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    And if you didn't get what you wanted, well, Santa ran into some labor issues....
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    Is that what's called "Re- cycling" 😁
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    Why a postal ID? You don't need one to pick up packages at the post office after all . But it's a handy official government-issued ID that can be used for domestic travel by ferry or plane, banking, and conducting business at government offices etc. Also a good ID for your partner/spouse to have since as of July 2019 it's now recognized as official ID by the DFA when applying for a passport. For foreigners you will need to have been in-country for at least six months at the time of application. Application requirements for foreign residents: 1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished application form 2. PROOF OF IDENTITY a. Passport – must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to application b. Any one (1) of the following documents valid for at least six (6) months prior to application: •Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACRI-Card) •Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE) •Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) •Diplomatic Visa •Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) 3. PROOF OF ADDRESS - Submit any one (1) of the following: •Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to PID application •Certification or statement of account from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application •Certification from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application •Notarized, if applicable, Land, House or Condominium Lease Contract •Bank statement •Credit card statement •School billing statement •Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water) https://www.postalidph.com/faqs1.html They said all applications now have to be processed in Manila and I was variously quoted 10-15 and 15-20 days turnaround time. They didn't appreciate it when I jested "it might take much longer if coming by PhilPost!" Looks like one month might be more realistic: • In Metro Manila - Approximately fifteen (15) working days from application • Other major cities and municipalities – Approximately twenty (20) working days • Island provinces and remote barangays - Approximately thirty (30) working days As a foreigner, if you qualify make sure you specify the three year and not one year validity: "The Improved PID shall be valid for three (3) years for Filipinos and for foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For the rest of the foreign residents, it will be valid for one (1) year." Bio-metrics included a webcam photo captured on site as well as electronic thumb and index fingerprints. Took them ten minutes to get a usable photo because the software kept saying "invalid pose". Turns out I was too fat tall for the Lilliputian photo booth, lol. Fee Particulars Amount Postal ID Card + Delivery Fee Php 450.00 12% VAT Php 54.00 Total PID Payment Php 504.00 For Cebu City residents you don't even have to visit a post office. There's a 'mall capture site' at SM City Cebu 2/F Gov't Services Express, Juan Luna Avenue, Mon - Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM As always, doing your own photocopies beforehand and having exact change is appreciated. I'll post a photo when I get the PID in a month (or two). ps. Due to the holidays and the storm there's been no mail delivery whatsoever to this island for two weeks since December 20th. The post office staff was consequently bored silly and all watching YouTube videos on their phones. They were super glad to have something/anything to do when I applied yesterday and I had six (6) postal clerks eagerly attending to my application, lol.
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    Anyway? My wife is not allowed to buy that carp and she knows I prefer dark. After a day at the beach she'll say, "I'm so dark." And I'll say, "yes, baby, I love it. More, more."
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    I had a dual sim android phone with Smart and Globe sims. The Globe was continuously using load, but I think it had to do with how I set up the phone. I think I had some app that was updating frequently. I doubt it was Globe that was the source of the usage. I now use an iPhone with one sim, Smart. I make sure data is turned off at all times. I have apps that update, but they only use Wifi to do so. I never use any of the promos which offer so much free data or text. When I load, I’m usually using a ₽300 or ₽500 load and I get a specified number of "free" texts. After those are used, I pay the going rate for texts. I avoid promos entirely, especially the "free" ones such as Facebook and such.
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    If you stop posting we'll assume the worst cause that's the way LinC is.
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    I also got banned from DIA my first day- before I sent any messages. Apparently putting " 3somes' in your profile is frowned upon !
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    I’ll be honest. In my opinion, an ordinary Filipina, despite her use of skin whitening products and desire for a baby with a gwapo Caucasian, will appreciate a flying purple people-eater - if he is respectful, resourceful and responsible and does videoke with Tagalog songs...
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    Neither did I - even though my Dad came home with a funny story mentioning the Battle of the Bulge. When the movie was released, apparently, one of his ex-airborne mates (Dad was a Glider Pilot), was asked in the mess if he planned to go see the film. His reply...”no thanks, I saw the play” 😀
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    Ursula kicked our asses on Christmas Eve. Very strong winds here in NW Leyte. Power still out as of now, lots of wind damage but mostly downed trees, not so much houses. We are in Ormoc now buying ice to keep our refrig and frozen food from spoiling. Many power poles leaning severely on road from Polompon to Ormoc. These we're the poles that replaced the damaged ones from Yolanda. Wonder if they are still under warranty? Looks like it's gonna be a couple of days before they are fixed.
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    Storm had heavy winds and waves crashing over the house, we just got power back in Ormoc.
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    Business helping people get property title. My guess is that you and wife are already skilled at working with gov't offices. The lady that helped me here also does building permits, DAR clearance, and other "government paperwork".. Her best clients are well heeled.. both foreigner and pinoy.. and just want to get the thing done.. and done right.
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    Our visa business failed miserably this year, earning about 15% of what it has been doing for well over a decade. As we have other baskets to haul our eggs in, it did not yet kill us completely (it almost did), but 2019 saw about a 70% reduction in our income from previous years. As some of you know, I have been having serious health issues the last 60 days, which were brought on at least in part by the stress of this and the fact that there were periods of time that for financial reasons I went without much relied upon medications. Just a few weeks ago, I was having 10 or so very serious angina attacks per day, which of course led to a heart attack (my third). I really did not think I would make it until Christmas. But, I guess I am not that easy to get rid of, and here I am. So..., this Very Merry Christmas morning I was going through old threads looking for ideas to make 2020 a more profitable year, and found this thread from 2016 which was packed full of ideas and input from members. As it is of great interest to me, I thought I would see if I can revive it. Maybe new ideas and information can be discussed, or members can add input as to their recent business related successes or failures? What say ye, ol' merry gentlemen?
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    My dear old Canadian friend.. age 83.. uses a Prince bag to keep his head dry this past Monday.
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    Ha! But that's cebu pacific so you cant be sure the volcano is the real reason.
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    Bud I would get the hell out of there. If you want encouragement, watch some youtube videos of people melting from Mt. Pinatubo.
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    Just for those who may be interested, Bushfires in Australia are catastrophic. Penrith is sweltering .A short time ago, the mercury in Penrith (Outer Sydney) hit 48.6 degrees Celsius. Please look after yourselves in Panther country. It is also the hottest day on record in Canberra, which hit 43.6 degrees not long ago. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/01/03/australia/australian-fire-inferno-intl-hnk/index.html
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    Continuing the theme of "security" members may have in their possession or were thinking of buying and how such things are easily thwarted by people who know how. You can say...why post this? Now people who watch it can enter a life of crime and theft and make me a victim. My reply to that is that the very same internet you are using to watch this can be seen worldwide and ANYONE who has access also has access to these videos. Is up to You to decide on your own security and when you rely on the lock industry to protect your interests you can see how much effort they are putting into that . Not much is changing and it should. Don't be upset at me...be upset with the lock industry and press them to correct how things work, so it's actually reliable security you are buying .
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    Screening people is what Shadow and his wife have been doing for years in their PI business. That was why I thought it would be such a good fit for them.
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    Larry, Even better ... a domestic helper placement service. Find maids for people with a finder fee equal to one or two months of the domestic helper's salary (or just a set fee of say 5000 pesos) plus transportation costs. I know there are people who need domestic helpers (and drivers an such), but have difficulty finding them. I need another maid right now, and I know of at least one other member (Smokey) who is looking for a driver/helper, so I know there is a demand. Finding helpers from out in the provinces (where the best helpers come from) is really difficult for those who live in the city (especially those with few contacts in the provinces) , so being out in the provinces (and mixing with the locals the way you do) gives you an edge for finding helpers.
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    Perhaps a maid service? There are a lot of people with live in maids but some that can't afford or don't want that but would like some hours of service each week. The maids would work for you and go to whichever house you assign them to. Similar could be done with child care providing short term babysitting rather than full time yayas. Handymen for fix it services too. I don't know if any of this would work but just a thought.
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    To make the most of your life, you must always deal with the one who holds you back the most.
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    i've never had to deal with this credit stuff as i keep it simple. if i have the cash then i can afford to own it. i also have cards but they are ATM cards attached to a savings account. if the money isn't there then i ain't getting it. keeps me focused and working.
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