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    Folks may recall that I have bemoaned the internet service in my little slice of paradise. Our location requires a router with an external antenna - not the norm for the current crop of Globe routers. However we have now managed to get a Globe “openline” SIM into our existing router and activate it for Homesurf. I’m testing with a Homesurf 599 promo. 40GB data valid for 15 days. So far so good. I measured the connection using ookla this morning 5MBPS both up and down. For those of you with 20+ etc that’s nice but we’ve never had more than 1 for any length of time before! The other good thing Is that Homesurf does not appear to be limited by the old Globe “fair use” policy that always throttled us within 2 hours before. Also, the local cable company is getting closer and did a survey on us yesterday. Maybe, just maybe there is fibre to the bukid in our future!😀
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    Although a cappella is technically defined as singing without instrumental accompaniment, some groups use their voices to emulate instruments; others are more traditional and focus on harmonizing. A cappella styles range from gospel music to contemporary to barbershop quartets and choruses. Please keep your post to a cappella groups...
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    I assume your point is that he is being legally detained- and not illegally detained? If so what is he being charged with? If he is not being illegally detained I assume he can just walk out the door anytime he wants?
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    John, I know that you only asked about pacemakers, but when I had a heart device implanted, they put in one that not only has the pacemaker function, but also defibrillation and ongoing analysis. I went back to the US to have this done, as I would have had to have paid for the whole thing if I would have had it done here (due to the way my insurance works). In the US, they knew the insurance rules to minimize the costs to me, whereas in the Philippines, they would have just gone ahead without any concern for the insurance implications. In my case, Tricare and Medicare required that I be on a specific list of medications for at least 90 days prior to the implant was done before they would cover it, and the doctors in the US knew this. Doctors here had no idea that this was the case, and they would have proceeded with the implant without delay. In the end, the cost of the implant will be somewhat dependent on the device they actually implant. They are not all created equal. Some will set a rhythm, but won't do anything for you in the event of a heart attack. Others will attempt to save your life if you have a heart attack. Others monitor everything that is going on with your heart, in addition to the above functions. The price of the devices is dependent on what they do. Obviously, the cost of a stay in a US hospital is a lot more than a stay in a hospital here, but the other costs might leave you reeling, if your insurance won't touch them due to the way decisions were handled prior to the implant.
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    You need to file a writ of habeus corpus https://www.lawphil.net/judjuris/juri1995/jul1995/gr_118644_1995.html The high prerogative writ of habeas corpus, whose origin is lost in antiquity,1 was devised and exists as a speedy and effectual remedy to relieve persons from unlawful restraint and as the best and only sufficient defense of personal freedom.2 More specifically, its vital purposes are to obtain immediate relief from illegal confinement, to liberate those who may be imprisoned without sufficient cause, and to deliver them from unlawful custody. It is then essentially a writ of inquiry and is granted to test the right under which a person is detained.3
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    https://www.phc.gov.ph/services/treatment.php prices may not e current
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    Well, obviously, that is the only way to get you to read what he was writing!
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    The husband's side is way to large. Could cut that down by half.
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    I admit it - you got me !!
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    I think it is. The recent thread that started this all has been a fun read for the most part, but it "felt" like the Old Boys Club early in it. One "old boy" asked a question about who has been banned last few years, I answered with a few names, only to be ridiculed by another "old boy." And a bit of "old boy" ass-kissing ensued. But, upon learning in that thread, for the first time in my 4 1/2 years here, that this entire time there has been a secret "forum within a forum" on here...well, I've been questioning this past week this place. Just didn't feel so welcome after that little discovery. I have gotten a LOT of good information on here over the years. Some posts in that thread say all information here has already been discussed, but that is not true: Thanks to places like BOI and LTO, etc., who change their rules and procedures every few months, this forum will always be a great help. Is what it is. The Old Boys Club will always be on here, always older than me and anyone else who joined this forum last few years. My 2 cents to this recent thread about this forum.
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    Came across this in the Crown Regency sauna area
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    Jesus ....I just posted yesterday and went to sleep and I just remembered just now that I threw a hand grenade and thought I better follow it up ...but never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this long ...great ...I will have to read through it ....but glad to see there is proof of life.
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    It seems that Salty's wife is reading Linc again !
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    Note to self: don't ever let Salty get access to a real pic of me, nothing good can come of that...…..
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    The mastermind was Charlene, but he was quite happy to run along with his name being used. Right up until the end Charlene insisted he was a immigration specialist from the UK. I know this for a fact, as i tried to get 30k back for my wife's niece and 2 of her work colleagues.
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    Don't need to be a resident of Guam to use Medicare there. Any hospital or other that accepts Medicare has to allow you to use their services. Medicaid Is another story I believe but not certain. One other thing, in addition to enrolling in Part B, is locating a Doctor who's taking new patients. This isn't always the easiest thing to do. Also, you'll probably want to figure out which supplemental Medicare insurance plan to carry if you don't already have something from a previous employer. Guam might be a good way to go but I also think, in most cases, it may be just as easy to use Medicare back in the mainland U.S. where you'd have access to a wider range of care and costs for everything are more reasonable. For example, what if you needed to remain for outpatient care for weeks or months? Much cheaper to get a temporary or longer residence on the mainland U.S. It's just my opinion but I think anything that can wait for you to get to Guam can wait until you get to the Mainland U.S.
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    Im only 53 ... So my future wife is still in the making I guess ... Lol
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    I sorted the links for you. They are fine now. Here is a PDF (Portable Document Format) of the SSA-7162 that I found online. ssa-7162.pdf I imagine you could download this file, fill it out and mail it to the SSA in the US?
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