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    I went to Bacolod the other day to pick up a goat and I was amazed with the city. On the roads we traveled I saw very few shanties along the roads, most buildings were well kept and well built. The most amazing thing to me though was the lack of trash. There was almost no trash thrown anywhere along the roads we traveled. The place seemed super clean compared to any area that I have seen on Cebu.
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    I pay my live in Nanny 4k a month...she does everything but cook for me...watches all the kids (4), cooks for them...she gets her daughter to help with the wash on the weekends and I give her daughter 500 per weekend...house is spotless...she cant speak a word of English but works her ass off...she told the wife this is heaven compared to working on the farm. She is the hardest working woman I ever saw. She is the wifes aunt
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    Tampo in Bethlehem...
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    Back when our bike group was together we did a ride around Leyte and there were a few comments at the first stop of how clean it was. The next day I noticed one of the riders in front of me toss off a water bottle. I didn't confront them but later suggested we add some rules regarding group image including no littering, etc. and they were ok with that but the group broke up fairly soon after.
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    Suggest you go to the DENR yourself and get the info directly from them they can also issue a permit for the beach use, the reason the house may be for sale is of the set back law being enforced. Never trust a Broker or Lawyer in the Phillippines to give you a straight answer I learned that the hard. way
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    Speaking of karma............. https://www.foxnews.com/us/kentucky-driver-seemingly-tries-to-destroy-snowman-surprised-when-they-hit-tree-stump Kentucky driver seemingly tries to destroy snowman, surprised when they hit tree stump
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    Bama, you should introduce yourself to the Baranguy Captain just to make him aware you're a nice guy and your intent is to live in peace while you bring money into the community without taking up a job. I would suggest anyone that moves to the Philippines stop in to say hi and introduce themselves
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    Well good luck on the $3000 I just had a 4o foot container delivery from Cebu to Roxas City Panay cost was 90,000 Piso about the same as rate as from Manila to Iloilo on TO GO Would suggest you look unto renting a couple 32 foot 10 wheeler dropside trucks to haul the freight instead of loading in a container may be cheaper
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