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    We just returned from a four-day stay on Boracay. I was a bit disappointed. First of all, just about every road on the island is torn up. They are putting in a storm drain system and a sewer collection system. The other thing they are doing is they are widening the streets. That is a good news. The bad news is that they decided to work on all parts of the island all at once. They used heavy equipment to tear up all the streets, but they are taking their time actually taking out the old surface, doing their excavations and pouring new surface over the new sewer and drainage lines. The result is torn up road surfaces and mud (or dust) everywhere. It is a mess getting around. It rained about half of the time we were on Boracay, so there was plenty of mud. However, when it wasn't raining, the weather was great. We stayed at the Microtel by Wyndham on Diniwid Beach (between Station 0 and Station 1). It is a good hotel with a good restaurant, a decent pool (shallow but clean) and a beautiful, clean, secluded beach. If you want to get away from the crowds and away from the noise, it is a great place. Unlike any place on Long Beach (the main tourist area), there are no vendors on the beach trying to sell you whatever they are carrying. Unfortunately, the hotel is at the end of the worst barangay road I have ever seen (which was so narrow in places that the hotel shuttle found it difficult to squeeze through). Because it is secluded, you need to take the hotel shuttle to get to any other restaurants, activities or shopping. This means long bumpy rides in the back of the shuttle. On the hotel shuttle, it is free, and it is air conditioned (a bit), but you have to reserve it in advance (sometimes hours in advance) or you can't ride. Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Microtel, but we didn't enjoy the long rides on torn-up roads. We used Southwest Tours for our transfers between the airport and hotel. That saved a lot of hassles, but you pay for that. We got door-to-door transfers, which meant they picked us up at the airport, drove us to the ferry terminal, put us on their own fast ferry, ran us across the strait to Boracay, put us on one of their vans, and then drove us right to our hotel. Coming back was door-to-door from the hotel to the airport. It was very convenient and hassle-free. They basically shepherd you every step of the way. I'll post some pictures later.
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    Wow!! I've never seen more than like 7 on a bike.
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    I traveled from Manila to Caticlan and then to Boracay from Sept 17-20, 2019. I flew Cebu Pacific and landed at the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport. The arrival hall is on the east side of the runway. You will not go to the main departure hall on the west side of the runway. There is a pop-up warehouse arrival hall that is very small. I had wanted to walk the 600 meters to the Caticlan jetty port, but found out this was impossible because they drop you off on the east side of the airport. After walking across the street, there is a tricycle depot. 50p per person going to the Tabon port. There are two jetty ports in Caticlan (Caticlan and Tabon) and two jetty ports on Boracay (Cagban and Tambisaan). Because of the wind during September, the jetty port furthest from the airport (Tabon) will be used to take you to Tambisaan port. I thought this was too high a price because it was a shared tricycle and so I walked down the road a bit and hailed a passing motorcycle. 25p per person to go to Tabon port. After arriving, everyone is herded into the Tabon terminal to fill out a form and pay the fees. The terminal fee is 100p per person but you can clearly see the terminal building is in shambles. I'm not sure where the fee is being used. It's a 2 story building, but the second floor has no walls and no windows (Picture 2). It looks like it survived WW2 and then a hurricane hit it. The first floor ceiling was falling off (Picture 1). 25p for the boat ride and 75p for the environmental fee. You must have a hotel pre-booked before they will let you get on the boat to Boracay. After the 10 minute boat ride, I was in Tambisaan port. From Tambisaan port to Station 2 D'Mall, the most that you should pay is ₱20 per head on the solar bus. There were a lot of Koreans and Chinese walking around. I saw a tricycle driver quote 400p to a Korean family of 3 to go from Station 2 to Station 3. Scammer. Another Indian family of 4 (without luggage) got out of a tricycle and handed the driver 1,000p and walked away. That driver must have quoted them a super high price. It's just a few minutes walk from D'mall to the beach. It was very windy and the waves were strong. It rained the first 2 days. Even with the overcast weather, I still got a sunburn. I stayed at Lola's Lodge and paid about 1,300p per night for an AC room with a TV and hot shower. It was right next to a rooster farm. I could see a rooster 1 meter from my window. Andok's has some inexpensive food. Bamboo Bar Buffet, near Station 3, serves a 6pm-9pm Filipino buffet with pineapple juice for 295p per person in a relaxed beachfront setting. Sunset View Restaurant and Hotel, near Station 3, serves a 3-5 pm snack buffet (soup, ham and cheese sliders, fried fish, pasta, meatballs, pancit, and macaroons) for 189p per person in a relaxed beachfront setting. I walked from Station 2 to 3 one day and from Station 2 to 1 the next day (and around the Mary statue shrine to Diniwid Beach). Be prepared to be offered a massage, boat ride, parasailing, kite surfing, sail boating, hair braiding, island hopping, and henna tattoo every 20 steps on the beach's "sidewalk" path. Super annoying. There is no eating or drinking on the beach, no smoking, no fire dancing, and no commercial sandcastles. For the 3rd night, I stayed at Morning Beach Resort right on the beach for 1,300p. Very quiet and peaceful, but an old wooden place. The weather was great the last day and a half. Went for a swim in the waves and the water was super teal. (Picture 3 and 4) Going back to Tambisaan port, I paid 20p on a public multi cab. The roads are under construction and they tear up one side and never fix it. This caused a lot of traffic. At the terminal, the officer said I owed 200p. I asked for the fare breakdown and it was 25p for the boat ride back to Caticlan, 30p for the terminal fee, and 155p for the tricycle ride from Tabon port to the airport. I declined the tricycle ride but it seemed shady that they just assume that you want it. After arriving back at Tabon, the tricycle area has a sign for 100p for 1-3 people. But when I talked to them, it sounded like they wanted 100p per person. I declined and went over to a little shop. The same motorcycle driver that dropped me off before was there and offered 100p to the airport. I negotiated down to 25p per head. At the airport, you go through a security check and then 10 steps later, another security check. Seems dumb. The airport is small. They bus you from the main hall (west side) down the runway to the pop-up warehouse (east side). There is only 1 runway so you have to wait.
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    Just scored me a cheap throw away ticket ..Cebu Pacific ...Puerto Princesa to Hong Kong...Travel period Dec 1 to April 30...519p total price
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    You need to file a writ of habeus corpus https://www.lawphil.net/judjuris/juri1995/jul1995/gr_118644_1995.html The high prerogative writ of habeas corpus, whose origin is lost in antiquity,1 was devised and exists as a speedy and effectual remedy to relieve persons from unlawful restraint and as the best and only sufficient defense of personal freedom.2 More specifically, its vital purposes are to obtain immediate relief from illegal confinement, to liberate those who may be imprisoned without sufficient cause, and to deliver them from unlawful custody. It is then essentially a writ of inquiry and is granted to test the right under which a person is detained.3
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    I take it they have been working on the roads since the closure, but they still have a long way to go before they are finished. I think we will wait four or five years before we go back. Here are the pictures I promised. Like I said, Diniwid Beach is quite beautiful. The first two pictures are looking from Diniwid Beach toward Long Beach.
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    received_821757234893633.mp4.7fa2413c5ec69ac07a52393715a269d9 (3).mp4
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    It's not easy to mask the smell from a dog. Dogs routinely find drugs at the Mexico/US border. But I have noticed that too, they rifle through my wife's purse, but even the big trucks getting loaded onto the ferries get no inspection...
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    Arrived saturday afternoon, at about 4 pm, mactan, asked about visa upon arrival, he told me to stay inline and ask at the booth well long line, when I got a little closer asked again an officer, he again asked me to stay in line a little later he told me to go to booth 1, she checked that was not blacklisted,was ok, gave passport and 3000 piso o the officer, he came back 5 minutes later with passport and receipt ok back to booth 1 got my 59 days stay permit Saves me a trip to immigration
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    I received this from my BIL this morning. Haven’t had time to research it yet:
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    We just returned from a trip and found a lot of 'new rules' implemented by the Barangay. No parking on the street (I'm all for it), Recycling mandatory (again I love it), no dogs wandering free...must be on leash or confined to your property (halelujah!). However the one that affects us the most is that we're not allowed to walk our dogs...I have to assume it's a poop issue as this is the complaint by citizens. I get it, especially as we have a couple of good size labs that are better fed than half the Filipinos in the barangay. Their poop is pretty sizable. And there are about half a dozen locals that have nice dogs they walk. No problem, I started walking the dogs and picking up the poop in a plastic bag that decomposes. Also ordered a pooper scooper to make the job less nasty. I am doing my part but still find dozens of dogs wandering around. Waiting to see what the'll bitch about next. I may ask that they keep their chickens inside their yards as they carry salmonella. Good luck to me! BTW, they are enforcing no riders in the back of pickups and multicabs and helmets on bikes. We are pretty deep in the province, an hour from Ormoc in western Leyte.
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    I vote Eggnoggin for Mod.
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    This video was shot at the Red Team Alliance east coast training facility, where both government and civilian specialists learn a wide range of skills, from covert entry, to surveillance, to alarm bypassing.
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    A police officer called the station on his radio. "I need back up here. An old lady shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped." "Have you arrested the woman?" "Not yet. The floor is still wet."
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    I have noticed a lot of younger expats under the age of retirement in the Philippines, and I notice some have big huge homes there, some own some kind of business, and some just travel around to all these fancy resorts. and/or all three of the aforementioned. Some vlog, some don't. And I keep asking myself, where does all their money come from? I worked all my life, and I am now retired, my pension wouldn't cover 1/4 of what I see what these guys have going.
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    With a 13A, you are exempted from having to acquire a work permit, http://www.ble.dole.gov.ph/downloads/AEP/AEP_Q&A.pdf
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    Just collected wifey from Tullamarine on her return home to Oz. She was staying on the 14th floor at Marco Polo when the quake occurred but flew back to Cebu and Montebello the next day. She was obviously quite frightened and has declared never to stay in a high rise hotel ever again so only ones at ground level now and that suits me fine!!
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    Thought about this more, and the only possible "abusing" of the system is if a person was working here without the proper visa, and that's just a crime, not "abusing" a legitimate system. I bet the 3 year, with 6 month extension, tourist visa system has been a big win for the finances of the Philippines. Besides the fees, I bet it adds a lot of hard currency to the economy. In my own experience, I picked the Philippines specificly due to the easy visa requirements. Even though other nations have better healthcare systems, which is mostly what I was looking for over the past several years. Taking a look back on my records, I've spent an average of $43k USD a year here, with a low of $32k and high of $78k. Instead, that would have been added to the economy of another nation if it hadn't been for the Philippines' visa policy. Now lets consider some cash-strapped long term visitor. Eating rice, wearing flip-flops, and renting a 3k peso a month room. Sure, that's not the type of visitor they hope to attract, but what wear and tear does this person actually do on the infrastructure? Besides walking on a sidewalk (not that there are so many of those around cities here) he doesn't really 'take' much of anything from society. The Philippines doesn't really give out free healthcare, housing, or such. So tightning up requirements, all due to worry about a few cash-strapped visitors, would probably end up being worse for the economy overall.
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    I have experienced same not that often there are control on ferries. I trained dogs German and Belgian shepherds together with police and army people, forget everything about cheat these dogs, the will find it, even it hide in gasolin or dogfood, even in your butt, they will show their handler, I found it
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    I have had at least 6 in the last couple years 59 days free. As the Americans say it's quid pro quo as we give 59 days free to pinoys coming to nz
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    Having a decent credit card from a western bank is a personal choice, but I know that having one has kept me out of the soup on numerous occasions. If you don't feel comfortable having a credit card, then you get to live with the consequences, such as needing a large amount of money immediately available to you in the Philippines (a million pesos is between 19k and 20k USD currently). That does not mean having it in a Philippine bank ... because it may take days to access money from a Philippine bank when your only choices are pay now or not receive care in an emergency health situation. I don't like having that much cash on-hand. Personally, I can't imagine trying to live here without at least one credit card. You would be putting your life at risk.
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    Because he’s reading the US news and the percentage of US deaths due to vaping is 0.000018% - a statistically significant number...
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    It is interesting that nowhere (that I've read) does it say the police have recovered the stolen jewelry. I wonder if some PNP wives have some new baubles.
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    This extract from SunStar article will give some insight into how they were caught. "According to Santos, Police Staff Sergeant Jojit Potot was on duty in Polambato Wharf in Bogo City around 11 p.m. when he noticed four men coming from the beige Toyota Innova captured in the CCTV footage of the J Centre Mall in Mandaue. Potot approached the four men and inspected their IDs and driver’s licenses, which showed that most of them were from Mindanao. Confirming from the CCTV that these four were the robbers, they immediately arrested the four men. These men told the police that there were three others on a roll-on, roll-off vessel that was to depart from the wharf. Police caught a total of seven robbers in the Polambato wharf, three of whom were subsequently killed after they attempted to grab the firearms of the police. In a separate operation around 1 a.m. Sunday, James Anthony Gomez, 44, riding a motorcycle, was stopped at the Sogod checkpoint where on inspection, his license showing he was from Ozamiz was found to be expired. Gomez told police he would just fetch someone from the Polambato Wharf, so the police escorted Gomez to the wharf. Gomez was to fetch Glen Tairos, 47, from Talisay City, the suspected leader of the robbers." The full article is here.... https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1828488 In addition.. by the time of day these guys were fleeing north.. traffic is quite light north of Danao.. so each vehicle becomes more conspicuous. These guys were likely flying at high speed once north of Carmen.
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    It’s regrettable, but predictable that these sort of headlines appear regarding the so-called "cause" of low vaccination rates for polio and other ailments. The Dengvaxia fiasco is a tragic tale regarding misguided medical intervention......my opinion. However, it has become a useful tale to use to hide the real problems with health care such as vaccinations. Because the Dengvaxia problem created a certain fear about immunizations, then it makes sense that families who are not well informed about childhood immunization programs will be fearful about vaccinations in general What is more likely the case of the lower immunization rates is the mismanagement of the entire vaccination program. I’m aware I’m biased by my own observations. There’s a lot that would go into a nation wide program. I can comment only on what I see. In our area, it is very common for mothers to bring their babies and young children to a regularly scheduled "clinic" in the community center and be told there are no stocks of the vaccinations. Over the years of raising children, I’ve had many times I just went to a family doctor and got the shots. Simpler, reliable, but at my expense. Of course I realize this is a place where some people aren’t eating fish because they fear getting aids from medical waste.
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