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    Well, now that you guys are presumably fully stocked up can we assume you'll do the sociably responsible thing and stay home now? Only a real jack-ass would venture out every few days to have a look around and buy a few sundries just because they can. The government, common sense, and moral duty require you to isolate yourselves like most of the planet is doing. Can't imagine any of us in the Philippines and on this forum could possibly be unprepared at this late stage for an extended stay at home. Hope not to see any more shopping reports.
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    Well this oldie is now on lock down. When my partner does have to go out she will have to come home, strip naked and shower for sterilization purposes. I will then have to inspect her. She is already asking me when she can go out.
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    We sent our usual monthly wire transfer a week ago from Saudi to Cebuana Lhullier in Placer, Masbate. Evidently, it can't be picked up because they don't have enough money to cover it, no cash coming in since the roads are all blocked. They said they are disbursing cash if the amount is under 10,000p. Just letting anyone know in case they need to send money out to the far reaches of the realm so they can plan accordingly!
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    Does anybody know how long you have to wait before you can safely eat a family member who has died from Coronavirus. Asking for a friend.
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    The usual. Stay home, garden, odd jobs, pets, best of all my partner to share with. In a self imposed isolation for 14 years now and loving it.
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    With classes cancelled and wife locked out of her labs she is now home all day "practicing for retirement". She has become the 2nd incarnation of my father with her "if you cant find anything useful to do i'll find it for you". In other words i'm spending my time hiding. Problem is there is much less acreage now for that sort of thing than there used to be.
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    This is a picture of an asteroid crater in Arizona - Look how close it came to hitting the visitors center!!
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    I am not sure which is safer, but I am sure I wish I was back in my home in Barili, rather than being stuck here in New Jersey. My 1990 Chevy Celebrity station wagon is running like it was new; the grocery store has full shelves; gasoline prices are not bad, I had real NJ pizza yesterday; my family here are all healthy... but still, the saddest day was when I received the email from Asiana saying my flight for March 25 was cancelled. I would gladly give up all the conveniences here to be back in my beloved home in Barili. Oh Auntie Em, there's no place like home.
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    Just my opinion...the Philippines have been doing a much better job of isolating and social distancing than the US. I believe that curve has been flattened in this country and it hasn't even peaked in the US. The question might be where would I find better health care? In the US the hospitals in the hot spots are already at capacity and the demand keeps growing. Here ??? At the end of the day, I'm glad I'm here not the US
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    https://ncovtracker.doh.gov.ph/ This website includes an updated record of cases or suspected cases of Covid 19 illness in the Philippines.
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    We had our third delivery this week of relief packages last night. First was from the governor, second from the municipality, and the latest from the barangay. They're right well organized and show up in a convoy of vehicles with a loudspeaker. They tell you what they're doing, that they will leave the parcels outside your domicile, and to come collect them after they depart. The parcels will get a small family through around three days if stretched and while pretty basic they do keep people indoors and away from the shops which are a nexus for infection. The only complaining is about the NFA rice as it's 'smelly'. We're in a rice farming area and luckily the harvest has just come in so there's a big community surplus right now and people are stockpiling the NFA rice as a last resort. While we don't need the parcels (we have a temporarily closed restaurant, so are quite heavy on stored supplies) it's easier to accept the food (and pass it on to those in need) than it is to inform them otherwise when you're being directed to stay indoors by a loudspeaker. All in all, the food distribution system is working well here. Additionally, those enrolled with the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) have just gotten between 5k to 8k per family credited to their Land Bank purpose-issued debit cards. Another tranche of similar amount is due to be released in April. Social distancing and hygiene at the local ATM is not ideal but people with children in need are getting government cash in addition to food. Not sure why you need to take a family of eight folks to line up with you at the ATM during a quarantine but that's what's happening.. Additionally, the local RHU (Rural Health Unit) has been exceptional and keeps an outdoor board tally of people in the community who are PUMs. They maintain an active and constantly updated social media presence as well as doing home outreach to the particularly vulnerable. Overt PNP presence has been less than I expected but I imagine they're doing things behind the scenes that are not not readily apparent. The local CAFGU camp on the other hand is openly active and taking on added responsibilities.
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    Unable to watch sports, I met a woman on my couch who claims to be my wife. She seems nice.
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    Glad I got 3 of these in case food gets scarce! appetizer...
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    Pass this on...
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    "That's one giant step for man, one giant leap for downunder..."
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    Story from the Northern Territory News Australia..................... HOWEVER , the NT News has a solution regarding the empty shelves in Supermarkets and lack of Toilet Paper . The iconic paper has left eight pages blank in the middle of today’s edition to help out readers who find themselves stuck without a backup supply. “Run out of loo paper? The NT News cares. That’s why we’ve printed an eight-page special liftout inside, complete with handy cut lines, for you to use in an emergency. Get your limited edition one-ply toilet newspaper sheets,” the paper’s front page states. The paper also shared a video of a reader thumbing though the paper on Twitter, which has attracted a slew of likes, retweets and comments. “Still doing more than the PM @ScottMorrisonMP,” one reader quipped, while another joked: “It didn’t work quite as well with the digital version.”
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