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    And if THAT'S the worst mistake you ever make in Phils, well, you'll do quite well!
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    I'm old she is young and keeps coming up with ideas. Keeps insisting I need a new wallet, my wallet is only about 20 years old and still in pretty good shape, I put my foot down on that one. No new wallet! She wants to go to the mall and buy stuff, I just go there to walk around and see no reason to buy anything, it is a place for walking around not buying. Unless of course there are closeout sales. I have a nice set of Sony wireless headphones so I can watch TV while she sleeps and not disturb her. These are nice headphones. I bought them since we have been married so less than 12 years old. Gets on me about my clothes occasionally, I swear she bought more clothes last year than I have bought in the last 20 years. Her money, she earns it and can do as she likes with it. The T shirts I bought at Country Mall?? 12 years ago are in perfectly good condition, I do not need new ones. So for my birthday she gets me a new set of head phones, sitting there trying not to be an old fart and act excited about her though fullness. But I am perfectly happy with my old headphones, they work extremely well and are comfortable. I don't want new headphones but guess I will have to take one for the team. The trials and tribulations of being married to a Philippina.
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    That is about the least complicated scam I have heard of in a long time.
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    I never have had a problem with putting my best foot forward..., It's that other damn foot that always gets me in trouble!
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    there's hope for everyone. when i first met my wife she was a competitor in buying watches around town and she hated me. of course after a few years she fell for my hollywood looks and sparkling personality. here''s my wife when i met her 17 years ago and now present day after 14 years of marriage. as y'all can see in the latest picture she is much more serious now as she knows since she was born with average looks she needs to dazzle me with her gourmet cooking* *i'm sooo dead
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    I can’t recall exactly when this occurred, but a few years back, there was a report (perhaps in Linc), of a guy who was duped right up to the "let’s get married" process. It turns out, when the marriage license was applied for, the birth certificate of the bride to be had one detail which prevented the marriage from happening. The bride to be was not eligible to be a bride. She was eligible to be a groom.
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    If you have half a brain and aren't trying to pick the low lying fruit off the tree a dating site is a great tool. You can select age range, education level and someone with or without good writing skills, conservative or not, with or without children, etc. If you develop an online friendship that you believe might be worth exploring further there is nothing wrong with a hug upon meeting. After all you have developed enough of a friendship that you are traveling thousands of miles to see her. You should know enough from your online and FaceTime conversations how comfortable she will be and how she expects to be greeted.
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    Its about catching on camera the other driver of the other vehicle , who is not paying attention or simply does not care about the other road users ...particularly when they are at fault and pull the denial it wasn't me card out of the pack ....dash cams have put a stop to other peoples lies and denials and in my opinion are well worth installing so if it is an unavoidable event you paying attention , watching where you are going and driving defensively may or may not help to avoid an accident ...but one thing for sure is the dashcam recording the events gives the party's involved little wriggle room for denial or false statement.
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    Quite talking about my wife like that!!!🤪
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    I met my wife online, married for 14 years now. Every second has been marital bliss (okay, maybe a little exaggeration).
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    Well I met my wife online and have been happily married for 15 years , together 16 years..no divorce or extended separations as in Jim's experiences , so no doubt there are varying degrees of success depending on the methods ...but I think more to the point it comes down to the people involved more so than the method....
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