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    I met Paul in 2002 in Cebu Ciyu and we have been close friends since. He moved to Thailand for awhile for a change of scenery, visited Sihanoukville, Cambodia early 2012 on a visa renewal run and just stayed. I moved from Cebu to Sihanoukville, May 2012. Paul met Chan there and instantly became a pair., Eventually moving to Battambang where Chan has a farm about 30k outside town. They split there time between a city apartment and living quarters they built at the farm. About 2 1/2 months ago Paul started to experience random abdominal pains. About 3 weeks ago he consulted a doctyor. Blood tests and MRI showed pancreatic cancer, stage 4. Diagnosis was perhaps 6 months. About 4 days later he took a severe change for the worse while at the farm with Chan. She called me and then managed to get him in a tuktuk and to the hospitol I got him admitted. The did further blood test, 2 blood transfusions and IVs for meds, sucrose. Next morning the doctor said he had at best one week. We checked him out and returned him to the farm. He was barely aware of his surrounding, in and out of coma. The next evening, Nov 8, about 8:20 he passed away. Myself and some other of Pauls friends will hold a wake here in Battambang, Saturday, Nov 17 at The Delicious Restaurant. No Host event, to honor his life and send him on to wherever he is going. At least it was very quick and he did not suffer much.
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    Well since I never posted in this forum I figured this was as good a time as any. My plane is soon to depart from the Philippines we hope the first week in September. (Price dependent) Its is an odd thing to leave a place you call home for the last 6 years. There have been many bumps in the road and on occasion I have been spiteful mean and even rude about the Philippines. Though as I get ready for the next chapter I can say with all honesty I will miss this place. I am one of the luckiest people alive to have experinced life here. I have met some of the greatest people. This list is way to long yet a few came and offered help when I thought I was all alone, for that I will be forever greatful. The Philippines gave me the greatest gifts one person could ever ask for in my two sons. Then there is the love of my life after three years we are stronger then ever. There is nothing better then finding that person you share moments with. How time flies never will forget the look on Paul's face after climbing 5 flights of stairs to attend my wedding. Those that sit back and what if should go or should stay. You only live once and should jump while you still can. There are so many here that say I shoukd have done it sooner. Well its not goodbye its just a new chapter for my family and me. Just taking a second to say thanks to all LINC members for listening to me ramble bitch moan and complain. THANK YOU.
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    Hi All...I just thought I'd post some of my thoughts and reasons for building my house in the Cebu provinces in the hope to show people(with a relatively small pension) that it is easily possible to build a quality and an affordable house or home in the Philippines without the cost being too excessive. My house isn't finished yet but my Filipina wife and I are now living happily in the new house. People build their own houses in the Phils for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why I built my house in the Cebu provinces on the north side of Cebu island: * I only had a UK state pension and half a military pension(with a small lump sum) with which to build my own house. * I had previously been living in the Philippines -- in a rented house in San Fernando City, Ilocos Sur -- for the past 12 years. It was noticeably getting more expensive to live there(due to its proximity to Metro Manila) and it was becoming too modern and civilized(read expensive) for my tastes. During those 12 years the total rent I paid was over PHP 1.4 million. That's really why I moved to Cebu and decided to build a house. I now pay no rent and only pay a yearly tax on my new house and land that comes to about PHP 500($10.00 or GBP 7.00) per year. Which is alot of money saved per annum, which means that my pension will go even further. * We sold everything locally before we moved to Cebu, including all furniture, kitchen stuff and our car(old Revo). This gave us some extra money for the big move and also helped us to save money as well because shipping costs, even in the Philippines, I regard as way too high. * We shipped all our soft stuff -- clothing, bedding, curtains etc by LBC. That didn't break the bank. * My wife's family also came for visits to SF and took delicate stuff(like the HD TV) back to Cebu for us. We couldn't have done it so easily without her family's invaluable help. * I designed the new house myself(it passed the local Municipal Building Regs with only a few mods) and have been self-managing the build with my wife since July 2017 -- still ongoing. By doing it this way and not hiring an architect to both design and manage the build, we saved a huge amount of money on architect design and management fees. The house will probably be finished round about June 2018. But I'm in no real hurry. I've also found that if you build slow and you're there all the time, you spot build errors well before they become too expensive to rectify. * I also made a firm promise to my wife that the house would be built the Filipino way. So that's just what we did. I've also watched over the house being built on a daily basis for many months. I'm happy with the build. All our walls were built in the normal way using 4" or 6" hollow block and plastered with cement. All house and boundary walls are bedded 4 ft down in the earth with a wide concrete base that contain vertical and horizontal steel rods for extra strength. All concrete vertical support columns(23 in total) are similarly constructed. We have 8 concrete steel reinforced cross-members(15" x 4 ") going across the width at the top of the house and 2 concrete cross-members(also steel re-inforced) that travel vertically down the center of the long side of the house to support the walls and roof. I've used no wood in the roof construction(due to the well-known termite problem in the Phils). I wanted the new house to be earthquake-proof so I didn't skimp on the structure of the house. And, unlike most westerners who build houses in the Phils, we didn't import anything from Europe or America. We just bought all our needs locally. More money saved. * I deliberately did not build my house near a popular white beach. I purchased a 400 sqm plot of land for building the house. This was in a beautiful agricultural area(above sea level so it never floods) very near the Central Mountains of Cebu. Our new house is only 2 kms from the local beach or coastline. The land cost me PHP 1500 per sqm. But if you buy land in Cebu city, Manduae or Mactan or on any white beach then you will pay through the nose and it will probably now cost you upwards of PHP 10,000 to PHP 20,000 per sqm. * Ours is a fair sized house for just two people -- 9m x 16m -- with an approximate tiled floor space of 144 sqm. The house is just a simple bungalow with open plan kitchen, dining room and living room. It has a large master bedroom with attached toilet/bathroom. There are two fair sized guest bedrooms and a guest toilet/shower. My wife's garden, herbs and orchids surround three sides of the house. There will eventually be a concrete front drive with an open garage with a well-shaded terrace at the front of the house where I currently sit every day, out of the sun and in the fresh air, to do my work. * If my wife and I get bored or need to go for a proper shop or break, Cebu city is only 1.5 hours away across the mountains by car from our house. We always stay at our favorite hotels in Cebu(either the Montebello Villa Resort or the Leope Hotel, depending on how we're fixed for cash). * Where we live now, it's alot cheaper all-round than San Fernando City in Luzon. Food is so much cheaper and the utilities are also much cheaper here in the provinces. Here I run fans and alot of lighting as well as aircon(bedroom only.) -- the same as we did in SF. Our monthly electric bill in SF was PHP 7,000 whereas where we are now in the provinces electric costs us only PHP 3,000 per month. Same for all the other utilities -- even internet is cheaper by a third for the same Mb speed as we had in SF. This is because the tax and BIR is always cheaper in the provinces than if you live in or near any city in the Phils. I hope this post will be useful to some people.
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    Paul was cremated in Phnom Penh on December 9. Chan has his ashs/urn with her at the farm. I was a witness at the cremation.
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    Good article by a Filipino https://philippineslifestyle.com/cash-filipino-families-foreigners/?fbclid=IwAR1Gt-viVqCZPNN3drbwxbFXq2Oyx2wVgskHKh-tAGkTv_vz-_EBhQPbMX4 Opinion: It’s not just foreigners who are expected to splash the cash MARCH 30, 2019 BY GUEST WRITER1 COMMENT Foreigners who marry into Filipino families often complain of being seen as “walking cash machines” by an ever-widening circle of relatives. While some are happy to share their good fortune without question, others are forced to risk ill-will by limiting — or stopping altogether — the flow of cash to the in-laws. However, the social minefield of how to help those in need without creating a culture of dependency is something that many successful Filipinos also have to navigate. Here, Steven de Guzmán, a computer scientist currently living in Spain, recounts his experience: I guess it’s time to share my story here so that foreigners will understand the cultural differences. I know that it is better to send out positive vibes, but it doesn’t mean avoiding talking about the negative side of our culture as if it doesn’t exist. (Dear fellow Filipinos who get triggered easily, please stop reading beyond this point…) This is darkest side of the Filipino culture that I personally experienced, and fairly common in poor families. I am from a lower middle class family of five. We have a complacent family culture and unclear family values, and I realized this after traveling and knowing other cultures. I grew up parenting myself. It was crystal-clear that I was the academic superstar in the family and would achieve greater things in life (I studied in La Salle & Ateneo, had good jobs in the Philippines, worked abroad, etc.). I didn’t get any validation from my parents. Instead, I got additional responsibilities, under the guise of equality: You kids should love each other and maintain family harmony; it’s just money that you can’t bring to heaven Your siblings will help you when it’s your time to need help (Never happened). At least you’re the one who has the means to help, not the one who needs to ask others for money. Your education was expensive, it’s payback time (My sisters went to expensive schools too. Sure, mine was the most expensive, but I studied in the most reputable private school and I have the highest ROI) You got “lucky” with your jobs and your siblings simply didn’t. (As if I didn’t study hard and it was a mere coincidence to graduate from a reputable university. As if I didn’t handle political drama in the corporate world. As if I didn’t have to commute for hours to reach Makati everyday.) In short: they want equality in privileges but not equality in responsibilities. In old Asian traditions, parents see children as investments who will eventually take care of them when they get old, so they don’t have to save money. For a decade, I was giving most of my money to them, and I am still in the process of financially recovering. Every time I had a salary increase, their expectations only increased more. My main problem with the setup, surprisingly, was not the money, because I was brainwashed that I am the designated “padre de familia”. My main problem was the fact that they set the bad decisions while I am supposed to be the enabler. My parents and my siblings want to pass the same unsustainable culture of complacency to the next generation, grooming my nieces and nephews as future brats. So I ended up paying for their tuition but I didn’t have the right to dictate their study habits. I am not their dad when it comes to setting responsibilities, but it changes to “if you love them, pay for them” when they need money. My mom was also hoarding a lot of unnecessary things, from clothes to grocery. When I asked her to budget, she got defensive and made more excuses (e.g., the cost of living is getting higher, we need to have a third floor because we have a lot of things). I don’t have any allies in my family, because they all benefit from the unfair setup. I was also labeled as the “Hitler” who only knows discipline and not love. My sisters and my mom told me that I shouldn’t judge their parenting style because I am not yet a parent, so I said they shouldn’t judge my level of discipline because they haven’t achieved any of my success. It came to a point where I had to limit my monthly contribution to “only” 30k/month, and I was suddenly seen as selfish. They reacted to it as if they suddenly had to set extreme austerity measures. Eventually, I got fed up with all of these injustices against me. What happened next?: I moved out and stopped giving them money. People should learn the consequences of their life decisions, and I can’t always learn these things on their behalf. It’s also time to love myself — I am currently living in Madrid (not working full-time), and will study masters next school year in another country. It’s time to prioritize my own life goals. Personally, I don’t mind giving money, it’s a part of our culture and I am much richer than all of them. But in return I expect each of them to do their part by working well and by setting the right culture to their kids. To those who are in a similar situation, my advice is: set boundaries, don’t be guilty of loving yourself.
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    ========================================================== Came across this article.... http://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/us/my-family’s-slave/ar-BBBcSMX?li=BBr8zL6&ocid=mailsignout Its too long to copy and paste...sorry!
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    The best defense is a good offense. Tell them your X's family kept asking for money and it ruined the marriage.
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    I have been living in rural Barili for about two and a half years now and for the most part I enjoy it. I have gotten used to most of the things that bother other members of this forum. Such as... Rosters.....We have alot, we breed and fight them. I am not a gambler but I enjoy fighting and breeding. I really dont mind and dont really notice the noise early in the morning. Brownouts.....Get a bit of a storm and a tree will always take out the power. They are always upgrading here so all day brownouts on Sunday are the norm. We get advance notice so we spend the day at the beach. big picnic and cold beer and the kids love it... Water supply...Here its not 24 7 its about 12 6 ie 6 days a week we get about 12 hours of supply....You get used to it and keep a days supply on hand. Living with the inlaws.......Not too bad but it does have its moments. Mother in laws does everything here gets up at 3am and washes, cleans cooks, gardens, looks after the kids etc. Father in law looks after the chickens and spends the rest of the day doing nothing if he is not with his friends. Wifes sister has a kid to a guy who vanished when she got pregnant. She ended up marrying one of my friends and is now processing her visa. Locals....In our baranguay most of the people are related to my family in one way or another. So there are alot of people watching my back. Most have only very basic English which means they usually speak Bisaya to me which is OK and slowly I am getting the hang of it. Driving....Its insane sometimes and I alway drive offensively and I always assume that anyone near me will do the most ridiculous and unexpected things. Hate the peddlecabs with a passion not to mention the buses, V hire, dogs and SUV drivers.... Women here...When the subject of finding a girl comes up, it is often said that one should look in the provences. I am the last person who should be giving advice on women but from what I have seen here the local girls are very domesticated and hard working, but they seem to get pregnant early. Not always the case but there are many girls here who I consider to be good if you are looking for a wife. Raising Kids. I didnt marry or have kids until late in life. I have a two and a half year old daughter and I came here so I could raise her in a way that mirrors my own upbringing. She can speak bisaya and English very well. I really try to be there for her and spend all day with her. She even swears very well a habit she picked up from me when I am driving and usually the explaintives fly not good but it makes me laugh and my wife cringe. Business.....We had one that made money but between staff problems etc etc decided it was more hassel than it was worth. The only people I know that make serious money are in large scale farming or supply goods to businesses or own a Jollybee franchise. Me I buy and sell property......buy cheap, improve the lot so its ready to build on then sell it. The selling part is a real pain but it puts food on the table and lets me indulge in my hobbies.......... Lending money.........DONT.....simplely if you lend you zont see it again. I have in the past and usually never get it back. When asked I just say sorry dont have any now... Now I dont get asked so no problems cos I really hate chasing money owed to me.... Insects.........I have been biten by almost every insect that can bite you. Really hate the tiny red ants. Geekos...Those small lizards are Ok especially when the termites swarm and invade the house. Food....I am particular with what I eat and sad to say the food here sux........Luckly you can by most western favourites now in Cebu just gotta know where to go........... Anyway just my opinions about living here............
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    This thread is a continuation... and the final chapter... of the story I started on April 2, 2016. For anyone wanting the full story, I suggest you start with this thread: https://www.livingincebuforums.com/topic/93084-playing-russian-roulette-and-losing-in-cebu/#comments The old timers here will remember that in April 2016 my Canadian “friend” was cut off from his disability pension, and found himself in Cebu... with no assets to speak of... no income... married to a woman who was not interested to continue with him. I updated that thread in June 2016. By that time, he had moved to stay with some girl he had met in Mindoro. He had received some money from his mum, and with that money he built a small wooden extension on the back of the girlfriend’s place and moved in there. Since that time, I’ve kept in touch with him sporadically. So… what’s happened? How did this story evolve? Well... I never did visit him in Mindoro. He was planning to make money selling BBQ and beer... and I promised him that I’d come as soon as he started... and he never did. He continued his 2 pack a day... 10+ coffee a day... habits and did little for himself. He relied on money from his mother. And the girlfriend cooked and cleaned for him. He traded the 2 wheels for 3-wheel Racal... simply because he could no longer keep 2 wheels upright. He spent his days texting and on Facebook. In March 2018, with my help, he came to Cebu for a week and got himself a new passport. Then by September 2018, the money from his mother was drying up… partly because she was getting tapped out... and partly because she transitioned to a wheelchair in that period as the result of another stroke. So, the girlfriend had enough of him, and he came back to Tabuelan here in Cebu... and moved into the rough nippa hut behind my German friend’s place. He promised to pay electricity and water... and struggled to pay either… though he always had cigarettes and coffee. I refused to give him money... and to ease my own conscience more than anything... I volunteered to take him a kilo of rice each week so that he would not starve to death. When he complained that he had no rice cooker I took him a pot, a tripod, and a bag of firewood. The local priest also gave him rice. But he never, even once, cooked rice. He begged everywhere he could. The mayor. The church. the neighbours. All the local foreigners. All his Facebook friends... his old Canadian contacts. You name it. He hit them ALL up. Many said no... Some said yes... and some even helped a few times... repetitively... but eventually each one said the same thing... “no more”. Early this year he moved to Lapu Lapu... near the south end. Why? Because his brother and sister finally learned how much he was taking from his mum and put an abrupt stop to it. And because of a girl... about 40 years old. It was true love, or so they said. Most importantly, she was going to earn the bread, so that he could spend it. Stupid girl. How long before she tires of that? And she did... about 3 weeks ago. Dumped him. Finally, her mother talked some sense into her. And dealer is looking for him.. for non-payment on the Racal. About 2 months ago he must have begged for help at Canadian consulate, because on August 21 I was contacted by Canadian government asking if I would contribute any $$ towards his repatriation. I will help... but not with money to the gov’t. I’ll help him more directly. Canadian Government is ready to move now.. ticket can be ready within days. I changed my phone number months ago, and I chose not to give him my new number. But yesterday I had to, as the Canadian government won’t give him a ticket until he has exit clearance, and they won’t give him money for exit clearance, and he has not got the money to even get to immigration, let alone pay for anything. So, I needed to SMS... to arrange to take him to immigration Monday the 23rd... to try to get ECC. And bang... my phone blows up just as I suspected… he’s hungry… no money for food… no money for gas… no money… no money… no money. An endless stream of messages. But he was seen riding the Racal yesterday with cigarette in mouth, so he has money for gas and smokes. Lord give me the strength to get this done. If he gets ECC on Monday... I’m hoping to put him on a plane within 1 week. Canada will pay the ticket... I’ll deal with ECC and getting him to the flight with $100 in his pocket. Then he’ll arrive in Toronto… with $100 in his pocket… at the onset of the cold season… unemployed and unemployable… having been disowned now by his family for his abuse of his mother… having tapped out any friend he ever had. I used to call this man my friend. I don’t anymore. He long ago used up any sympathy I had. I do what I do now simply because I am also a Canadian, and because I know if I don’t, then no-one else will. I will never… ever… do this again. Once is enough.
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    It's hard to know what to say when a friend passes. My last communication with Lee was like that. I didn't want to use the typical platitudes, so I just talked to him. Lee knew this was coming sooner or later and had planned for it for years. I think his number one goal was to make sure his wife was taken care of after he passed. In that respect, he achieved his goal. Lee was the one who introduced me to LinC and was the first person I met in Cebu when looking for a place to rent. He did a lot of things to help me with our move to Cebu. We became friends and went out often with our wives to dinner. When we met at a restaurant, I never knew who else would be there, but it was almost always another LinC member. Most of the people I met from LinC, I met through Lee. As things go, we didn't stay in contact as much once I left the Philippines. Emails now and then and the occasional phone call. We had planned to get together here in Florida, but it just never happened. I knew of his current situation a while back, but kept it to myself because Lee was a private man. I think most who knew him personally though, knew about his chronic disease that he had lived with for years. Each trip back and forth between the US and Cebu was becoming harder and harder for him. Those who never met Lee, but interacted with him here on LinC and other Philippine forums, never got the chance to really know Lee. He was one of the most helpful members on LinC when the topic was something he knew about. He never was one of those type to Google the answer and pass it off as though he was talking from experience. Lee had an unwritten code about how he interacted on the forum and he expect the same from others. Some might have called him old school. He wasn't confrontational, but didn't shy away either. He often came to the defence of others when he felt they were being unfairly attacked. I'm sure those who read much of Lee's post, knew of his strong political leanings. Yet, in person, he never once mentioned such things. Most who spent any time with Lee, would probably have describe him as a "Good Man"...
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    Indeed its not, its a country where a few families have ruled supreme in both national and provincial areas for generations. Passing laws, obtaining political office, doing business in a way that ensured that they would obtain more wealth, obtain more influence and control of their given areas. The Don's so to speak...the last election came as a surprise to them in a big way if you compare the Aquinos to the Democratic party in the last election you can see some very close parallels. So along comes Roddy, someone that was not in the club, someone that actually wanted to see the Philippines prosper and upset the apple cart. So what did he inherit? A country that was infested with corruption, infested with nepotism, a country that was held together by a spider web of elitism that controlled everything from the smallest government agency to very top of the military and police. A country were drugs permeated every social class and a country were entire sections of the southern regions were controlled by people that wanted to secede from the union and were willing to do it anyway they could. So how do you fix that? Who among us would even attempt to fix a mess like that? They call Roddy a strongman, indeed he is, stronger than anybody that I have met...he had only one option, fight fire with fire...the only way to wipe out cockroaches is kill them all, if you do not the eggs hatch and you have the problem all over again in a few months....as much as people hide their head in the sand and because its not politically correct to recognize the fact it remains the truth. It amazes me sometime that people continue to harp on non-judicial killings in a country where anybody can (and are) killed daily by the infamous "two guys on a bike" for the paltry sum of five thousand Philippine pesos. Wake up, like the man said "this damn sure ain't Kansas Toto" President Duterte has only six years to achieve a monumental task. A task that only a fool or a patriot would attempt. At seventy one he is not guaranteed to live out his Presidency, nor is he guaranteed to have a successor who will carry on his work and his dreams of a successful country where the Filipino people can have a good life without prostituting themselves all over the world to make a living (OFW's). As I have been living here continuously since early 2011 and visiting here since 1967 I can tell you that DU30 has been like a breath of fresh air, and yes even though you sit on the beach and marvel, occasionally you have to smell a fart. So for me, I hope he does what ever it takes to clean out this country and make it into a country where my four kids and my wife can actually get an education and work in their own country without being under the control of a small group of oligarch families who care only for their own wealth and power. I hope my kids and family never again have to grow up in a country where drugs and power rule the landscape... Go Mr. President..do what is necessary to clean up the mess you inherited.
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    In 1998 I met my now wife on the site Friend Finders. Back then it was still a clean site with very few obvious scammers. I was 57 y/o then and she was 32 y/o. I had been married and divorced 4 times so not a very good record for husband material. She was a school teacher and had never been attached to anyone in Cebu much less outside Foreigners. As you can guess, she was the May in the formula and I was the December quantity. I worked in Los Angeles, CA, USA with many Filipinos and several were from Cebu. They talked me into going there to meet with her. Being around these Filipinos and their families was a major factor in me deciding to go visit her. In December 1998 I sent out many “shotgun” replies to the women on that Dating Site. I did a copy/paste of my 1st response to save time to over 100 women. I got back almost 100% replies. Reading them helped me learn about their culture and what most were looking for. Very few were obvious scammers. To those I send another reply to, my now wife was the only one to hang in there via Emails. I had written to her just before Christmas and she had replied that she was teaching at a private school in Cebu City and would go home to Carcar for the school break. And she would again reply after she returned after New Year. She had no internet in Carcar. Her Emails hooked me. At the end of each one she would ask a very intriguing question. One of the 1st that I remember was “Do you drink, smoke or like excessively?” Now, how do you honestly answer a personal question like that? In March 1999 I went to meet her. This was than 3 months after we had many Emails and phone call talks. She finally sent me her photo so I would know her at the airport. When I got there I saw her with her sister. I was very happy that it was her photo she had sent me! So, in less than 3 months after our 1st contact, we got married in Cebu. We will soon celebrate our 19th year together. It’s been a fun, wild ride for me! If anyone is interested, I will add more to our May-December story later. Feel free to ask any questions you have either by a Reply here or by a PM. Or add your stories, the good, the bad, the ugly. I will try to reply to everyone! Billy aka Aerosick
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    For those that cannot fit in , and choose to complain and criticise It is a mindset and character situation and about how to understand their culture , which many people just do not get...it's not about buying friends but more about whoever has ..shares , unlike western individual standpoints , theirs is a tribal - communal type situation. The biggest problem most country's have with immigrants is when they do not want to assimilate into their chosen place to live , a Filipino friend of mine once said "let's face it Tony , most of the foreigners that live here are just the rejects in their own country" or because of failed marriages they had to come to a third world nation to find a loyal wife , so to all the Filipino fault finding , complaining individuals ...how long would your marriage last in a western country ...where your wife could choose to leave you for a younger man... Then there are those expats , who for some reason are always quick to point out that they live there permanently ..you are just a permanent VISITOR.. If you have been there for so long ...learn how to speak the fecking language for a start ...that of which happens to be a requirement in a lot of western country's for immigrants ,.OR is it because financially they are unable to maintain and travel to and from a property in YOUR own country ? My experience is that the moaners have little money , and live there permanently because of that reason , and therefore they have to just keep to themselves because financially "even in a third world country" that is the sum result of their capacity , to sit around on a budget and bitch about everything local.... if you don't like the locals ...then why else are you there ? It is no wonder I prefer to hang around with , and drink with , and associate with the locals when I am there , because reading all the ignorant gas bagging bullshit by a bunch elderly folks that have to keep a wife permanently in that country , because of financial and character restraints ...is pathetic. You just don't get it ...and unfortunately never will ...no matter how long you are there , sure lines have to be drawn to keep things on the level but that does not excuse selfish attitudes. An American friend of mine , who for 30 years shut the door at mealtimes , sat on the porch and drank alone is bed ridden with serious medical issues and it is the very people whom he closed the door on that are now rallying around his wife and providing support and help. Most of you guy's who know all ...but know nothing don't even deserve to be there , let alone have the hide to bitch about it.......rant over.................
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    I wanted to love the Philippines but I reached the magical 2 year mark and just couldn't do it anymore. I'm happy for and a bit envious of those that love it in the Philippines. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and after being gone nearly a year and a half I was beginning to wonder if I'd made the right decision in leaving. The wife and I returned for a visit and within the first 30 minutes I knew I'd made the right decision about leaving. Here's a list of some of the reasons I left with the straw that broke the camel's back first and the rest in no particular order. Tanim Bala - yep, I played that game. pinoys asking my wife if I was her husband and if my cock still got hard (Rejoice hardware Dumaguete) pinays chismising with coworkers and saying as my wife walked by "I don't care how much money a foreigner has, I want a pinoy" (Umataio Hardware Dumaguete) sidewalks you can't walk on pinoys pissing on every vertical surface they find. garbage burning garbage barking dogs roosters pollution being a target for anyone that wants money crappy food "out of stock" noise thin skinned people demanding respect but giving none health care services drunken foreigners the "give me some" mentality the internet brown outs corruption being married and my wife having a visa These are just the highlights of why I left. There were some good things about the Philippines too, but for me they were outweighed by the bad. I left behind some filipino and kano friends that I miss. I left behind others that I hope to never see again. Someone mentioned moving from Thailand to the Philippines. I don't know how anyone could ever be happy doing that.
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    Some news from his granddaughter just now , he is out of the coma and on a saline drip , Has his faculty's and is aware , just needs the anesthesia to wear off completely before the next stage of what needs to be done can commence , which may mean him being transported some considerable miles . He is a 4.5 hour drive from me here in Melbourne. Will find out more tomorrow.... Yes , his granddaughter is aware that there are some concerned people wanting to be kept in the loop on his condition.
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    I remember that guy who died in the city in 2014, I believe, and his body was in funeral home over by J Mall-no friends-relatives-nobody to make arrangements for body, and Lee/Nila made don't know how many trips across city from their condo(taxi)to get all info about guy-get in touch w/folks-LOT of trouble/aggravation he went thru to get it taken care of. Another typical example-1st year after we came back, I had to get some surgery done over at Tampa VA, and had to have someone drive us. This was before my wife had her license, and Lee offered to make the 4 hour trip from Ft Lauderdale to give us a hand. I know of lot of instances where he helped people cause that's just the way he was.
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    And if THAT'S the worst mistake you ever make in Phils, well, you'll do quite well!
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    9 things they didn't tell me about the Philippines or Eating With a Spoon Before moving here I spent years gathering knowledge about what to expect and how to go about the process of changing my Lifestyle and relocating halfway around the world. This Forum helped me immensely as I hope it will help the next guy doing the same as me. There are however some things you just can't plan for and they neglected to tell me.... 1) Eating with a spoon I was raised with a knife and a fork so it took a while to get the knack of a spoon instead of the knife. Traditionally wherever you go you will be given a fork and Tablespoon for your place setting. At home we do our share of eating with our hands too but only when eating off of banana leaf plates. I guess I'm reverting to my infant years as a spoon was all I was trusted with. This may be the case again in the not too distant future! 2) Every meal is an experience For Filipinos, meal time is a gathering time and an opportunity to socialize. Breakfast, snack, tweenzies, second breakfast, lunch, etc. Hobbits got nothing on these folks. They will fill every bit of down time with eating. Maybe it's just my family and the fact that for many years they had no food but I am always amazed at their ability to turn a mouthful into an event. 3) Hot dogs are individually wrapped in condoms! While I'm talking about food, let me warn you that hot dogs in the Philippines are wrapped individually in a plastic tube. Not knowing this, the first time I cooked them they were extra crunchy! 4) Maintenance does not exist That is not a totally true statement but it is rare. The concept of keeping something in good shape seems ridiculous to the locals who would rather wait until it breaks and start again. That being said, Filipinos are great "patchers". 5) Customer Service is unique I was set back the first time I purchased something in a hardware store and the sales help unboxed it to make sure all the parts were there and it worked and expertly repackaged it! This is really a good concept but don't expect to buy something and hurry home...they will want to open it and make sure its okay before letting you leave the store so don't be in a hurry. 6) Filipinos are Shy Okay, I was told this but until you experience it you can't really comprehend to what degree this is! People will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation with a foreigner on the chance that they may need to speak to them...(nose bleed syndrome) 7) Filipinos do not understand sarcasm Don't even try. It will go over their head or they will be insulted because they think you are serious. 8) Locals exaggerate and are freaked out by the slightest weather. This may have started after Yolanda, I'm not sure but the slightest Low Pressure zone heading toward the islands will make them change travel plans, parties and generally have them seeking solace at the confessional! It's taken the family a while to understand I can accurately predict the weather, (they think it's VooDoo), but they are starting to trust me when I say it's okay to take the ferry. 9) You can always see the next island Not 100% accurate but it's an interesting sensation that almost wherever you go there is another island within reach. Makes me want to go there!
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    My Turn: Me? I am pretty happy and satisfied with my awesome husband of 19 years this coming May. My husband Jay is 15 years older than me. We meet at the church gathering in St. Petersburg, Florida. I just got out of the NAVY that time and was working at the USPS. I was single, young cute Filipina with a good job. He was broke, divorced and have 3 grown up kids. My mother (abusive) didn't approve our relationship since she taught I was selling myself short. I just knew I have a good man and felt that if I let him go I will not have a good life. I am his 4th wife and I took a chance on him. Everyday I am thankful that I married my husband Jay. We work things together really good. He fill up my weakness with his strength and I do the same to him. Everyday I tell Jay how lucky I am to be his wife and he also tell me the same thing. Happily Married to a wonderful dude of 19 years. Lynette
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    Latest update ; Tony YAY, I have my Poppa back Today was a very big milestoneHe has had a CAT scan, MIR and EGG.Got an all clear medically.There was one concern from the.cardiologist. Poppa heart rate was considered A being too slow He came out and queries Poppas age.He said the tests indicated the heart of a person in their 50's .He showered himself (sitting on a chair)I went to give him a shave as his coordination is still not as it should be.He told me in no uncertain terms to [email protected] off saying, Don't treat me like a cripple. His balance is still not good and his speech is a little slurredSo it's just the physical side that he will have to work on.Looks like we have a good outcomeLauren
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    My wife flew to Cebu yesterday from Guam - PAL Mabuhay Class. The agent at check in seemed vexed and when we inquired what the problem is, he was trying to find her seat on the MNL-CEB leg. She finally got it, but it was Premium Economy.??? He stated that the aircraft had been changed and was not configured for Mabuhay Class. She was pretty upset about this as she had paid for the Mabuhay Class. They couldn't or wouldn't do anything to satisfy her at Guam. My wife called me upon arrival at Cebu as she always does to let me know she arrived safely, but what she told me after that surprised me. She went to PAL ticketing after her arrival and actually complained. She told me they gave her a complimentary ticket! I am proud of her for standing up for herself and not letting them take advantage of her.
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    Last Tuesday I started to feel some tingly pain in my stomach and that evening it turned into full blown pain. The next day I was starting to self treat for Diverticulitis which I had had once before and felt much like this. By mid morning I knew something was seriously wrong and asked the wife to take me to the Hospital in Ormoc, (about an hour away). She checked with some relatives that are with the Municipality and they told her there is no way through the check point outside of an ambulance. Soooo....we went to the local, (Isabel), ER. We were interviewed and examined and told I had appendicitis and would need to go to Ormoc. (I love being told stuff I already know and they act like they just revealed the secret of life) Okay, let's go to Ormoc...Sorry Sair, no ambulance! As it turns out they have 2 ambulances. One was in Tacloban and the other was in Ormoc, neither expected back for a few hours. (Seriously! They take a patient to the hospital and wait for them there? Of course the answer was yes...and that's when i stopped talking and started making a list of sins I need to ask forgiveness for!) I guess what really bothered me was the number of stories they had of life threatening illnesses that were turned back from the checkpoint as their single mindedness was... Including a story about a 6 month old with dengue. At any rate there was no travel, emergency or otherwise, to Ormoc without an ambulance so we opted to go sit in comfort at home instead of one of the 2 ER beds which looked like the sheet hadn't been changed since past Easter. Three hours later we went back at the prescribed time and surprise, no ambulance yet Sair. Fortunately we went with our Municipality cousin who actually had a friend that was in the ambulance on the way back from Tacloban. She talked to them on the phone we decided that they were less than 2 hours out. At this point I was in some severe pain and decided to forgo any hygiene concerns I may have previously had and laid down on the least filthy hospital bed near the revolving ceiling fan. The 'Doctor' on call was a nice enough sort who gave me a descent once over to come up with her best diagnosis and decided that it was 99% sure it was appendicitis. Finally shortly after dark the ambulance arrived! I know it was an ambulance as it was painted in mirror image on the front in big red letters. (where did they find someone to do that? Most of these Province folks pee themselves if they are forced to say Hi in English let alone paint legibly in English 'mirror image.) So they open the back tailgate and proceed to load the 4 bags my wife has so thoughtfully packed with multiple changes of clothes and 1 pair of PJs, (honestly my wife was amazing through this whole ordeal but the priorities make me laugh...not out loud of course) Next they look at the old fat Cano who seems unwell and the ambulance driver and helper, (EMT? No...definately helper) disappear so I load myself onto the rear facing gurney with the wife on a bench by my side. With my IV bag hanging on a coat hanger from what's left of the headliner and half propped up just enough that I can't see out the window we take off. Literally...we take off! I don't know what they had under the hood of this rust bucket but this was by far the spunkiest vehicle I've ever been in in the Phils. (of course I've never been in Smokey's corvette) So we are tooling along the National Highway at about 100 KPH, (53.9 Knots), nuts and bolts ricocheting off the undercarriage and the windows open to ventilate the van, (thank God it's evening and the air is cool), and I realize there is a little play in the locking mechanism on my gurney. I start having flashbacks to Saturday TV shows when I was a kid and Buster Keaton comes flying out of the back of the ambulance. We get to the Ormoc Checkpoint after being waved through 2 others. As we are pulling in to the first tent my wife tells me, "they said don't cough"! (Oh Great! A little notice so I can clear my throat would be nice) 2 cops and a nurse open every door and do a visual search of the van and thoroughly go over our paperwork. A few minutes just sitting there. The driver gets out then back in. The helper gets out and back in. Then one more time the driver gets out then back in and we are waved to the next tent where they really scrutinize our paperwork, more searching, more in and out and finally a nurse takes everyone's temperature and we are on our way. Keep in mind we are the only vehicle at the checkpoint and it took 20 minutes to clear the checkpoint. (My wife is extremely proud of me for not arguing with anyone as surely they would turn us around. As soon as we are up to speed I start clearing a massive loogie out of my throat and told her I wanted to argue but knew I would start coughing) Finally we are in Ormoc and the streets are empty, easy to navigate. We arrive at Ormoc Doctor's Hospital and the ambulance backs in where they are directed. Two medical staff in makeshift HazMat suits and a clip board and start asking a battery of questions. One of which was, "have I ever had my appendix removed before?" Now...I have mostly great things to say about Ormoc Docs but obviously at this point I'm wondering if we've made the right decision. (I open my mouth to say something and feel my wife's 'Wolverine' claws growing where she has a death grip on my knee) I kindly reply, "why no, this will be my first!" They finally let me struggle myself out of the side door, backwards, showing my best side to all the bystanders. An orderly with an oversized wheelchair sits me down and wheels us to the next station where more HazMat clad Med Staff ask more questions, weigh me and approve my admittance to the ER. Inside the ER we are greeted by a small army of professionals who wiz about taking ECGs, blood and put in a new IV which is done so nicely I am quickly getting impressed. The doctor on call interviews us and we find out she was on loan from Cebu Docs when she got stuck in the lockdown. All the staff in the ER have been awesome. That being said, I am the only patient so they have plenty of bored help looking for something to do. While I am being poked and prodded my wife goes to have us admitted into a private room, 1200 PHP per night on the fourth floor where we find there are only 3 patients. It's now Wednesday evening and we have more tests and a lots of electrolytes and antibiotics being pumped into my IV. Grateful for that as the pain has taken away any thought of drinking water. We are told we will see the Doc tomorrow and rest as well as we can. A descent enough bed considering and a padded bench next to me for my wife. Thursday morning they try to feed me and I turn them down but thanks. About 9 AM they take me for a CT scan, 15K PHP plus 1500 PHP because its a holiday. (note to self: don't get sick on a holiday, doctors and all medical staff get double time) A nurse approaches me and says she'd like to introduce me to my Doctor tomorrow. I about come out of my wheel chair explaining that I need a surgeon today! The Doc standing next to her has a big smile and reaches out to shake my hand and tell me that he is my surgeon, Dr. Tomaro! After a well needed laugh he puts us both at ease and explains whats going to happen. We take the CTscan and Dr. Tomaro and Dr. Chu, his colleague decide on emergency surgery as the appendix is already leaking a little. (I'm impressed it hasn't burst with all we have been through!) So we are set up for 11 oclock and my wife starts to break down but I put on my best face and tell her this is the best thing and how proud I am of her and happy that we came here. Off I go to the OR! As we pull in the first thing I see is an operating table that strangely resembles a table where the perform lethal injection! (Fellers! You got the right patient? Was it my wise ass mouth? she said that would be the end of me!) About 6 peeps scurrying around preparing and nobody talking. (so of course, I decide to break the ice. It is after all my party!) Med staff on my left messing with my IV I ask who is the anesthesiologist? She says what? I repeat and she looks around for help from the others when the doctor comes in looking like he's going scuba diving and everyone snaps to! The girl I was talking to tells me then, in perfect English, that she will give me a 2 step anesthetic. (so you're my anesthesiologist? Deer blinking in the headlights) Anyway she tells me that I will be numb from the chest down but still awake. (What, wait, I get to watch? I'm not sure if this is a good idea you know, I might distract someone with a stupid statement?) She shakes her head and says no, you'll be groggy. (I'm groggy when I am at Greg's place in Siargao with a beer in my hand) A minute later I'm out. What seems like a minute after that the Doc is waving a disgusting looking appendix in front of my face! Back to the room and several days/nights of in and out of sleep, meds, more meds, temperature, blood pressure, etc. The internal pain eventually subsides and the current pain is from anytime I move my abs from the stitches. 57 stitches in all 45 internal and the top 12 are staples. So Monday we are released after the wife's many trips to Hospital admin and pharmacy. One point I thought was interesting is I was under the impression that PhilHealth would not cover an Expat unless they purchased their own policy. The PhilHealth covered a porting of each segment of the bill as I am my wife's beneficiary. About 8K PHP in all. The wife went to the new Robinson's and secured a private van for the ride home and grabbed some dog food and things we were low on on the way back to the hospital. We loaded up and headed home. The driver was already instructed to take his time as I just had surgery but the shocks on those vans are nothing great. I was cradling my abdomen the entire way and still got jolted a couple of times which tore a couple of the staples a tiny bit. The wife cleaned the wound and put on a new dressing a couple of times since home and all looks well now. She also chatted the Doc who was very helpful to look at the photo and reassure her all was good. All in all I was impressed with Ormoc Doctor's Hospital and their staff. It's not a western Hospital but I was not expecting one.
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    RIP Lee! He never wanted his photo shown anywhere, but I will make this exception.
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    3 weeks ago we began a project to redo our dirty kitchen. We needed someplace to place our oven and desperately needed working space. Adding a tile floor, fan/light and bring the oven out was our goal. We had to destroy the existing structure along with a partial wall. Our contractor was new to us be we have seen his work down the road and he did great work. It's a father and his 2 sons. They showed up every day at 7am amd worked until 5pm, Monday thru Saturday. We also had them fix a few other items as well as some landscaping. p30,000 Labor Costs (fixed) p10,000 rough materials p7,000 sink & faucet p2,500 ceiling fan p2,000 electrical supplies p10,500 tiles p62,000 total ($1215 usd) here are some timeline pics, start to finish (only thing left is to paint)
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    Well what can I say? Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough. It is amazing how so many members actually care about a grumpy old Gorilla What I can say is that after reading all the comments and best wishes is that “Even Gorillas can get emotional and teary” So guys, I am not a religious person (but have a respect for most) but I am sure in some way your prayers and thoughts helped me get through what has been perhaps the most toughest part of my almost 80 years on this earth. While still not back to 100% to where I was before this, and not so sure I will ever be, But I have come a long way. Being reasonably fit has I am sure helped my recovery, and together with a favorite Granddaughter who pushing me, I am working hard on the rehab program that has been set out. I can do most things as before, but some much slower But have been advised not to do things such as riding motorcycles and flying just yet , so these are my next two goals. The next is to get back to stirring up you guys on LinC as before If there is one thing we can all learn from this it is, If you have regular headaches, don’t be a tough guy or just tale an aspirin, “Go Get It Checked Out.” As a person who very rarely had headaches (Unless self inflicted ) I got to thinking something is not quite right. I did go to a Doctor who just prescribed some stronger medication, which didn’t help much . I then read about a place where for a fee (quote substantial) that you can have a full body scan done at a Private clinic. I went down this path and this is when it was discovered, The rest is now history. If I hadn't done that, I would not be writing this. Doctors don't know everything, trust your gut instinct as well or get second or third opinions. Once again, thanks so much for you kind words and thoughts, and as Arnie said “I’ll Be Back” Guys
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    Mrs and I have been cohabiting for nigh on 8 years and that time together has taught me so much about love. I've been married and divorced three times and had many failed live in relationships. I had got to the point where I really suspected that "true love everlasting" didn't exist outside fairy tales. I thought maybe what is normal is that after a few years when the early romantic and sexual love faded, couples just got bored with each other and yearned for the intense feelings of the beginning. The result too often being breaking up and falling in love again with someone new. That kind of made sense from an evolutionary perspective and seemed to match my prior experiences. Rinse and repeat. If Mrs had been a candidate in a computer matching algorithm, she wouldn't have made the first cut as we have very little in common on many levels. She's certainly not stupid but nowhere near my level of intelligence and her favorite movies too often revolve around serial killers, lacking interest in the more subtle elements of a well made film - especially if it lacked violence. She has zero interest in reading, which I thought so sad as she is missing out on some amazing books. And so on. And yet here we are 8 years later and I'm genuinely surprised to say our bond has never been stronger. It's like concrete that grows in strength with every passing year. I can literally say that each year together is better than the previous. Yeah we get bored with life sometimes but we always feel better bored together than bored apart. Being an introspective, thoughtful analytical type, I have often pondered on how we can be so close emotionally and yet so different in our interests. There is no question, our relationship works, but why does it works so well? My tentative conclusions are that sex gets in the way of love to a large degree. You can't really know if you love someone until you've spent enough years together for the whole sex thing to dry up and fade away. When sex rears it's ugly head, it totally messes with the mind and can create false feelings of love that can only be made real over large amounts of time together. Or not. Time together also increases the level of trust and security which is the bedrock of everlasting love. Really knowing deep inside that she will always have my back and will never leave me gives me a profound sense of comfort. Also, over time, I believe people can change in small ways that fit them together better. Sharp edges are worn down and they become more alike. But given our many differences, why does it work so incredibly well? I suspect it's because we are very compatible on an emotional level. We both need to show our loving feelings on a daily basis - even 8 years later. Our true compatibility lies in having the same desire to love and be loved by each other. And of course she laughs at my silly jokes - always a plus. I've never had a relationship last this long or feel so strong. I can't imagine life without her. Which worries me sometimes as I'm only 20 years older and I might live well into my 90's. I need her to live at least as long as I do. I don't want to think about a world without her by my side. We are so much part of each other. She might not be my natural soulmate, but with her by my side I feel richer than Bill Gates. I frequently remind myself to appreciate every day we have together as you never know when the sand will run out. All of our days are numbered and it's important to know how much you have and how lucky you are to have a life so sweet. I try not to take for granted that which I know is limited in supply. Life is precious but infinitely more so with her by my side.
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    In a sense, YES! I may be be remembering incorrectly but this is how I remember it. Not sure what year I joined LINP, I think it might have been 1999. Regardless, when I joined there were only 200 or 300 members. . I was made a moderator at some stage. Paul Petrea was definitely a moderator too. I think David Whittall may have been a moderator and pretty sure Perry Gamsby was a moderator. Because of the LINP association, Paul Petrea came to the Philippnes and stayed at Don Herrington's house. Don at that time employed Jan Pernia to do his IT work. Jan Pernia was given the nickname JJ by Don Herrington. JJ and Paul were married in I think, December of 2003. JJ left the employment of Don Herrington which mightily pissed off Don. Unfortunately for Don, Don's replacement IT people were morons and, I presume without Don's knowledge, referred many issues to JJ so JJ still had access to ALL Don's sites. LINP was lost for some reason. So LINP1 was created. Don asked me to make more yahoo groups just in case. So I created LINP2, LINP3, LINP4, LINP5, LINP6, LINP7 and LINP8. then handed over ownership to Don. LINP1 was lost shortly after LINP was lost so we started with LINP2. In 2003, Perry Gamsby started a yahoo group to promote a book he was selling. I used to hang out regularly with Don in those days. In December 2003, Don and I were having lunch and Don said to me that he could not believe that Perry had not protected himself by creating a domain name to match his yahoo group and that Don had bought the domain. Don then asked for my opinion. Should he sell the domain to Perry at cost. Should he give it to him or should he try and make a profit. My suggestion was at cost. Before Don could do anything, it was revealed by Paul that Don had bought Perry's domain name. Paul knew because JJ knew. There was uproar in the LINP community. This is what created the split. I tried to tell Perry what had happened but Perry just believed that Don was trying to steal his business. LINP used to have monthly get togethers at Ratskys in Ayala Mall in those days. Before the Terraces, there was a night club section with late opening restaurants. Now if you go into Ayala mall at the entrance closest to Citibank, It is the section with the long circular staircase. Ratskys was a 2 storey night club in that section. It was a night club at night with dancing in the bottom level and dining in the upper level looking down at the dancing. In the daytime they had a special which was all the pizza you can eat and all the draught beer you can drink. Pretty sure the special started at P99 but was up to somewhere about P150 by the time it ended. Where Ratskys was is now shops downstairs and shops upstairs. The first get together after the domain purchase, there was much vitriol at the meeting. I can remember Orey Higgins and Don Herrington nearly coming to blows. There was Perry Gamsby having a go at Don verbally. Anyway, multiple people went off and created there own yahoo groups. Perry Gamsby had several yahoo groups. Some more adult than others. Long before free video sharing services such as yahoo videos or youtube, as far as i can tell, I had the first free Philippines videos available online. These days, there are more Philippines videos posted on youtube every day than i ever had so i can't be bothered with videos any more. Anyway, I already had my own yahoo groups for showing off my videos. It was a ridiculous system though because of the small file sizes. Paul said he could help. We created Cebutours, LINC, Bigjimsphilippinesexperience and maybe pointmancebu. Although pointmancebu may have already existed. When I say we, I mean JJ. JJ was the brains and created everything. I paid for the domain names and the hosting for everything. I had to keep increasing the data usage until I was paying for 180gb of data usage each month. Right about this time Don Herrington contacted me to say he wanted to help with my videos but when i told him that Paul was already doing it, that created a rift between us. Anyway, along with the LINC forums, JJ also created the LINC yahoo group. A decision was made. I would run the LINC yahoo group and Paul would run the LINC forums. We still had get togethers. LINC get togethers continued at Ratskys while LINP get togethers moved to the original Mooons cafe as it was very close to where Don Herrington was living. JJ was still assisting the staff working for Don Herrington. So JJ still had access to everything. Paul decided to mess with Don and closed down LINP2. That is when LINP2 changed to LINP3 which continued for years and may still exist for all i know. The old forum was closed down and the current forum created in 2006.
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    We have got my wife's father as a permanent resident in our house , I was there a few times last year but probably just a couple or so of months worth , the old boy is there on his own for the most part , He doesn't really cook so brother in law drops in and cooks up something 4 or 5 times a week , we have bore water and the electric , usually runs at 12 to 1400 pesos per month... and gas for cooking the bottle is 800p and that lasted him 9 months last one he had. He still works as a carpenter at 66 years old , not one lazy bone in his body , so he provides his own tucker . Must be a bit lonely for him at times , but all in all he runs on the sniff of an oily rag , the cost to keep him happy there is about 10 bucks a week ....and the house is looked after ...what a bargain. Probably have to end up feeding him at some point but this o'l bugger is pretty resilient , still climbs up a 50 foot mango tree to get the fruit before the birds and ants get to it. He never asks for nothing ...at all...so I bought him a flat screen tv a couple of years back and got the dish installed on the roof and he is as happy as larry and he pays the subscription each month. I wonder if all this good fortune I have with this setup is from not acting like a bigshot 15 years ago when I first lobbed there , and to this day for that matter , if they get the wrong impression and start becoming overly dependent early on in the proceedings you may have created yourself some expensive hard yards to come. Anyway that's my story , everyone is happy and the cost is minimal........
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    I noticed someone felt to need to announce they were leaving. I think that is just some passive aggressive attempt at a rebuke? Paul was always a gentleman. I found some psychotic wen site attacking him and non of the contents reflected my experience with him. Always a good guy to me. The new owner made an unsolicited contact with me to help me optimise a web page. How cool is that? I come here to pass the time. Maybe I am mistaken but I consider myself a realist. I don’t want or expect anyone to care if I leave or stay. I come here to pass time. None of my posts will be exceptional. I don’t join cliques and block those people. I just enjoy simple browsing and occasional interactions by posting. What is exceptional is how willing members are to help when it has needed most. I have donated money and time to people in need here. I have gotten much more back in priceless knowledge. So things are a bit different now but the core group of good hearted members are why I like it here and don’t think that can easily be replaced. I don’t like a beat down just because things may not operated the way I expect. Not my site. This is my way of supporting an overwhelmingly good core group of members. End.
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    There's a lot of viewing here. One thing that I don't like in Filipino culture is the wealth based class system. It seems that some Filipinos think that poor people's lives are less important than those who are better off. I ask my wife why foreign charities exist in The Philippines. Why can a mostly Christian country not help their own people. I think that there is a warped interpretation of Christianity in The Philippines : "They are poor because God says that they are not good people" and " I am not poor because God likes me". It could be argued that poorer Filipinos are friendlier to foreigners because they want to gain financially in some way. Yes. But I have also met people who had nothing and who would not accept anything in return for their hospitality. Anyone can try to "rip you off", rich or poor. There are good people and shitheads; it's not based on wealth.
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    Yesterday we had a college graduation party for my stepdaughter and neice as the both graduated from Southwestern University with teaching degrees. The wife had looked around at different resorts in the area (North Cebu) and wasn't satisfied with any of them A friend in Compostela recommended Green Grass Swimming Pool and wife looked at it about 3 months ago. I ticked all of her boxes (CR, pool, slide, children's pool, grill, plenty of room, private & videoke) so she made the deposit. It's a bit out of the way, some would say off the beaten path but it's only about 1km from National Highway. We rented the entire resort for the day (9am-5pm) for p1500 good for 20 guests and p50 each guest after. We had about 50 total do p3000 for the day (weekdays are p1000). As we walked in I was quite surprised at the overall condition and sheer beauty. Impossible to believe bit everything was perfectly manicured and all plants properly cared for. They have a 20m slide made of concrete covered in fiberglass with water running down. The kiddie section was 1 ft deep? with a mushroom waterfall 2m tall. The deep end was 5 1/2 ft, shallow about 3 ft. Pool was very clean and water was in perfect condotion. Covering the entire pool was a sunscreen/netting to keep shit out and help block the sun. I guest even said it was the first place he has visited where everything worked. The had plenty of seats and table all built to handle 500 lb people. Just about every area people would gather in was covered, so rain wasn't an issue unless swimming. The pool has no corkage fees and the videoke was one of the better systems I have seen with songs updated monthly and a value for p800. Clean up was a breeze as they had at least 4 - 30 gal trash cans available. Long and short is going forward every birthday, graduation, reunion or whatever reason we can create will be held here.
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    I knew Bruce quite well, a nice fellow, a real Ozzie, always in for bit of fun. He was long time here, maybe in the 40+ year range, brought up his kids here, was involved in furniture producing at some stage. His son has the famous icecream shop in SM, and maybe more malls by now. He was never much on internet, so, not a member. RIP Bruce.
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    Just got home after plugging another few weeks into this project , caught up with a few of the members here for a few beers whilst there. Every ring and baluster were hand made by beating the steel with a hammer.
  36. 18 points
    I knew him VERY well. He was in that land dispute for at least 5 years and always telling us other foreigners that he was "winning" his legal battle. He was a great guy. Stood up for what is right. I am shocked and dismayed to hear of his passing. He bought land here from a disreputable individual and used all legal and proper methods to get proper title. He spent a large sum of money improving his property and taking care of his family members. A real gentleman and the second such person to die in Biliran from hired guns in the past year of so (Colin will surely read this and know that I refer to Hank.) It is a miserable fact of life here that you so often cannot win legal battles against filipinos because even if your are in the right you will often be "dead right". Yes I am jumping to conclusions as to who is responsible here but I think the true culprit will be obvious to those who knew him well. He will surely be missed in the community and was most well known with the expats who used Chamorita as their watering hole. R.I.P. Gene
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    The week was an unusual one for me. The first part of the week was a normal one. When I opened Facebook on Thursday morning, there was a friend request from someone I didn’t know, the name completely unfamiliar, Retha. When I went to her profile, it showed three blonde girls of various ages. I was about to reject the friend request when I noticed she was from Mapleton, Oregon, a small town between Eugene and the coast. Childhood memories reminded me of a family reunion in Mapleton in the late 60s or early 70s, so I hesitated. I decided what the hell, and approved her friend request. Within minutes, she sent me a message stating she was a cousin that I never knew existed. The other two girls are her daughters, and she is not a girl at all but a good looking woman in her mid 40s. She had been doing genealogical research and DNA testing, and had wound up with my sister’s name, who lived in Seattle for 40 years and is deceased. Somehow she managed to trace it to me, how she did this is a mystery, I was not a friend on my sisters FB, and we have always had different last names. So we chatted for 2-3 hours or so, and I convinced her that I really did not know much of anything about my extended family. She, likewise, knew very little about my immediate family, which has been very dysfunctional forever. She also stated she had found a woman who was a very close DNA match to her, that had been adopted and did not know who her birth family was. Another memory flashed through my mind, that of a drug and alcohol induced teenager who fathered a female child at the age of 16, the Mother being 14. Us both being very unfit to raise a child, that child had been adopted out at a very early age. So I told Retha that I would write out for her about my immediate family, I am the youngest of 8, my siblings all being half brother/sisters of a mixed family and much older than I. So I spent several hours Thursday afternoon writing about my family, and early life, which was mess. I included in the mention of this child I had fathered as a messed up teen. Although I have looked for her over the years, I have never been able to find this girl. I didn’t have much to go on, other than her first and middle names, Andrea May, I did not have her new last name. I wrote this all out and sent it to Retha on Thursday evening. Friday morning I am greeted by a message from Retha, that this is indeed my long lost Andrea, and she wants very much to meet me. Before I even get my first cup of coffee, I am chatting with Andrea. Within hours, I am chatting with my granddaughters. Seems that in addition to many cousins I thought were probably out there, I now have my beautiful 40+ year old daughter and three very beautiful granddaughters, age 16, 13, and 18 months. I’ve been in kind of a daze….
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    This is my list of what makes the PH so unique (see if you can find these in other countries): 1. Comfort room or CR aka bathroom (the first time I heard this, I had no idea what it was) 2. Jose Rizal is the PH hero, like the George Washington of the States. His statue is everywhere 3. Banana ketchup (really?! there's no tomatoes in this and it's red?) and halo halo (mix mix dessert) 4. Jeepneys 5. Kiss noise to get people's attention 6. Coin tap on the jeep/bus to stop it 7. Jollibee's 8. Saying 'Scuse' instead of pardon me or excuse me 9. Heavily armed malls and banks - pat downs before entering 10. Hey Joe (I first heard this in Cebu and had no clue who they were talking to) 11. People rarely travel solo for vacation. They like group travel with their friends, coworkers, or family 12. buy one take one (instead of buy one get one free), avail a service (instead of request) 13. Religious street processions 14. The cashier asks you for change at the register 15. Smaller refrigerator sizes 16. You can buy pharmaceutical pills by the unit. They can sell you just 1 pill if you want 17. You don't take your tray to the trash can at fast food restaurants. Employees do that 18. Honking on the street. Just to let you know I'm passing you or to tell you not to pull out in front of me 19. Christmas starts in September 20. Divorce is illegal (Vatican city is the only other place) 21. Fast food hotline (You can call one main number and they will place the order with the store and deliver it to you. You don't have to call your local restaurant directly) 22. 13th month pay (It's like a bonus but it is required by law) 23. Mixing up he and her (I have been called Ma'am far too many times; or her) 24. Age discrimination (I have seen Jollibee ads for 20-30 year old ladies. If you're a 40 year old man, you're not working there) 25. Sweet spaghetti 26. Hand respect to elders (mano po) 27. Dirty kitchen 28. Godparents (and multiple sets of them) 29. shuffling of feet (I call it the FW - Filipino Walking. You have your OFW and FW) 30. Fast food places run out of food (I've been to KFC twice and they didn't have chicken meals. McDonald's runs out of ice cream all the time) 31. The sales person says out loud the amount of money that you just handed them 32. The President can declare a holiday when he wants 33. Some restaurants give you a plastic hand bag glove for eating chicken or nachos 34. During elections, there is a liquor ban 35. Circumcision at age 13 36. Blunt statements to family members about weight or looks 37. No house mailboxes on the street 38. You treat others to dinner on your birthday 39. Nose bleed syndrome
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    Zoe , my 12 year old daughter asked for a bit of an upgrade on her tiny little bedroom that she insists on having a double bed in ..so a lick of paint on the walls and some custom built shelving to replace a cupboard I built 20 years ago when my son was born...anyway she is happy which is the main thing..........she got involved in it as well...
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    These days I come to this forum infrequently so I've only now learned the sad news of Paul's passing. The expression "larger than life" would be an apt description of him methinks. I met him a few times, especially during the year I ran "Our Place" and found him to be a man of strong opinions but a heart of gold. I remember on one occasion, he drove me and mrs from Naga to Toledo when he really didn't need to. Over the years I heard many negative opinions and stories about him, but my experience of him was wholly positive; that he was a decent man and definitely an interesting one. I didn't always agree with him, but he always had my respect.
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    Meeting in "Heaven" SYLVIA: Hi! Wanda. WANDA: Hi! Sylvia. How'd you die? SYLVIA: I froze to death. WANDA: How horrible! SYLVIA: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began to get warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you? WANDA: I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den watching TV. SYLVIA: So, what happened? WANDA: I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up into the attic and searched, and down into the basement. Then I went through every closet and checked under all the beds. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally I became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died. SYLVIA: Too bad you didn't look in the freezer ---we'd both still be alive.
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    I am here on my 4th visit, and just want to share some things I have noticed since my last visit, including my attitudes. Some things for those of you that live here you are already aware of. For starters, GF has incredibly crappy hours that change, and it has killed a lot of the fun activities, but we are making the best of it. LDR's: I never saw myself being in one of this distance, and time in between. Sucks when I am away. 7 months since last visit... we really needed this! TRAFFIC: DAYUMMMM, it seems so much worse here in the city, maybe due to the holiday and summer vacation. Oddly, I am pretty even keel about it all, just chill in the back seat of the taxi, and I will arrive when I arrive. Granted the cost goes up, but it is beyond my control'. The street chaos and mayhem just seems to be heavier. SPEAKING OF TAXIS: Rear view mirror cams are new and even have rear-view cams, I applaud this! MORE TAXI STUFF: Honoring "No left Turn" signs, (Never did before) only to follow with sketchy and to me illegal, U Turns in front of traffic! FILIPINO ATTITUDES: Not sure if possible, but people seem even nicer than the last visit. SUMMER MONTHS: At times... Hot AF!! MY TAXI TIPPING: I found I am not suffering from the over tipping white knight syndrome any longer. If the driver attempts to carry on a conversation with me, I tip much bigger. Beyond that, about 10-20 pesos for the quiet ones and almost nothing for the ones that spend the time loud talking on their cell phones the entire time. NON AIRCON LITTLE BUSES: Riding this to and from the province will no longer be tolerated, by me, my ass, or my carbon monoxide filled lungs! LECHON: The addiction to crispy skin is real!!! I bought the 30kg for 5k, great eats! The family did the re-cook thing for other dishes with the left overs, not a whole lot to work with there. They bragged after we left showing off the FOUR Lechon for the actual Fiesta, and all the party videos. Someday I will actually get to attend. FILIPINO FAMILIES vs. AMERICAN: Poor Poverty Filipino families seem 10x happier than the average well to do families I know in the USA. FILIPINO KIDS: They crack me up over the pleasure they derive from the smallest of things, very refreshing! Also how mesmerized the little ones in the province are over a big old Kano! COMFORTABLE: Feeling more like I belong here (Being comfortable could be a bad thing) I keep my wits about me at all times, maybe confident is a better word. I know my way around a bit more, practicing more visyan, and have adapted to street crossing (AKA Frogger) much better. ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Saw a lot of it to and from the province. Looks pretty awful, so very primitive. FIESTA: Filipino's know how to have fun! EXPATS AT THE MALL: I really notice them much more this time around. So many are really "Creepers", and I will just leave it at that. Many of the couples the woman doesn't seem real happy, where the woman seems to be dragged through the mall trailing her man. MY ATTITUDE: Feeling like I am more relaxed, just accepting things as they are, and not getting overly worked up on the tiny details. I actually seem to have more patience than my GF (That could easily change! ) I think me being an Air Force brat and living in Europe and a lot of travel to 3rd world countries etc, has really helped me adapt to places like Cebu. MILLION DOLLAR VIEWS: They are everywhere in the province! (just have to look past the poverty) Just some stuff... I had some nice conversations with some of my GF's workmates. Quite intelligent, and inquisitive. Funny to listen to some of their views of what they think Americans are and what the USA is like. They were spot on about many things on how they view us (a lot of it is not good) I learned about paper wrapping Mangoes on the trees, and other oddities in the Phil's. I can see me living here, it's just a matter of where and with who . I have been checking out ads on FB for rentals etc, just to get a feel for it. Did I mention crispy skin is like crack? RESTAURANTS: Tried a few more to add to my list. Hit up the RACK at Seaside (the mall was packed on a Sunday!) Tried their Katsu, me liked! Ordered their BRICK of onion rings, that' was too much! Would be great for 4 people or so, not us and large meals to go with it. SHAKA, good food and vibes, loved the live music. PARK SOCIAL IT PARK, this time finger foods (Loved the fresh chips and dip) and adult beverage on a Sunday night, listening to 70's-80's rock stuff, very enjoyable evening. SUGBO MERCADO at IT PARK, didn't eat there, absolutely packed on a Sunday night, now on my hit list for the next visit. LEMON GRASS and HUKAD... great eats, love the soups. Just a few of the eats we had... STAYS: The Quest for all but one night, and the Maracossa Cottages in Moalboal for the second time during our pre fiesta visit to Alegria. Decent breakfast is included, and I stayed for free with my Expedia points. FLOWERS: I bought her the very first flowers she has received. I got more thank you's for those than anything ever! Such a simple thing meant so much to her! Really cute watching her take selfies with them. So far so good... I hope the trend continues in a positive direction. I am excited about living somewhere in Cebu, but still looking at other islands, nothing carved in stone. Hell, if me and the GF don't work out, visits to other countries are on the back burner. A few pics attached of my time here... leaving Thursday morning, not happy about that.
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    The sort of low grade filth that the Philippines is attracting these days ...he needs a good old fashioned slap in the ear and told to get on a plane home.
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    I lost my brother and great mate two years ago. His eldest son (my nephew) is getting married in November and as he is a 45 year old he has everything so what the hell to give him as a wedding gift?? Luckily I spotted something HeyMike posted here on LinC about art and the penny dropped.. what better gift than an oil painting of his much loved dad! I messaged Mike back and forth with some photos of my bro and he agreed to do two paintings, one for my nephew and one for my widowed sister in law. Having never met Mike or seen his work it was a bit of a gamble but it all worked out perfectly even the task of getting them to Oz without any hastel. I just want to publicly thank and recommend Mike not only for the fabulous paintings, his artistic ability but also for the professional manner in which he helped to make this all happen. I can't wait to see the reaction when these paintings are presented and of coarse selfies will be emailed to Mike. Cheers..
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    Hate to think how much we have donated to the Phils economy. The largest single amount was p300+K towards heart surgery for our nephews newborn. sadly the child died. We always made it a gift and never ever expected anything to be returned because like HTM says, we are adults and know the ropes so no bitching about it. We now sponsor 20 kids (Not relatives) through secondary at Panalipan and will try to send them further if they have a fair dinkum go. Two nieces we sponsored in the past through secondary then four years of uni have rewarded us greatly by being totally successful. One was second out of hundreds in Criminology in last year of uni and is now employed by the PNP and has set up a business for her olds. The other qualified after 4 years in hospitality and has since worked full time in a Cebu city restaurant and supports her widowed mom. The only thing we ask of these kids is to pay it back when they can, to another young kid who needs help. They have got that type of thinking now and we are already seeing results of that. No regrets.
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    Picture of my wife at 38. No make-up; eats like a pig.... ...oh wait, that's my daughter.... my bad.
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    Along time from now in a world far away 2 young men set out to seek their fortunes. Being from different countries their paths would only cross once on this journey. Approaching a city traveler #1 came across a wizened old lady selling food on the side of the road. He stopped and bought a bit of food and asked the lady what the people in the city were like. Being wise she asked what the people were like where he came from. He replied horrible bunch, drunkards, liars, thieves, can't be trusted, part of the reason he left. She smiled and said that was what the people in the nearby city were like. A bit later traveler #2 showed up and bought some food from the lady and chatted a bit with her, asking what the people in the city ahead were like. She smiled and asked what the people were like where he came from. His face lit up and he prattled on about what a great bunch they were. Fun loving and happy, great friends, was very hard to leave them behind. She smiled and replied that was the type of people he would find in this city! It's not them it's is YOU
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    I went to Thailand and came so close to sleeping with a ladyboy. She looked like a girl talked like a girl even walked like a girl. It wasn't until she reversed the car perfectly into the car space I thought hang on a second.
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    StateTrooper lives a few hours further down South. Just got power back up a few hours ago. We did far better than many of many did in the city. The center of the quake was across from where our farm is located on Dinagat Island. No word yet how the township around our farm or my wife's family are at this time. The blackout caught us both with our phones on the charger before they had charged from the day's use. Wednesday I discovered that I had received death threats posted to me on my Facebook account. Thursday we were making calls to report the threats and I was actually sending emails to the PNP investigators.The city judge who was just assassinated was the judge who had presided over the trial until he retired last year. Two days later a city prosecutor was gun down at his home here in the city and last I heard he had been transferred to Cebu and was in serious condition. The Surigao City Vice Mayor Atty. Casurra has been receiving death threats and now I receive threats that mentioned also my wife and three PNP investigators who were involved in this murder case. I had just finished sending emails to two of the investigators and was talking with a Linc member online when the big shake hit and almost instantaneously the power went off. There was little to no damage to the house but there was structural damage to several columns inside the facility but no collapse. We will later have to build forms and add new rebar and re-pour an outer casing on a few columns as well as several perhaps up to six new heavy columns butted up against the outside wall. These will be up against the old columns which will strengthen the old inner columns. This should avoid a structural collapse if we are hit with another quake of this intensity. This will be far easier and cheaper than tearing down walls and 2 story columns and then rebuilding the structure. All the saltwater tanks we just built all did quite well so work will resume once the workers can resume. We had hoped to have them back on the job site in the next couple of weeks, but there is now a far more pressing need for these workers in the city. So it could now be months before the project starts here again. It will all be play-by-ear for a while here but I am not complaining. Tis what makes life interesting on the big island of Mindanao here in the land of the never-ending Summer. Smile, adapt, adjust and just keep moving forward as if it is no 'biggie dah'. Besides one should only worry about that which one can master and not dwell or stress on that which is beyond one's ability to control. And thank you for those member who had thought of me and worried for me and my family, it is greatly appreciated.
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