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Problem with Property Line and Access

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On 5/26/2018 at 7:28 AM, Jawny said:

The price of ₽8000 is what I paid for surveys done a while back.  Two lots, side by side, and ₽8000 each.  The price is standard as I understand it.  

If you want to look for another surveyor, next to the Prince mall, in the small alley/street on the Tacloban side is a surveyors office.  The surveyor teaches at VSU, but has a private business.  Honest and capable etc.  Sorry I don’t have the name, but unless she has moved the office, it’s the only one there.  

It is common to have the mahon moved by a neighbor or selfish landowner. What I guess the surveyor will do is to compare one of the Mahon to a standard and known position (I don’t know the correct terms for this). 

The surveyor has helpers, as well as equipment and such.  The cost of ₽8000 seems pretty reasonable to me to cover the overhead

Sounds like a good result after all?

hmmm.... bit early to start counting my chickens I think

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