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    Woke up 6:20 am to my usual 8 cups of brewed Tom Hortons coffee made in our 1976 Regal 30 cup percolator 110v. 8:00 am I hopped into shower, knowing I had some shit to do today. 9:00 am call BI to check if my 13a stamp had arrived from Manila, approved on 09/13. It was in and I was kindly told I had to arrive by noon. 9:05 am I'm on a jeepney to J-Mall. 10:00 am arrive at BI J-Mall, handed my passport and papers and told I need 3 copies each of 3 pages. 10:05 am back at BI with copies (I'm getting good at this shit) 10:06 am ok sir, come back after 3:00 pm for your stamped passport and ARC card . . . . WTF 10:10 am at McDonald's J-Mall sulking over a double cheeseburger and fries, motivation kicks in 10:15 am I'm on a jeepney back to Liloan to the Barangay hall. 11:25 am arrive Barangay hall, am told I need to get papers from municipal hall 1st 11:36 am at Liloan municipal hall. I interrupt a luncheon at the Court Office seeking my MTC document. Am told I need to photo copy my deed and get documentary stamp. Go downstairs and usual copier lady is gone, copier broken. Go outside for copies, p2 each. Go back to cashier and this assistance lady insist on helping me. I tell her I need documentary stamp. She hears nothing and takes me to tax office to pay my taxes. After checking she said your taxes are paid, no duh. I need documentary stamp but you didn't listen, someone within earshot jumps up and helps. Only p55 for documentary stamp, then back up to court office. There he reviews my photocopy and payment slip, then stamps the photo copy, creates a new MTC form and receipt, p80 there. 11:49 am Next is Assessors Office for True Copy of the deed. 1st step is to get slip for payment. Then go pay cashier p30 & p50 and get receipt. Come back and guy went to lunch, start over with lady. She does all necessary and even nice enough to go photo copy for me but I need p2. All done. 12:08 pm Rush back to Barangay hall, stopping at bakeshop and dropping p50 on goodies for the girls. 12:14 pm Arrive back at hall and drop off papers and pastries. Wait to get Barangay certification & pay p130 fee 12:28 pm out the door on the way to the surveyor 12:33 pm Arrive at surveyor, drop off all new papers . . . . Done. 12:40 pm on another jeepney to J-Mall. In the morning wife was at J-Mall SSS for her work and stopped by Manly Plastics to get a pinay price on totes, p855 with 16 in stock, only 3 blocks from J-Mall. 1:27 pm disembark jeepney on Briones when turned to go to J-Mall jeepney terminal, 1 km walk to Manly. 1:38 pm Arrive Manly, ask about totes tell him I want the 16 for p855, he looked upset as he told me last week p900!!! Crap, they also take credit card, yes! 1:58 pm walk 3 blocks to J-Mall, straight to BI 2:06 pm arrive BI, sign here all done. Go next door for ARC, sorry sir, not yet. 2:12 pm arrive LTO for drivers license conversion. A nice older lady said I can't convert until after 1 year. Huh, I need help. She points me to her cuter and younger bosslady. Sir you need medical and drug then you can convert. 2:36 pm arrive at drug & medical testing center. p500 for tests. Upon encountering the 1st dong, I quietly tell him I need the express lane, he smiles. My drug test and medical were done and I was leaving by 3:00 pm, he was also kind enough to photo copy my passport bio, passport 13a and drivers license, saving me another stop. 3:02 pm arrive back LTO, same lady looking perplexed, I said I'm here for conversion. She runs to her boss, comes back and says ok but you need to fill out form and get #. 3:29 pm photo taken, I make funny face my lady friend laughs. She said your license you want car or motorcycle, I said both. She said only 1 today, then come back on Tuesday and add motorcycle, with a smile. 4:00 pm I'm handed a paper drivers license and told go to SM Seaside early for plastic. My new lady friend says don't get plastic before adding motorcycle, hands me form with addition already checked. 4:04 pm heading somewhere to get drunk as heck! Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah I do seem fixated on meat pies and good smokey bacon ...... I've tried a few local pie options, brought a pie maker back in my luggage and bought smoked bacon from Moalboal. But I have still been looking for a decent meat pie at a decent price - maybe this will be it .... (based in Mactan - and only 250php delivery to me in Guadalupe) https://www.wholottafoods.com/ I just placed an order - prices are good and hopefully the pies are just as good - will review and let out my belt a notch in preparation products are at ...... https://www.wholottafoods.com/online-ordering - pics look good
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    Nice of them to omit the fact it can take many months to get a passport appointment! It's not the processing that takes a long time, it's getting the appointment.
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    This is why we call the WW2 vets the Greatest Generation This is a VERY touching video, actually a piece of film that has been made into a video, this is one that is NOT photo shopped, it's the real scene! Notice in the opening shot you'll see the gunner's position is all shot to hell while the pilot's cockpit ahead of it is undamaged. Later on notice the corpsman taking a fingerprint of the deceased gunner, before the film continues, then showing the chaplain saying the final prayers, followed by taps, then the sailors push the aircraft and our patriotic airman over the side and watch it sink into the distant sea. This is what 18 year old "kids" were doing in 1944. No safe spaces, no hurtful unthinkable remarks that they couldn't cope with, just dying for their country. These were the unsung real heroes that deserve the the title of hero. This 2 minute video is pretty moving. Worth your while. "What actually made this country great is ordinary guys like this doing extraordinary things."
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    . Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    On the way to San Jose . . . . We happened upon this joint. Walked in because it looked cool. Saw the menu and chatted the owner up and decided to eat. He worked in Dubai for 9 years and now he is 29 and doing his own thing. Calls it Filipino Fusion Food. Using local ingredients to to make the best he can. Here's is what we ordered: Sisig taco p120 BBQ bacon burger p145 Buffalo wings & rice p170 French fries p60 Strawberry shake p90 San Miguel Apple p60 Taco was filled with delicious sisig, cheese, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots . . . . I knew in advance it was a soft tortilla but it was almost a meal. Served with fresh camote chips (sweet potato). The BBQ burger was a big topic of discussion, I knew it was local Beed but he swore he cooked it well and uses a 70/30 mix and only season with salt and pepper. Probably a 1/4 easy. 3 strips bacon. BBQ sauce, mayo and s tomato slice on a nice bun. One if the juiciest burgers I've ever eaten and I devoured every bite. p145 and it also came with the camote chips. Awesome French fries were run of the mill but cooked perfectly and not greasy. Served with mayo and ketchup. Buffalo wings were to hold sauce. 2 huge wings well done and crispy with some seasoning but not spicy. Wife enjoys and also came with a little cup of chopped fresh veggies with light dressing. Must have been delicious cause it disappeared. The strawberry milkshake was called something different but don't recall. It was served as strawberry shake on bottom, cream on top with chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows. Tasted like ice, cream, strawberry quick mix . . . . Pretty darn delicious. Will definitely head back for new items and another freaking burger. https://www.facebook.com/RoadsideBluesDiner/ Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    So my caretaker is going to have a special dinner tonight...
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    A few years back I bought a Cebu Pacific r/t to Manila online and the system asked if I wanted to pay in pesos or USD. The exchange they listed was the PHP to USD rate which most foreigners aren't familiar with to try to hide the fact it was a terrible rate. I chose to pay in pesos and the damn thing charged me in dollars anyway. I tried to get it fixed but gave up so since then I've paid in person. Anyway, I'm now being asked at stores if I want to pay in pesos or dollars and I always say pesos because I know the exchange rate I get on my card and it's much better than the local bank rate. Sure, it seems like a good idea to just pay in dollars so your card doesn't charge you an exchange but you're paying the local bank exchange rate up front. Hopefully, people aren't falling for this and they stop offering.
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    Hello to everyone in Cebu which is one of my favourite cities in the world. And, a special hello to all you ex pats living on Camiguin. My name is James and we live in beautiful Far North Queensland (Australia) at a little mining town called Mount Garnet. I am married to a beautiful little Filipina who has 10 siblings. Nine of those siblings live on Camiguin with one brother in Cebu. She was born at Mahinog and lived at Tacangon until she completed her Bachelor of Commerce there in Mambajao. She then worked in Cebu for 9 years. We met online in 2014, and she moved to Australia in 2016 where we got married. We regularly go home to Camiguin but this Christmas it is hard to get suitable accommodation as everywhere is booked out! Well have a great day and God Bless. - James
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    Aunty Jack - an Aussie Icon - "she" would beat the living cr*p outta Dame Edna
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    When I moved to the Philippines I couldn't find any good quality dried chili peppers crushed. My GF suggested buying the small red and green peppers at the market to make my own. I had a really small food chopper type of thing so I gave it a try. After removing the stems I chopped up the peppers in a small batch and put them in the sun for a few hours to dry out in a large frying pan. Once I thought they were dry enough I put them back in the food chopper again and then back into the sun. Back into the chopper again and presto. Great dried chili peppers. I ended up buying a large food processor to make the process faster and easier. If you do this just make sure you put the dried chilis' that you will use later in an airtight container.
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    Go with the flow no one i knew ever took his money to the grave
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    I bought a nice plot of land today. Millionaires view
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    The ones around here taste like banana ketchup. That seems to be the preferred condiment.
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    In the case of a U.S. Passport, the country of birth is listed. If your passport says you were born in the Philippines and you look like a Filipino, that is pretty much good enough for a BB. Unlike many things they make complicated, they seem to be pretty loose on determining if a person is a Filipino for BB purposes. There are many members on here who come to the Philippines yearly with their Filipina spouses that no longer carry a Filipino Passport. They always get a BB.
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    What is wrong with this clown , to be provide such a misrepresentation of the true conditions ....and then for his dumbass bosses to say he was on wet grass trying to balance and the other people walking by were on concrete .......they have no respect for their viewers and must actually think that everybody is just plain stupid ...just absolutely pathetic when you watch the video ... Weatherman mocked for his TV report in Hurricane Florence
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    Maybe it's just the bigguns are catching your eye? Peoples tastes change.
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