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    This thread is a continuation... and the final chapter... of the story I started on April 2, 2016. For anyone wanting the full story, I suggest you start with this thread: https://www.livingincebuforums.com/topic/93084-playing-russian-roulette-and-losing-in-cebu/#comments The old timers here will remember that in April 2016 my Canadian “friend” was cut off from his disability pension, and found himself in Cebu... with no assets to speak of... no income... married to a woman who was not interested to continue with him. I updated that thread in June 2016. By that time, he had moved to stay with some girl he had met in Mindoro. He had received some money from his mum, and with that money he built a small wooden extension on the back of the girlfriend’s place and moved in there. Since that time, I’ve kept in touch with him sporadically. So… what’s happened? How did this story evolve? Well... I never did visit him in Mindoro. He was planning to make money selling BBQ and beer... and I promised him that I’d come as soon as he started... and he never did. He continued his 2 pack a day... 10+ coffee a day... habits and did little for himself. He relied on money from his mother. And the girlfriend cooked and cleaned for him. He traded the 2 wheels for 3-wheel Racal... simply because he could no longer keep 2 wheels upright. He spent his days texting and on Facebook. In March 2018, with my help, he came to Cebu for a week and got himself a new passport. Then by September 2018, the money from his mother was drying up… partly because she was getting tapped out... and partly because she transitioned to a wheelchair in that period as the result of another stroke. So, the girlfriend had enough of him, and he came back to Tabuelan here in Cebu... and moved into the rough nippa hut behind my German friend’s place. He promised to pay electricity and water... and struggled to pay either… though he always had cigarettes and coffee. I refused to give him money... and to ease my own conscience more than anything... I volunteered to take him a kilo of rice each week so that he would not starve to death. When he complained that he had no rice cooker I took him a pot, a tripod, and a bag of firewood. The local priest also gave him rice. But he never, even once, cooked rice. He begged everywhere he could. The mayor. The church. the neighbours. All the local foreigners. All his Facebook friends... his old Canadian contacts. You name it. He hit them ALL up. Many said no... Some said yes... and some even helped a few times... repetitively... but eventually each one said the same thing... “no more”. Early this year he moved to Lapu Lapu... near the south end. Why? Because his brother and sister finally learned how much he was taking from his mum and put an abrupt stop to it. And because of a girl... about 40 years old. It was true love, or so they said. Most importantly, she was going to earn the bread, so that he could spend it. Stupid girl. How long before she tires of that? And she did... about 3 weeks ago. Dumped him. Finally, her mother talked some sense into her. And dealer is looking for him.. for non-payment on the Racal. About 2 months ago he must have begged for help at Canadian consulate, because on August 21 I was contacted by Canadian government asking if I would contribute any $$ towards his repatriation. I will help... but not with money to the gov’t. I’ll help him more directly. Canadian Government is ready to move now.. ticket can be ready within days. I changed my phone number months ago, and I chose not to give him my new number. But yesterday I had to, as the Canadian government won’t give him a ticket until he has exit clearance, and they won’t give him money for exit clearance, and he has not got the money to even get to immigration, let alone pay for anything. So, I needed to SMS... to arrange to take him to immigration Monday the 23rd... to try to get ECC. And bang... my phone blows up just as I suspected… he’s hungry… no money for food… no money for gas… no money… no money… no money. An endless stream of messages. But he was seen riding the Racal yesterday with cigarette in mouth, so he has money for gas and smokes. Lord give me the strength to get this done. If he gets ECC on Monday... I’m hoping to put him on a plane within 1 week. Canada will pay the ticket... I’ll deal with ECC and getting him to the flight with $100 in his pocket. Then he’ll arrive in Toronto… with $100 in his pocket… at the onset of the cold season… unemployed and unemployable… having been disowned now by his family for his abuse of his mother… having tapped out any friend he ever had. I used to call this man my friend. I don’t anymore. He long ago used up any sympathy I had. I do what I do now simply because I am also a Canadian, and because I know if I don’t, then no-one else will. I will never… ever… do this again. Once is enough.
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    Stayed at Cebu Pension Plaza couple times in last month.. and Tuesday night this week.. and asked in the café .. but no Wednesday morning coffee meetings happening now.. for some months. I attended a couple of these and I look forward.. hopefully.. to meeting some of these guys again. BTW... when I lived in Canada, I was surrounded by people just like me. I suppose it was intentionally so.. But here in PI.. I have found myself connecting with people.. good people.. who are different from me.. and enjoying it. Takes all sorts to make the world go round.. including religious guys who help the poor.. and annoying watch sales guys.. and goat guys.. and even.. God forbid.. Australians.
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    At the Barangay level your outcome will depend on the corruption level, who you know, who they know and who is related to who, but there is always a chance the Barangay captain might be a stand up guy that is as honest as the day is long. I had an experience the morning I was heading from Negros to Manila to catch my return flight to Canada. A barangay rep delivered a letter requesting we attend a hearing at the Barangay hall that morning. A cousin of my wife whom I affectionately refer to as cousin f face queen crab was the instigator. A long story short, my wife and I had just spent 3 weeks preparing for and getting married. During that time cousin crab and her sisters were texting my wife several times a day making demands of money and gifts. it seems cousin crab and her immediate family see themselves as the elite pod of the greater clan and are therefore entitled to royal perks . Being the Canadian rube I am, I didn't quite see it that way and had a bit of fun messing with their entitled minds or lack therefore of. I would answer the texts they sent my wife making them aware they weren't as special as they thought they were and as far as gifts and monetary gains go the only thing they could avail of was the sweat off my bag. On our last night cousin crab showed up with her 12 year old daughter to make her last desperate demands before we left. I didn't entertain her and requested politely 3 times that she go, then not so politely until she left. She went straight to the police attempting to have me arrested for causing her daughter stress, I think the local police knew her and laughed her out the door. The barangay experience was ok, the captain did his best to defuse the situation and what was accomplished in the end is cousin crab doesn't talk to us anymore and we avoid them like the plague. The whole cause of this from what I can see, is that my wife married a man with more money then them and as a result her community status would rise above theirs. Like anything in the Philippines the outcome of any given situation will vary depending on knowledge or lack of, who, what , where and someones mood.
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    This is something I hope I can miss on the way out. I have End Stage COPD, a failing heart, and received a diagnosis of dementia about 2 weeks ago. The only thing that makes me get up in the morning is my wife and children. So far, can still function almost normally, but losing a bit each day. Man's inhumanity towards others is astounding.
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    I don't own a condo, but I do own a house here. Therefore, I can't answer all of your questions, but I can answer some. I will answer them out of order... Rent until you are absolutely sure that you want to live here for the rest of your life. Why? It is way more difficult to sell property in the Philippines than it is to buy it. One reason is there is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in the Philippines. For that reason, it is very difficult to advertise your property to get it to where potential buyers will see it. Another reason is that (because there is no MLS), sellers have no idea how to value their property. This results in an overinflated prices that buyers aren't willing or able to pay and sellers who won't budge on price (because they heard about somebody else who sold a similar property for that amount). The result is a very confusing market. If you decide to buy property anyway, then at least stay away from developers and real estate "agents". Developers sell their developers sell their units long before the building is complete (and even before work is started on the development). That almost guarantees that you will be waiting for years before the condo is ready to move into. As for agents, every cab driver and tricycle driver in the country is an "agent". It means nothing here. Agents normally get (or try to get) a commission from the developer or owner of the property, but they often get stiffed for the commission. If you really want to buy a condo for the best price, and you want to move in right away, then look for condo owners who NEED to sell their property for whatever reason. They are much more likely to come down on price. If you are looking to buy, but rent it out when you aren't in the Philippines, don't. It will just become a money pit and a headache for you. You can't properly control the property from another country, and anybody you hire here to manage the property will likely just take your money without any benefit to you. This isn't your home country. You have very little in the way of legal protection here.
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    Eh Dave- I'm having a little cash flow problem at present ( I dont smoke but Blue Lable isnt cheap!) Maybe you could put your new fence on hold for awhile and shoot me 50K for a month or two? Dont forget Dave- I'm a fellow Canadian !! Thanks in advance!
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    Good on you Dave but if it was me I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. People get like this because they become dependant and too f##g lazy to help themselves. Let him rot! There are millions who need help, who would respond to a hand up but obviously not this parasite.
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    Came across this in the Crown Regency sauna area
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    I spent an hour or so this afternoon looking at other Philippines expat related forums. This appears to be the only one still very active at all. Dumagueteinfo which 5 years ago was owned by my wife and getting 70+ posts per day, is now on a good day getting 5-10 posts. Other Philippines expat related forums appear to be doing similar, or worse. Based on that, it appears this forum is still doing very well.
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    I DO think a thread about the new baby in your household would be welcomed by those who love to tinker so much that they just can't leave well enough alone. and REALLY no reason it should be hard work.. we are all old guys living in a foreign land.. with too much time on our hands.
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    Agree, I'm only a 15 month member (which is nothing compared to others), of this forum and I do miss these guy's also.(Enuff visits to Carbon were priceless).. Even in my short time I've noticed a change. I don't post as much as in reality I'm mostly in a Sub division 24/7 (and 72) with the Mrs (no kids) ,, so as far as posting about what happens in Cebu is not going to be much. Some times I'm reluctant to post about Australia although some members I feel appreciate it. My only expertise is cars (47 years motor trade),, and anything mechanical which I'm happy to give an opinion. I'm not a member of the CR and have not even consider it. Yes I did find the forum hard work at times (and spat the dummie on one occasion) due to "I think" having no experience in forums and was only on Facebook for about two weeks before that, which I also found "hard work"..... but that's me,,, Yes it's true that LINc has a high percentage of Americans (and others) but I hoped that would be a bonus as a learning curve for me as American Immigration into Australia is quite low and is"usually" attributed to marriage to an Aussie girl so,,, interacting with an American in Australia in my life circles is mostly zero.. Yes I said zero,,,, Anyway this is getting more like a party political broadcast about me rather than LINc. The positive of LINc is that I have made one good friend (who shall be nameless for his anonymity) which surely I'm greatfull. I obviously was not around "in the early days" of LINc so cannot compare it with today. I'm not sure exactly how the CR works,,, (yes I know I could join) but I do feel sometimes that the "open" forum declined in posters when the CR was implemented,IMHO (but I was very new then) ..I'm happy to be proved wrong with stats... Of coarse I realize why the CR exists but has it been detrimental to the open forum... Dunno..
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    Jesus ....I just posted yesterday and went to sleep and I just remembered just now that I threw a hand grenade and thought I better follow it up ...but never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this long ...great ...I will have to read through it ....but glad to see there is proof of life.
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    Wife and I have been through a few barangay hearings over the years. In our experience if the other party knows that they are at fault/wrong then they simply just don't show up. Two more attempts of a meeting are made----if they still don't show up---then it's over and nothing is resolved.This is unlike the states where if you don't show up for small claims court---you lose. Something else for the OP or Dave to consider. Using my wifes barrio as an example----probably not like this everywhere---if his wife didn't vote for the current barangay captain but voted for his opponent----then you can expect to lose every time. This is the unfailing truth in my wifes barrio and the reason why she stays out of local elections.
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    Well.. I for one miss Tullioz.. Yes.. he was longwinded.. and yes.. holier than thou.. and holier than me.. But he made the forum a more interesting place.. and sure as F a lot more interesting than reading some of the off topic stuff. I miss the watch guy too. And where the hell is HTM.. one of my favorite posters. and Enuff
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    Bought a 220 V Sous Vide cooker from Amazon while in states - $25 after $75 promo First time - pork chops (rack of pork Landers) 1 inch / 2.54 Cm thick - chart called for 1 1/2 hours at 140 f / 60C for pasteurization Came out looking really sick - very pale and unappetizing - seared in grill pan for 2 min / side Very little liquid in bag - same thickness as when started Tata cooked a 3rd one in a pan Results - hers was more flavorful - I didn't season mine before hand - BUT she loved the tenderness of mine and wants to try other meats Was able to cut the meat with a fork - not mushy - just very very juicy and tender - same color all the way through
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    Same - only thing we argue about - her being in front seat for first time in city traffic and getting sh!t scared out of her do to my talking out loud - doesn't understand it relives stress of almost having a motor commit suicide by passing on left then immediately slowing to make right hand turn "Why you always turn head" I'm looking in rear view mirrors and camera to see traffic behind me (to see what the idiots are doing - like trying to pass me on the right while I'm in actually in the middle of making right hand turn - very sharp turn onto our street so must slow down and of course that means they get to pass - correct?)
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    One would hope they would be aware of the road rules. It seems one objective is to get in the front of the vehicle in front of them at all costs, and bugger anyone else. And "hey" foreigner if you don't like the way we drive go back to your own country!!! I have been driving here for more than 20 years and have learnt the only way to keep my blood pressure at an acceptable level while out on the road is simply, to go with the flow. My wife commented the other day suggesting I drive like a Filipino, whatever that means.....I hadn't noticed!!
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    I’ve never used them before so, I can’t help with that one. For what it’s worth, I have used Paul at cebuexpatservices.com since 2017 and he has never failed me. They come to my condo, pick my passport up, take it over there and bring it back the next day. I have also used him for my ACR card. Flawless service, easy to work with.
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    Thank you for sharing this story.Sounds like that you did your best---that's all anyone can ask or expect. As I read it I could easily place my younger brother in your story who acted much like your friend did----almost line for line.
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    After posting this here today.. and reading some of the comments.. my wife and I have decided to defer.. for the time being.. the complaint to bgy captain. We've decided to immediately improve the fence between the properties by making it a full chain link fence.. and to close off one gate.. and put a gate in a space that's currently open.. All of this to hopefully stop the neighbours kids from coming in. My kids haven't gone to their place for quite a while now.. so the fence is mainly to stop their kids. For the time being we won't say anything to the neighbour.. but we'll monitor.. and we'll be prepared to simply ask that their kids not come to our place... if we need to. And of course if we hear of further allegations.. we'll deal with that as it happens. The comments here were helpful. Thanks all. And there will be no payoff.
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    Sorry, but one other thing that I thought of. If the barangay meeting isn't of a real personal nature (like Daves is) then I would recommend that the foreigner simply stay out of sight if possible. We recently had a hearing in another city where we aren't known too well.I tagged along if for no other reason than to provide moral support. I came in the building a little late and sat down and saw the whole tone of the meeting immediately change. After some back and forth which I'm following along the official addresses my wife and says-----now Mrs. Smith (alias) its obvious to me that your life has been truly blessed (you married a foreigner) so I'm inclined to rule for the other party blah,blah,blah. Confirming with the wife of what I just heard-----I then objected to the official and her tentative ruling. She obviously didn't see this coming ------her jaw dropped-----she then got hung up about what to do next. The case was open and shut---there was never anything to discuss----it had been ruled in our favor twice before at the local level---the defendants simply didn't like the two previous ruling so it was moved up the ladder. The official then called her boss in who had been listening on the other side of a partition the whole time. He reviewed all the documents and ruled in our favor.The defendants didn't accept this verdict either so we wait for the next rung on the judicial ladder. Please know this---when a foreigner puts himself out there like I did (even if you are right) that there can be significant risks involved. The boss that made the final ruling questioned the defendant on this same subject when he asked them "Is this really worth dying over?" The implied threat here is that a stranger from Samar and 5K can tidy this whole thing up.
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    I have had experience with the process. It may be formalized by law, but in fact it is not of a lot of use for matters of substance. Our access to our land was blocked by a neighbor. He was claiming ownership of the right of way. Three meetings were held to discuss resolving the issue. None were agreed to and the Barangay had no enforcement power. However, before we went to court (we did) it was obligatory to go through the barangay process. To prove we’d done so, we needed an official record of the three meetings. This consisted of a sheet of notebook paper with some vaguely worded statements for each meeting and signatures. A farce, at best. Most of the complaints have to do with more trivial matters such as someone calling another person a whore or a neighbor stealing a chicken.
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    Thank you Dave, thank you, can't agree enough. We seem to have got rid of many interesting posters And the idea of a Cebu contact place, like Freds coffee mornings, would help. But now there's no Fred... WTF! Thinking this further, what about a 'resurrection effort' to try and get some off the ex posters back?
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    Yes, this forum has become much quieter since Paul left us. The reasons are varied but the macro forces causing the decline aren't specific to this forum - I heard from a friend that a couple of the philippines sexpat forums have also seen dramatic reductions in traffic. :) First, all internet forums are on the decline because of the rise of alternative video-based information websites - specifically youtube and facebook. 15 years ago when I first came to Cebu this forum had more information about Cebu than the rest of the internet combined. Is the information about Cebu here on LIC still better or more up-to-date than the other websites? A large, active forum may have the critical mass of users posting to compete with youtube but that is hard to achieve - and wasn't ever reached under Paul's leadership. The LIC classified section here used to be awesome, and was the financial savior for Paul, now it is pathetic with only a desk for sale and a florida condo for sale. 10 years ago there was no facebook classifieds, now facebook classifieds are 1000x bigger than LIC classifieds. Second, the forum is called "Living in Cebu", however only about 20% of the threads are pertinent to the Philippines, and maybe only 5% are related to living in Cebu. Moderation can help in this area only if the moderators are willing. There are many posters with a post count well into the thousands yet the vast majority of their content is not about living in Cebu. Moderators have been quick on the trigger with banning newbies, however, they allowed one user to remain for years despite constantly threatening to have his "wife's clan take care of" other users that he disagreed with. Perhaps some people stopped posting because they didn't like getting death threats from other members? Third, new members need a reason to become active members. It seemed like every week there was a get together at Our Place, or El Geckos, or Ayala, or a party at a member's house. A guy could come to Cebu for the first time and drop by El Gecko's and have half a dozen forum members there to chat with. Also, the private forums are essentially a chismis chamber for a bunch of old guys that get a check from the government. Sorry, someone had to say it. At least new members can't see the drama that goes on there, or they would never register in the first place. To recap: 1. Facebook and Youtube are taking marketshare 2. Lots of threads that have nothing to do with Living in Cebu 3, Senior members that would rather argue than help someone. Overall, I see this forum dying in a year or two.
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    Thanks for the update Dave ..I remember the original thread . Please post the " final week" report if you survive it ! Sent from my Mi A2 Lite using Tapatalk
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    I did indeed! That's part of being honest . People have often complained about groups sticking together on Linc and attacking others in force. There is way too much ass kissing goes on here. The good old boys here seldom eat their own . But what was done to Joseph was totally repulsive. A guy who is religiously guided ( which I disagree with but respect!) dedicated his life-and put his life on the line- to help some of the most disadvantaged people in the world was attacked, insulted, accused of being a pedophile etc by those Linc members who are afraid of anything that they dont understand
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