was there a few times last year but probably just a couple or so of months worth , the old boy is there on his own for the most part , He doesn't really cook so brother in law drops in and cooks up something 4 or 5 times a week , we have bore water and the electric , usually runs at 12 to 1400 pesos per month... and gas for cooking the bottle is 800p and that lasted him 9 months last one he had. He still works as a carpenter at 66 years old , not one lazy bone in his body , so he provides his own tucker . Must be a bit lonely for him at times , but all in all he runs on the sniff of an oily rag , the cost to keep him happy there is about 10 bucks a week ....and the house is looked after ...what a bargain. Probably have to end up feeding him at some point but this o'l bugger is pretty resilient , still climbs up a 50 foot mango tree to get the fruit before the birds and ants get to it. He never asks for nothing ...at all...so I bought him a flat screen tv a couple of years back and got the dish installed on the roof and he is as happy as larry and he pays the subscription each month. I wonder if all this good fortune I have with this setup is from not acting like a bigshot 15 years ago when I first lobbed there , and to this day for that matter , if they get the wrong impression and start becoming overly dependent early on in the proceedings you may have created yourself some expensive hard yards to come. Anyway that's my story , everyone is happy and the cost is minimal........
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    RIP Lee! He never wanted his photo shown anywhere, but I will make this exception.
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    Zoe , my 12 year old daughter asked for a bit of an upgrade on her tiny little bedroom that she insists on having a double bed in ..so a lick of paint on the walls and some custom built shelving to replace a cupboard I built 20 years ago when my son was born...anyway she is happy which is the main thing..........she got involved in it as well...
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    These days I come to this forum infrequently so I've only now learned the sad news of Paul's passing. The expression "larger than life" would be an apt description of him methinks. I met him a few times, especially during the year I ran "Our Place" and found him to be a man of strong opinions but a heart of gold. I remember on one occasion, he drove me and mrs from Naga to Toledo when he really didn't need to. Over the years I heard many negative opinions and stories about him, but my experience of him was wholly positive; that he was a decent man and definitely an interesting one. I didn't always agree with him, but he always had my respect.
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    Meeting in "Heaven" SYLVIA: Hi! Wanda. WANDA: Hi! Sylvia. How'd you die? SYLVIA: I froze to death. WANDA: How horrible! SYLVIA: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you? WANDA: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. SYLVIA: So, what happened? WANDA: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died. SYLVIA: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer ---we'd both still be alive.
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    I wonder if the Chinese would have been so agressive if the US navy and air force were still stationed at Clark and Subic.
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    Hate to think how much we have donated to the Phils economy. The largest single amount was p300+K towards heart surgery for our nephews newborn. sadly the child died. We always made it a gift and never ever expected anything to be returned because like HTM says, we are adults and know the ropes so no bitching about it. We now sponsor 20 kids (Not relatives) through secondary at Panalipan and will try to send them further if they have a fair dinkum go. Two nieces we sponsored in the past through secondary then four years of uni have rewarded us greatly by being totally successful. One was second out of hundreds in Criminology in last year of uni and is now employed by the PNP and has set up a business for her olds. The other qualified after 4 years in hospitality and has since worked full time in a Cebu city restaurant and supports her widowed mom. The only thing we ask of these kids is to pay it back when they can, to another young kid who needs help. They have got that type of thinking now and we are already seeing results of that. No regrets.
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    I think the clip also showed that having a dashcam isn't such a bad idea also , because "if" there was no cctv it may well have become the crucial element in backing up the factual chain of events. The guy filmed , narrated and then shared his experience in the Philippines ... I personally wish we were sharing more posts like this on the forum. The other people in this incident had obvious prior damage to their vehicle , and the demand for money by the lady was extortion ..a disgrace , she had to know that the vehicle that she occupied was in the wrong but she wanted money anyway ....what a horrible person she must really be............
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    This is my list of what makes the PH so unique (see if you can find these in other countries): 1. Comfort room or CR aka bathroom (the first time I heard this, I had no idea what it was) 2. Jose Rizal is the PH hero, like the George Washington of the States. His statue is everywhere 3. Banana ketchup (really?! there's no tomatoes in this and it's red?) and halo halo (mix mix dessert) 4. Jeepneys 5. Kiss noise to get people's attention 6. Coin tap on the jeep/bus to stop it 7. Jollibee's 8. Saying 'Scuse' instead of pardon me or excuse me 9. Heavily armed malls and banks - pat downs before entering 10. Hey Joe (I first heard this in Cebu and had no clue who they were talking to) 11. People rarely travel solo for vacation. They like group travel with their friends, coworkers, or family 12. buy one take one (instead of buy one get one free), avail a service (instead of request) 13. Religious street processions 14. The cashier asks you for change at the register 15. Smaller refrigerator sizes 16. You can buy pharmaceutical pills by the unit. They can sell you just 1 pill if you want 17. You don't take your tray to the trash can at fast food restaurants. Employees do that 18. Honking on the street. Just to let you know I'm passing you or to tell you not to pull out in front of me 19. Christmas starts in September 20. Divorce is illegal (Vatican city is the only other place) 21. Fast food hotline (You can call one main number and they will place the order with the store and deliver it to you. You don't have to call your local restaurant directly) 22. 13th month pay (It's like a bonus but it is required by law) 23. Mixing up he and her (I have been called Ma'am far too many times; or her) 24. Age discrimination (I have seen Jollibee ads for 20-30 year old ladies. If you're a 40 year old man, you're not working there) 25. Sweet spaghetti 26. Hand respect to elders (mano po) 27. Dirty kitchen 28. Godparents (and multiple sets of them) 29. shuffling of feet (I call it the FW - Filipino Walking. You have your OFW and FW) 30. Fast food places run out of food (I've been to KFC twice and they didn't have chicken meals. McDonald's runs out of ice cream all the time) 31. The sales person says out loud the amount of money that you just handed them 32. The President can declare a holiday when he wants 33. Some restaurants give you a plastic hand bag glove for eating chicken or nachos 34. During elections, there is a liquor ban 35. Circumcision at age 13 36. Blunt statements to family members about weight or looks 37. No house mailboxes on the street 38. You treat others to dinner on your birthday 39. Nose bleed syndrome
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    Absolutely beautiful resort set on the hilltop along side National Hwy as entering Alcoy from Dalaguete. Upon arrival, when you drive up their driveway, as soon as it levels out, straight ahead is a picturesque view of the ocean and palm trees. 12 rooms appointed perfectly with queen & twin beds, huge CR, table and chairs complete with coffee setup, mini fridge stocked with ice cold cokes and of grass going to the pool. Pool is about 8m x 14m, up to 6' deep and was clean. Hot tub also but more like x spa with jets (no hot water). Ate dinner at the restaurant bar and chatted with the German owner a bit. He recommended the it potatoes included 2 Sunnyside up eggs, awesome. Drinks we had about 10 shots, 2 beers, 2 mango shakes and 7 jack & cokes. Surprised by the bill of only p3,600 with a 10% discount for hotel guests. Breakfast was equally delicious with a great German bread, crisp bacon and fresh fruits. Standard rooms are p1950 walk-in and p2,950 for the 4 rooms with rear balcony over looking the ocean. They also are a tropical bird rescue center with about 13 tropical birds in huge cages. The owners are a German husband and his Austrian wife. He is a musician and sound man. He even built a recording studio for p600k. The locals seem to enjoy the attention of a professional sound recording. http://www.bbb-alcoy.com Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    Trying to find something to put a break in the serious and miserable stuff here to have a more pleasant start to 2019 .......anyway , I grew up on horses and motorbikes so xmas on my bro's farm was a good experience for my wife and daughter ...I am building a house for my bro on this farm also .... We finished work late about a week ago and were sitting around having a cold beer and about 9;30 pm we were treated to this magnificent sunset at the elevated location where we are building his house .....next big land mass due south is Antarctica........
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    Just more fuel to convince the skeptical that no good deed goes unpunished in the Philippines. Keep your head low, the nail that sticks up gets hammered! I wish them luck.
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    It should come as no surprise that there are very few responsible men in the Philippines. Most boys are not raised in a way that encourages responsibility. Most boys are pampered, force-fed by a female, and given free reign to play as much as they want until they are deemed old enough to be a man; while their sisters are given tasks and responsibilities almost from the time when they are able to walk. Gradually taking on more and more responsibility as a child is how responsibility is taught, and very few boys in this culture get that experience.
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    ☆K visa petition filed 11/2014    ⇒Embassy interview 02/2015 ☆K visa received 03/2015    ⇒Arrived @US POE 05/2015 ☆Marriage officiated 05/2015    ⇒Adjustment request 06/2015    ⇒CIS interview 09/2015 ☆Green card received 09/2015    ⇒Petition to remove conditions filed 06/2017    ⇒Green card extended 06/2017    ⇒Application for Naturalization filed 06/2018 ☆Condition removal approved 11/2018    ⇒Naturalization interview 11/2018    ⇒Invitation to an Oath Ceremony received 11/2018 ☆Attended the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony! 12/2018
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    I'm old she is young and keeps coming up with ideas. Keeps insisting I need a new wallet, my wallet is only about 20 years old and still in pretty good shape, I put my foot down on that one. No new wallet! She wants to go to the mall and buy stuff, I just go there to walk around and see no reason to buy anything, it is a place for walking around not buying. Unless of course there are closeout sales. I have a nice set of Sony wireless headphones so I can watch TV while she sleeps and not disturb her. These are nice headphones. I bought them since we have been married so less than 12 years old. Gets on me about my clothes occasionally, I swear she bought more clothes last year than I have bought in the last 20 years. Her money, she earns it and can do as she likes with it. The T shirts I bought at Country Mall?? 12 years ago are in perfectly good condition, I do not need new ones. So for my birthday she gets me a new set of head phones, sitting there trying not to be an old fart and act excited about her though fullness. But I am perfectly happy with my old headphones, they work extremely well and are comfortable. I don't want new headphones but guess I will have to take one for the team. The trials and tribulations of being married to a Philippina.
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    Nothing quite compares to a Philippines sunset. One of the reasons I love living here so much. Taken on the west coast of Negros Island on New Years Day 2019.
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    in response to a conversation we have been having with MickyG i figured i will post a new topic on my wife's method of making pizza at home so he along with anyone else interested can give it a whirl this holiday season. SIMPLE PIZZA DOUGH RECIPE (makes 2 large regular pizza crust). You need to gather up 3 cups bread flour (first class flour) 1 tablespoon instant dry yeast 1/2 tablespoon salt 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 cup lukewarm water. How to: In a mixing bowl dissolve yeast, salt and sugar then add olive oil. Slowly then add the flour, 1 cup at a time mixing to form the dough. Divide dough and make 2 balls and place it in a greased bowl, covered with damp towel and let it rise for 2 hours or as soon as the dough doubled in size. Using rolling pin or by hand, form a pizza crust on a floured board. Add toppings and into the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes. Note: Adjust your cooking time according to temperature. I set my temp at 360. My oven is only max 370'C. I used to use a baking stone but found it tends to keep cooking the pizza after removing from the oven so now I use a simple pan. some pics and finished products. works equally well for calzones too.
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    Australian Men are big on "Mateship". This explains it perfectly! A Testimony to True Mateship A man brings his best mate home for dinner unannounced at 5.30 p.m. after work. His wife screams at him as his friend listens in, "My hair & makeup are not done, the house is a mess, the dishes are not done, I'm still in my pyjamas, and I can't be bothered with cooking tonight! What the hell did you bring him home for?" "Because he's thinking of getting married."
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    that's what my son just won at a local tae kwon do tournament today. . amongst other skills he had to show he also had to do quite a bit of sparring. his biggest challenge was a 3rd degree black belt, my son is second degree, that is almost 3 years older than him, my boy is 13, .. they were fighting 2, 3 minute rounds and by the luck of the draw the way my sons last two matches fell he had to fight them with only 30 seconds rest between matches so now we have to find a good place to put this new large trophy. good problems to have
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    This is not meant as a bashing episode , just an observation that befuddles normal thinking. Why is it that Filipino's , in the broader sense , seem to think the rest of the world owes them something ? For what ? In their minds are they a special class above the norm compared to everybody else... My wife's father got called into the local town hall to be interviewed by the SS people , he receives a poultry 500 pesos a month as a small government pension and the department was told that he has a daughter living overseas so they want to rescind this little payment because their policy is that if you have family overseas you should not receive it ... So it appears that in these circumstance that other country's are required , by default , to support their senior citizens .... you just could not make this shit up , it really is quite laughable especially when you consider that until just recently foreign nationals living in the Philippines were not even granted the courtesy/privilege of having a seniors card. I suppose the bottom line is ...why is it always a one way street with these people , I suppose everyone with white skin is a millionaire ..right ?
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    There really is no end to the giggles to be had in the PI is there ?
  41. 13 points
    A lot of interest in this thread so let me explain why we like to help the kids when we can........... My wife was the youngest girl in a large loving but money poor family at Panalipan. After grade five her parents simply could not afford the few peso to send her for further schooling, which broke her heart. Fortunately her eldest sister had a modest job in Cebu city and sponsored my sweety through school and on to uni where she passed commerce. Before my time, (and since) my wife was a hard working successful business woman and sole parent of two boys. Near twenty years ago we met and our marriage has been a great success in every way, a great partnership. Her drive and ability has been a Godsend and things have gone very well for us and our children. About ten years ago we hired Danny to take us to this eldest sisters family home in the interior way down south. This was my first time down there and to meet the extended family, so on the way we collected a big bag of bread rolls etc for snacks. These were passed around and I couldn't help but notice a little boy was 'nursing' his bread roll although I could see he really wanted to eat in. I asked and found out that his little sister was asleep and he wanted to wait until she awoke so he could share his bread roll with her. That amazed me.. here I was sixty odd and schooled in what really matters by a four year old! I never forgot those kids and that lesson, and helping the less fortunate kids we do now and seeing the happiness and love in their eyes, I now know why he waited to share his bread roll with his little sister.. Here is a picture of that day. (They are much older now so not recognisable from this)
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    My new Dominar 400choose files... Click to choose files
  44. 13 points
    My SIL works for the Cebu Port Authority and one of her duties is to go to the port area entry booth to tally the receipts from the entry fees. While she was there last week, a taxi pulled up with 3 Korean pax and the driver told them they had to pay the fee. He told them it was p1k each. When it's really p10/car. The driver gave the p3k to the girl and told he'd come back for the extra. The SIL had a guard stop the car and gave them their money back and made the driver pay the p10. Then she told the pax they didn't have to pay for their trip or the driver would be visiting the pulis station. And she told the driver that would be the result if he tried it again. I think the booth girl is in some hot water now too for having accepted it.
  45. 13 points
    That is about the least complicated scam I have heard of in a long time.
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    RIP Paul. Condolences to Paul's family. I met Paul once, in Battembang, when hand-delivering the two bottles of Jack Daniels that Paul won from me over a US presidential election bet. He was not very well at the end of the night, which I put down to the fact that he was drinking with Australians. He called for reinforcements, and asked Chan to help him, which she did. We went for pizzas. I remember thinking at the time that he was a very lucky man, she was really looking after him. Didn't agree with Paul on most of his beliefs, but had a sneaking respect for his ability to stick to his beliefs which defied the laws of logic. RIP, big fellow. Last memory will be of Chan, Rose and Graham getting you into the horse and cart after that mega pizza night. .
  50. 13 points
    14 is the ideal age for a Tour Guide/Immigration Specialist. Many 14 yr olds know the ins and outs with BI and can easily navigate different islands. Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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