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    Out here in the provinces, I can confirm that very few people can speak English. Slightly more can understand it when spoken. Even the government office workers here don’t do so well. I have found that the best English speakers are a) well educated or b) ex-OFW. Passing the Civil Service exam doesn’t guarantee anything! My lone dealings with officialdom don’t always go so well. Better when my partner comes along or I have a cousin/friend of hers who works in the office act as unofficial fixer.
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    Having put in a holding tank for our new place (and cross connected input and output) so that the house system is pressurized when there is power and gravity fed when not, I have learned a couple of things. 1. The holding tank should be at least 10 feet above the ceiling of the highest room that will be supplied with water. Our tank is at the roofline on a platform that was built with the frame of the house. Down at ground level there is lots of pressure, but at the CRs it is a bit weak. It’s an elevated, colonial style bungalow. 2. Have the house system flushed before connecting any taps etc. The amount of crap in our lines was crazy. The blue pipe plumbers use an old hacksaw blade to roughen the pipe surface before applying the solvent. A lot of shavings get left in the pipes. I am not convinced that a roughened surface and solvent is the correct way to join the blue pipe. In Canada for similar materials (usually drain pipe) you always had to buy two tins - a cleaner/primer and the solvent. No one here has heard of the cleaner/primer and the hardware stores don’t sell it. 3. I know it sounds crazy but make sure your tank installer fits a float valve. Parts sold separately! Even though I’d mentioned it and the receipts said they’d bought one, when we fired up the system we had a massive tank overflow. No float valve installed! The other thing that got fired was the crew that installed the tank!😄 But then they also did a few other things “wrong”. 4. Make sure the plumbers talk to the tilers to determine where the tile surface will be so that connections are fitted in the correct place. It’s a pain fixing this when they get it wrong.
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    "Voila!!" I put this here in case anyone thinks throwing a lock onto something ends whatever feel good security you may have had..
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    The text from the video said "the government uses English in their work" and it's in the top 5 English speaking countries. Why didn't Canada, Australia, or the Nordic countries end up in the top 5? Their population is around 20 million or less, while the PH is above 100 million. 80-90% speak English in the Philippines. I live in Manila and all my forms (immigration, marriage license, rent lease, utility bill, hospital bill, etc) are in English. I have never had to speak Tagalog. When I lived in Thailand for 18 months, you needed to speak some Thai at certain places. I don't need to switch languages when I'm in the PH. Just because your experience has been around some people with limited English skills doesn't negate the fact that many statistical research sites show that the vast majority of Filipinos speak English. In India, there are over 1 billion citizens, but only 10% speak English. (125 million). In Pakistan, they have about 200 million citizens, but only half speak English.
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    I had no less than a dozen municipal workers in my yard this week. When I tried to speak to them, they made a phone call, and called for an interpreter!
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    What is an herb or a herb? Just ask Herb, he knows As for pronunciations - in German 6 is pronounced sechs / zex In the Southern areas - sex beers will get you 6 - in the Northern will get your face slapped.
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    As long as you stick to Manila, Cebu and Davao, you are right. Venturing out into the smaller cities, towns and provinces will give you a way different result. 80%? Not in my experience of living here. I would need more reliable data then some guy on YouTube.
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    That adds an extra pump to your system though and being on the surface you'd have that noise. I would have the submersible pump to the tower and then from there, filter or not filter as you need. You could also have 2 1KL tanks on your tower, and fill to both but have one for filtered/chlorinated water for the house and the other for irrigation. Or fill to one while using the other and then switch to reduce algae. There's more than one brand of blue and quality varies. I go with Atlanta brand.
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    One of my favorite youtube channels. He's really good at the hobby.
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    I also find that of those 80% that speak English, a large percentage of them understand it not at all. The bigger the city, the more people that speak English. The farther you get into the provinces, the less likely you are to find fluent English speakers.
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    Yes My apologies to the confusion, it should have been liters not Milliliters. (lol, that would be a really small storage system) I must have been thinking of the water bottle nest to my chair
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    How about the amount of nagging a married man has to suffer through in his married lifetime. NOW you understand what infinity feels like.
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    I have to argue with the English speaking country list. Just because English is taught in school and the country in question has a large population, does not mean it is an English speaking country. False logic. I would estimate at least 30% of ALL Filipinos could not carry on a conversation in English. I would hazard to say that India is the same. D
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    I don't have a problem with Englush.. What happens to the silent P in swimming. Haha. And by the way what's the go with Americans with pronouncing Sodder ( As in soddering iron) It's frign SoLder, SoLder, SOL DER.Its got an L in it.. AH... yes I couldn't help myself,,, I looked it up, The French again,, SOUDER is the French spelling for performing soldering and america chose "THAT" version and pronunciation. O well back to the drawing board... I give up...
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    Maybe your wife just likes you gassy. I think that almost every Filipina believes that one (abut fans creating gas in your body). I spent quite a while explaining to my wife (then girlfriend) how a fan could not possibly put air into your system, but I finally gave up. Western logic is no defense against long held superstitions, and it doesn't seem to matter how educated the Filipina is either. I know doctors who still hold to their superstitions.
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    My wife didn't get that memo. Every morning, on goes the lights and the fan. Honey, the sun's up and there's a nice breeze, how about open a window and try the free stuff before jumping to spending money?
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    I asked at the local Auto Supplies shop for some cable to wire the lights on my car ,the reply was we do not have stock sir. Now I had been there before and knew that they did,so I looked around behind the counter and spotted it in a cabinet.There, I pointed, to which the reply was ahhh that is Automotive cable you are using slang.
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