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    Just realised you wanted help with tourist versus cabin versus business class. I have never travelled on the Roble Ship to Baybay but I have travelled Roble to Ormoc. For that ship, - economy is outside but under cover. They pull down canvas at night to protect you. The bunks are put together in groups of 4 double bunks. So you will be playing footsies with some one you don't know and sleeping beside some one you don't know. The mattresses are vinyl covered with inbuilt pillow. You may want to sleep with your head on your luggage to make sure everything is there in the morning. They will give you a sheet to cover you while you travel. - Tourist is a very similar system except that it is in the aircon. - cabin means you will be sharing with 3,4,5 or more others. My last cabin with Roble was 2 double bunks with a table and a chair in the room. So no playing footsie or sleeping on the hair of some unknown female like I did last month. There may or may not be a private bathroom in the cabin. For tourist versus business class on a fast ferry. I only tried business class one time on Supercat. the seats were basically the same seats and they gave me a free snack which I couldn't eat. So i never bothered again.
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    Schedule.ph is correct on this occasion but i wouldn't trust it for anything. They have been out of date for years. But I checked a few other routes to see if they have suddenly updated everything and I have to say it is waaay better than what it was just a few months ago but still missing route options. Since Roble is a 9pm departure, it will not be a quicker option unless you are happy to wait until 9pm. Even then, the total trip time will probably be about the same. as the fast ferry bus option. The fast ferry options will get you there way quicker. same day though. The first fast ferry of the day from pier 1 to Ormoc is 5.15 am with supercat followed by about 9 other trips across the day from pier 1 with Oceanjet and Supoercat. You could also pop into pier 4 for more options with Weesam but I don't personally like the weesam boat. I was in Ormoc today and took the opportunity to find out what has happened to the bus and jeepney terminal. Some one has taken a perfect system and rooted it. But the bus for Baybay is still in the bus and jeeoney terminal near the pier. Just get off the fast ferry in Ormoc, cross the road, go inside the bus and jeepney terminal and get on the next bus to Baybay. From memory, it is only a 50 kilometre trip from Ormoc to baybay. If you want to get there quicker than a bus, use a private van. I have a van contact in Ormoc if you would like to ask him for a quote.
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    Myself I always got the same question from friends know that I travel a lot and its hard to answer because its depend on who you are and what you like... Anyway look this video comparing Thailand vs Philippine its good.... and no grumpy now please haha... but love hear comments and also other comparing ..countries or stuff in this Enjoy
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    Just to add to this conundrum... until yesterday I hadn't accessed these forums for weeks because I was getting the ad-blocker pop-up despite having disabled the ad-blocker on my browser. However, after raising it yesterday on the LINC Facebook group, I learned a workaround that works for me (the ESC key). I use Opera browser which was created out of Chromium. Google Chrome, which others on this thread are having problems with, is also an offspring of Chromium. So the problem seems to be related to the Chromium/Opera/Chrome family. Chromium and Opera are open source (ie, the programming code can be examined); Chrome, being a Google 'product' is not; however they all share the same common ancestry. Unfortunately I do not have the expertise to be able to resolve this but I thought it worth posting just in case there is someone on here who might have?
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    With the rats proving reluctant to show themselves at night, we hit the farmyard in broad daylight to see if the rodents are on the move. And it seems that the rats here are keeping unusual hours, as Mat picks off a procession of scavenging scaly-tails in full sunlight. There’s also a treat for those of you who like to hunt with night vision during the winter months. We’ve pulled together a roundup of some of our favourite shots taken with the Nite Sight night vision kit. -- Get more airgun insight every month in our sister magazine Airgun Shooter, now totally redesigned and available in all good newsagents and from www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/field-sports - Ok: I like my pellet guns and clicked on this and I never saw anyone more excited than this fellow about killing rats. I first thought it was a spoof but nope..it was all real..kind of humorous so I thought I'd drop it here for the members to enjoy or jeer depending on one's outlook.
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    As Shadow said, there is no reliable online source for schedules. Best to call or go to a ticket seller. The cost for travel by fast ferry is reasonable in my opinion. I use the "business class" which is less than ₽1000 one way. That’s for a trip from Cebu to Ormoc City. There are travel agencies where tickets can be purchased in advance. On a couple of occasions I’ve used the Travelers Lounge at the SM mall. You can show up at the terminal and there a good chance you’ll get a ticket. However, it’s newrly always crowded.
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    There are no sites that you will find that are 100% accurate. Even the main offices of shipping lines do not know their schedules, you cannot depend on them. You just have to go to the pier and see what is running. Just one case in point, less than two weeks ago we called a major shipping lines office asking for schedules for Dapitan/Dumaguete. we were told the next boat leaves at 3 am. When we got to Dapitan, the pedicab driver told us the boat left at 1 am. The pedicab driver was right, and had we relied on the info given us by the shipping company we would have missed the boat. The internet is even less reliable. Higher fees get you better accommodation and more options.
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    Roble shipping does (or did) a twice a day Cebu/Hilongos RORO route.
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    There is a slow ferry, but I don’t recall the name of the company. It has limited service, but does go to Cebu. Your query didn’t say where you are departing from, but if it’s Cebu, there are several fast ferry services to Ormoc City. Travel from Ormoc is simple, with vans and buses all day, but fewer at night. The ferry lines I can recall are Oceanjet, 2Go, Weesam. Tickets can be purchased at some locations in Cebu, or at the terminal, pier 1. Travel time is typically three hours one way. Several choices with regard to time.
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