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    I've been coming to this site for a long time for info, and even if I haven't posted to much, I have found it quite helpful. I tend to follow discussions on living in the Philippines, Cebu mostly, and hope this forum keeps up it's good work. Thanks, Living In Cebu Forums. and to all those who contribute to the forum.
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    My previous pie odyssey topic is old and closed - so once again for the Aussies - a good find this weekend..... A mate posted this find on FB yesterday, so I had to check it out today. A retired Aussie baker "Oz Chef M" ( Martin) - currently has a stand at J Centre Mall with lotsa goodies. Ground Floor, left side, just as you come in the front entrance. Apparently they'll be there for the new few weeks - before they move to another mall (in Mandaue I think). Next year they hope to open a shop/stand at either SM City or Seaside. Fingers crossed. The baker's wife was there today - she happily provided sausage roll and pies taste samples (well actually we didn't ask - she pretty much insisted once she heard my accent I didn't resist too long ) The pastry was the right, proper, correct, delicious flaky from back home. That's no surprise - she told me they have 2 bakeries/pie shops in Sydney The chicken pie in particular was delicious. The pies are smaller "party pie" size - she said here, the locals prefer smaller, snack sized. It seems the range may vary each day - and today the fresh ones arrived about noon. They also had a lot of great tarts and brownies etc. The macadamia slice was YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. As you can see in the pic above - we bought quite an assortment. Enjoy !
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    Wow!! I've never seen more than like 7 on a bike.
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    I vote Eggnoggin for Mod.
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    You might like to consider Port Barton in Palawan, it seems to meet your requirements. Beachfront resorts at reasonable prices. The resort below where we stayed, for example, is on the beach and is currently advertising deluxe double rooms for AUD $48 per night for April. Port Barton has a very long white beach, with calm waters for swimming. Port Barton also has some excellent island-hopping nearby, great snorkelling with clear waters, corals, turtles, small fish. I didn't dive there, but it does have some dive shops. The town is very small, and nightlife is pretty quiet. The resorts have their own restaurants, and there are a few bar/restaurants, where people tend to congregate at sunset. A few good restaurants, Jambalaya on the beach springs to mind, and good seafood places, but mostly resort restaurants. I can't recall seeing a supermarket, it was mainly general stores. Travel there is by flight to Puerto Princesa, then several hours by van or jeepney to Port Barton. A good day trip to consider if staying in Port Barton is a day trip to the Underground River in Sabang, but probably best to organize through an agent in Puerto Princesa.
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    be careful what you wish for. I could busy things up right quick if y'all feel bored
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    On more than one occasion he followed through with it too. He would not have tolerated the recent trend of numerous threads of the same whingers and whiners, he was here to make you happy. If you were so unhappy here that you had to continuously and repeatedly post about it, you were gone! Then everyone was happier!
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    Likely the best way to make such a decision is to spend a bit of time actually meeting foreigners who have "built" or "bought" and see their houses and make your decision that way. I know guys who have built their own houses for anywhere from 400,000 peso to 20 million+, and guys who found building a house stressful.. and not stressful.. some even found it fun. And you'll have maintenance to do regardless if your place is bought or built. And nothing here is likely built the same way you build back home. And don't forget the issues associated with buying land here. Feel free to come to Tuburan next time you are in PI.. I can show you a few places.. introduce you to the people who built them. Plus I managed the building of my place. Another Canadian near me is renovating a place he bought. really.. when it comes to buy vs build.. I think more than half if it is really how much interest and energy you have for building, and dealing with issues you never had back in your home country, and how important it is.. for YOU.. to have every little thing just the way YOU want it. Budget matters as well. And @smokey is right.. VERY difficult to unload a property out here in province.. so think of it as "till death to us part" investment.
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    Wow, a fair dinkum maggoty eye with dead horse, now available in Cebu!! That's a winner mate!
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    geeee some people can make a mountain of a molehill
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    just a thought but wouldn't the main forum be busier if some would post certain CR topics there? the political stuff obviously is not suitable but there are quite a few other interesting topics that would be a great fit in the main section and get plenty of discussion. just because one has access to the CR doesn't mean everything must be posted there. there is hobby and off-topic sections in the main area as well and much more readership to generate traffic and participation. never mind the defense that all your pals are in the CR...they have access to the main forum as well.
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    Saw this posted on another forum. From the Mactan BI. FYI
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    As you can see, the forum was not created to entertain people or to debate world issues. There was even a post where Paul said only Philippine related threads/post are allowed. Sure we've come a long way since then, but creating a thread just to stimulate debate if it's not Philippines related doesn't belong on the open forum. That's why the CR was created in the first place. When we removed all the hidden and outlaw forums, people went crazy. The CR was created to appease those members. Does anyone really think new members come here for any reason other than to find out about or discuss Philippine related issues. The forum has never been a place where free speech is paramount. However current management is much more tolerant than when Paul was in charge. If a member is only here to debate or find fault with every topic they post in, perhaps they should keep mouth shut, or find another forum that is more suited to their style. All this bitching and complaining is getting nowhere. How about I pretend I'm Paul for awhile and ban the next person who pisses me off...
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    We have also lost some big personalities who posted a lot: theBob - deceased, BigRob - deceased, fanboat - moved back to the US, and Broden - no time for posting because of family matters, and whippy who has a lot of useful information but can't refrain from posting about his sexual escapades.
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    Quite frankly, from this angle it appears to me you are getting the run around from your project manager, who wants to sell you a deep well (which I am certain he will make money on) rather than hooking up to MCWD (which he probably will not make money on). Go to the source. Go to MCWD yourself, in person. An hour invested may save you buko peso.
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    https://bilyonaryo.com.ph/2019/11/19/consing-says-bpi-losing-a-lot-of-money-on-atms-higher-fees-needed-to-recover-expenses/?fbclid=IwAR3UJ9B1BzStNWtgf5odSLrsqbMMLLi6TvYLT0CE-71ulkxoiQSfdQxqojQ Hey, if part of your business is costing you money then the only smart business decision is to cut your losses. Close down all your ATMs and watch your profits go through the roof.....or NOT!!!! How did this guy get a job?
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    rest easy was a frontier flight.. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvnb9p/guy-peed-all-over-airplane-seat-frontier-vgtrn
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    good catch I bet that's never happened here in the joke & humor section before.. Tell you what I'l do.. I'l post another meme and see if you can tell if this one's a photoshop or not ..ok?
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    Can easily believe the results of this study. 15 year old niece goes to a private HS in Tacloban. Her grades are quite good but knows nothing about RP history or even multiplication tables. MacArthur landing fete ended here a few weeks back and she had never heard of him,WW2,Japans involvement---nothing.A bible lesson was recently given to her when it was found that she didn't know what day JC was born. Remedial home schooling is almost non stop at our house. There is always plenty of time in school though for non-essential lessons----dance practice,fun runs,cake baking,etc.Last week every student in her class had to show up with a live chicken that was slaughtered and cooked up for all.Pathetic. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/12/03/1974002/philippines-lowest-reading-comprehension-among-79-countries Philippines lowest in reading comprehension among 79 countries
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    How about a thread of interesting TV advertisements like this cracker... (Watch the look on the kids face.. priceless)
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    Well build yourself because if not you will be remodeling a lot and provience its a givin it should be till death do us part investment. Having built you pick size of cr you pick how many outlets you pick windows you could even use a hot water heater central if your building standard local building is very often lacking. Cement want 1.2.4 mix or standard weak. Steel bar ? Size? Roof anoidezed or not insluation on and on. Doors real wood or hollow with wood grain tissue paper skin. Tile yes or no color of grout .. Think your getting idea. Best is find a foreigner built and remodel
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    It's a common theme that some or all of us (staff) are doing a lousy job... Some say we moderate too much, and some say not enough. Some don't think we should post and moderate in the same thread, and some say we're members and have just as much right to post as anyone else. So I'm thinking if you're not happy with the current staff, who would you like to see as a Moderator... I'm not asking if or who you want to get rid of, but who you think might make a good Mod. No one should belittle or denigrate any current staff or other member in this thread. That includes putting down a member that someone has suggest would be a good Mod. In other words. You can say why you think someone would make a good Mod, but not why you think someone wouldn't make a good Mod. If you really have an issue with what someone says, PM me. Do not post it in this thread. In this thread, I expect all of you to live by the old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." One final note. This is not a bitch session for how you feel about the current staff or the forum...
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    The term old geezers is not politically correct its retired mature gentlemen of leisure
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    Agree entirely. Surely hreads like the one claiming climate change is a scam would be suitable for the open forum, and would generate some interesting discussion ☺️.
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    The chicks just love the sound of the lower denominations jingling around in my pocket as I stroll through the food court at the mall I stuff all the notes into my socks, which are pleasantly complimented by my leather sandals The looks on their faces are priceless - its as though they have never seen a foreigner as rich as he is handsome
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    No problem. Even if you found fault, it's not like you make a habit of doing it... Sometimes I even forget you're an Aussie...
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    Caution: Food p*orn alert !!!! ----------One of my favorite pizzas in Chi Town. https://pequodspizza.com/chicago
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    It’s fine to open the public forum to the topics which create interesting discussions. If a reader doesn’t want to read these topics, then It should be avoid them. However, that seems to be where the problems develop. Even an otherwise normal topic, like where to find a good school, or which bank is best, can quickly get involved into these more controversial issues. Some members just want to voice their strongly held views even if it strays from the initial topic.That makes it harder to avoid the interesting discussions. In turn, moderators have a more challenging task to sort out the topics and posts which tend to stray into these discussions some members are trying to avoid. I had thought the non-public section was intended to allow for this sort of discussion which others might want to avoid. I realize there is a strongly stated view by many that free speech is the real issue and members should feel free to express their views at all times. However, that sometimes make for those times when it’s like watching two talking heads in a news program start yelling both at the same time. Even if you agree with one you can’t hear either because of the hostile back and forth. All in the name of free speech.
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    Noticed Ramos was released without an alcohol level taken. And I love the "slightly clipped* determination. Kull was guilty before he was ever born.
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    There are only 2 acceptable will forms in the Philippines. 1. Must be signed before a Notary and 3 witnesses, all present at the same time, and every page must be initialed by all the witnesses and you 2. Holographic will - you must handwrite the entire will and sign and date it . No witnesses or Notarization are necessary .
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