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    Cebu Daily News https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/222750/netizens-photos-of-foreigner-fixing-damaged-trash-bins-in-dumaguetes-boulevard-goes-viral?utm_expid=.XqNwTug2W6nwDVUSgFJXed.1
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    My screen name is my name, and it certainly wouldn't do our businesses any good to get a bad name for scamming some kano out of his hard earned $15. I do say that with a twinge of sarcasm.
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    2018 Yamaha Xmax 300 I finally owned up to the fact that my body is too worn and torn to ride a conventional motorcycle. After 51 years of straddling the horse I took my tax refund and purchased a new Xmax 300. This is not something I did on a whim as I’ve been looking for my upgrade options for over a year now and squirreling away my pesos for the day. Originally I was looking at the Dominar. This is a beautiful bike with lots of tech and at a very reasonable price. But the sitting position was not conducive to my knees and back and aggravates the numbness that we all suffer from in the right hand. (more so as we age) The Bajaj Avenger was high on my list too as the sitting position is more along the lines of a cruiser and the bike itself is a really good value. However, I kept coming back to Royal Enfield…to me this is one of the most nostalgic and sexy bikes available in the Philippines. The maintenance heavy Classic 350 is a beautiful bike and if taken care of will last for many decades. But… I want to ride…not do maintenance! Living in the tropics makes me want to move to a water cooled bike and I am real tired of cleaning and oiling chains so after much study and comparison I opted for the 2018 Yamaha Xmax 300. Why a 2018? Because the 2019s won’t be available in the Philippines until after summer! Don’t ask me, the Phils gets last pick as far as shipping goes and with these things selling worldwide now, (as usual), we suck hind tit! About the bike: Engine Type 292cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC single cylinder; 4 valves Bore x Stroke 70.2mm x 75.9mm Compression Ratio 10.9:1 Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition Transmission Automatic CVT Final Drive V-Belt Suspension / Front 33mm telescopic fork; 4.3-in travel Suspension / Rear Dual shocks; 3.1-in travel Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 267mm; ABS Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 245mm; ABS Tires / Front 120/70-15 Dunlop® Scoot Smart Tires / Rear 140/70-14 Dunlop® Scoot Smart L x W x H 86.0 in x 30.5 in x 55.7 in – 57.7 in Seat Height 31.3 in Wheelbase 60.6 in Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5° Trail 3.7 in Maximum Ground Clearance 5.3 in Fuel Capacity 3.4 gal Fuel Economy** 75 mpg Wet Weight*** 397 lb There is so much technology packed in this bike it’s hard to believe they retail at 249K. I am looking forward to testing the Front and rear ABS after I am comfortable with the riding…I only have 250 km now but have been really enjoying the ride. Fuel injection and traction control are both really cool features that come standard on this bike as well as 15 inch front tire and a 14 inch rear. Most scooters come with 13 inch wheels. The bike is definitely heavy but that adds to the smooth ride and I feel it maneuvers well in traffic or cornering on these mountain roads. Also, the low center of gravity makes it easy to balance at slow speeds. While the Aerox, it’s baby sister, is a better bike for pure city driving I would be happy to ride this in the city occasionally. Automatic??? This is where I really had an adjustment to make! I always downshift to slow down and brakes on my bikes last a long time so losing this ability seemed like taking away my ‘feel’ of the road. However the engine drag when you let off the throttle is plenty to slow you down and those double disc brakes do the rest. While talking about the throttle it is really twitchy and is another adjustment that I am learning to deal with. The seat and the sitting position is quite possibly the most comfortable I have ever had on a bike. It’s like sitting on a cushy chair in your living room. The ability to move my legs to multiple positions not only helps my knees and blood flow but also can adjust my upper body to follow and I find relief from numbness in the right hand. The passenger seat is like a sofa and I wouldn’t know my wife was on the back except for her giving me driving 'tips' as I drive! This is a keyless vehicle and you are given 1 remote that tells the bike it’s okay to operate when it is ‘in-range’ of the bike. The main control is a knob that is between your knees on the front column. Push it and the bike powers up and allows you to unlock the seat, (which can hold 2 full face helmets and some gear), a lock box with a 12 volt power supply and the gas tank which is directly below the knob. Turn the switch again and the instruments cycle through their business and you are ready to push the kill switch on the handlebar which also starts your bike. After you’re done riding you can turn the handlebar all the way to the left and the knob will lock your steering. I’m still in the break in period so I can’t talk about ‘hard' acceleration but it feels like there is plenty of oomph to make this a sporty bike. So far I am well pleased and will chat more as I learn more. Ride safe!
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    I've donated in the past.. and at one time I thought I was one of those lifetime members. Course.. I don't know WHOSE lifetime, and since Paul is gone.. well.. you know. Anyway.. thanks for this thread.. as it reminds me it's time.. so I donated today.. After all.. someone needs to pay the costs of hosting this site. I know it's not free, and I'll do my part. With an attitude like you have expressed.. do you really expect to have a positive experience here? I don't know how old you are, but surely you are old enough to want to make your remaining days more positive.
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    If you look under the hood, I think you'll find that the effort is <5% to fix the MCAS automation system and >95% to get the upgrade approved/certified by the FAA. And the FAA approval is now complicated by their admitted low staffing levels, two fatal accidents traceable to previous FAA certification, an ongoing criminal investigation, litigation that has started already, and the glare of the international spotlights. Some human beings at the FAA must put their excellent careers on the line by signing a piece of paper declaring the "new and improved MCAS" to be "certified safe". These people will carry the future of Boeing on their backs, together with the lives of 300+ deceased passengers, and the knowledge that members of their own families will fly in these planes, and the need for regulatory standards compliance while examining whether the regulatory standards themselves are adequate. The full weight of this responsibility and the pressure on these human beings will be much more than mere mortals can bear. I've been on Boeings side of such an issue.. while working in the nuclear industry and seeking certification of a software system that was critical to human safety. Very very tough to prove that software is safe and ready for operational use under these conditions.
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    Moderators ans Admin are members to, and in the CR they also should be able to make jokes and "misbehave" as all others! If some don't like this, they free to say "bye bye to the CR" its voluntary to be a member there. Sometime when I'm crying in the night from attack in the CR I also thinking of leaving the CR, but in the morning I'm back.... LOL
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    This morning 6am 17 of us meet in Kawasaki and had a joy trip to Danao, Dominar 400 Cebu
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    Does anyone know the name? ( asking for a friend)
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    So with all the options that have been laid out for Members to donate, if they are still having issues using one I would thank them and say don't sweat it. We'll be fine and you're welcome to peruse the Forum anyway.
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    Several people, including myself, volunteered to make the Paypal payment for him if he got the money to us.
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    I was blacklisted last year for being rude, ended up being the most stressful 2 weeks of my life and had to pay a 35k peso fine so I'd say you made the right decision to not make a fuss lol.
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    My blender plug is permanently taped to the transformer. My coffee grinder plug is permanently taped to another transformer.
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    I assume that you are being sarcastic when you say that - since it is not rocket science. If someone doesn't want to donate it is very easy to find an excuse- any excuse- why they don't . [ ie I dont want to send money to Salty Dog because I know that's not your real name.] [ or I want a fully audited copy of Linc's last 10 years SEC and IRS filings !! etc ] Well guess what - no one is asking you to send money to Salty Dog. But if you are honest about wanting to send money you will instantly be given the name of a real live bona fide living breathing person !! So please don't come up with these obviously contrived excuses . From what some people have said it seems that on occasion the mods/admins/owner have dropped the ball and not facilitated a donation. I have been assured by the very highest authority that that will never happen again !!! So it seems that there are no more valid excuses .
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    Today we all had this++, safety is important! Even its going to b hot.
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    When I go to the beach in Canada I always put my wipers up !!
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