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    The previous owner of Gie Gie's, Ron, was a good friend of mine for 15+ years. He ran food/bar/resort businesses here for 15 years, and never had a problem. Unfortunately, he developed Cancer and passed away recently. This guy bought him out and took over March 1st, and is dead 2 months later. He may have broke some rules, but just running a business was not it.
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    It might be worth mentioning that the marine was an American Filipino.
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    East wall done. Turned the corner and heading up the south side. Previous thread closed.
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    Well for all we know at this stage there could be half a dozen or so "thou shall not" rules broken .... thou shall not covet the wife/girlfriend of another man is another major one here in the PI , but at this stage all I see is assumptions .... so until the unreliable press releases some half truths or facts we are all just guessing as to the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate man's death.
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    Is there some information here that the rest of us don't know about ?
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    I’m sure they train their journalists to create a shock and awe article. What sounds more interesting to the public? Man found dead in ditch or US Marine murdered and body hidden? The thing is when they hold back the facts within the story and don’t give all the truths. Well at that point you have an agenda. What picture is this journalist trying to paint. They want their readers to feel a certain way about a group of people or thing. It’s twisted and actually quite effective (especially on the uneducated). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An American explorer has descended nearly 11km (seven miles) to the deepest place in the ocean - the Mariana Trench in the Pacific. Victor Vescovo spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench with the risk of his submersible imploding if anything were to go wrong. The dive was later verified to be 10,972m and Victor became the first person to reach the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Ballsy!!
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    You know you have a serious foot odor problem when.....
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    Owning a business does not make you a target, but a cocky or belligerent attitude does just as much as making disparaging comments about Filipinos will make you a target. No I have never heard that disrespectful statement, and I think your making the disgusting comments says more about you than it does Filipinos.
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    For anyone wanting to live here and start a business, please disavow this. These are broadstoke rules that are simply not true. Sure, my first business here (real estate office) failed after 2 years. Now own a small hotel here. To own a business here...this is my advice: Go there. Check it all out. Get a feel for the community. Remember, you are a guest into that community. It not matter how smart, how much business background you have, how much money you have here--you are a guest. If you decide to do that business, spend a few months--at least--to go around to the leaders and locals of that community. Learn some of their basic language (goes a long way!!). Respect, respect, respect. Yes, people here get very jealous. But, there are eyes everywhere. Form enough respect in that community and people know that there are too many "good eyes" out there for any bad to happen. I used to walk around Portland, Oregon in much greater fear from random violence, then any violence here, in my new community, that I took time to show and cultivate a great respect and thanks for them accepting me.
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    I guess I must not dress nicely enough, [emoji16] because I walk up from near City Hall to near Gorordo, alone, at night, often past 9pm... a few times a week, and have over the past 4 years. Maybe it's because I don't wear a watch? [emoji3] Any robber's mistake, I suppose, because I usually carry around 300k, and CCs, on me in case of any medical accident. Since I don't have anyone to bring in money to a hospital, and I'm far more worried about a health problem, than snatchers or robbers. In regard to lying, I think that comes down mostly to the types of people one associates with. I don't have extensive experience dealing with Filipinos, besides for just mundane matters, ie everyone in the healthcare industry that I've dealt with has been mostly honest. I did consult for a friend with his call center business, everyone involved was honest. All the Pinoy landlords I've rented from have been honest, so far. Sure, street vendors aren't too honest about their pricing, and I suppose criminal types aren't honest either, but I try to avoid dealing with either.
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    Cat plays dead to avoid going for a walk
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    So, I was always wondering where Santa really spent the majority of his year.....why not. Labor is cheap enough here. Taken a few km south of Balamban, Cebu
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    I spoke to several people today who know Martin well. They all have nothing but good things to say about him, a nice guy, mild mannered, kind, and calm were some words that were used to describe him. It didn't sound to me like a guy who goes around pissing people off regularly.
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    Tasteless joke and does reflect the character of the many Filipinos I know. Not sure I see the connection to the misfortune of the man who was shot.
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    Women are incredibly unreasonable, aren't they?
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    Just recently became aware of this ferry booking website: https://www.barkota.com. Lots of different shipping companies; the routes are mainly around the Visayas and Mindanao. Destinations include Bohol, Cebu, Dumaguete, Leyte and Samar Payments can be made on-line with credit/debit card or Paypal. Also can pay at quite a number of banks and the usual pawn shops. Website is straight-forward and easy to navigate. But no senior discounts available. Hat tip to @Jeepney for telling me about this service.
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    Yes some do - sort of like college graduates who think having attended makes then better than those who didn't. Both are wrong Each should just be an ethos to build on - training / experiences always available to draw on when need
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    well somehow his past history was fairly well known since it made the news. could be the fella had an unrealistic sense of identity and made sure everyone in the barangay around him knew he was once a marine? sort of like others that consider their brief military stint as their defining characteristic?
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    I think this is the news https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/234446/talisay-tragedy-three-deaths-a-burning-house-an-hour-long-shootout https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/234409/ex-us-marine-runs-amok-in-talisay-shoots-dead-stepson-brgy-chief-gets-killed-by-cops https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/234455/talisay-mayor-gullas-arms-never-a-solution-to-settle-disputes
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    You should feel right at home here then... We already have more than our fair share of malcontents...
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    police mug shot ... I'm betting he's a gambling man ... he's got one each way
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    It's amazing how after a few years living in the philippines, that getting something completed in two and a half hours is viewed as being quick...
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    Lobster? Big pot of salted boiling water, in he goes, out he comes when the shell turn red.
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    Well, I used Barkota the first time this morning. Round trip for two Siargao-Surigao. 1600 pesos. Plus 153 peso service fee which is fine with me. You do have to manually print out the tickets and there's no option to just show the tickets on your phone. Also fine; I don't even have a phone. One thing I have noticed in the past week is tourists here on Siargao are showing up at the port early to go to the mainland and finding the boats sold out already because everyone's buying online early now.
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