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Salty Dog

6 Reasons Why Coffee Is the Lifeblood of the Military

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Salty Dog


6 Reasons Why Coffee Is the Lifeblood of the Military

Very few things truly connect every troop from every era in the military quite like a cup of coffee. From the gritty First Sergeant who drinks it black to the fresh Lieutenant who likes a bit of coffee with their sugar, everybody’s veins in the military are filled with coffee.

Coffee has been a staple of the American military ever since the first Revolutionary patriot signed up to throw the tea into Boston Harbor — fueled entirely for their hatred of tea. Our love of java necessitated the creation of instant coffee in the Civil War, and we’ve been drinking it ever since.

Here are 6 reasons why coffee truly is the lifeblood of the military.

6. Everyone meets at the coffee pot
Coffee is the great equalizer. Everyone, from privates to colonels, meets to grab their morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of Joe.
When the pot is finished, refilling it is one of the few tasks that isn’t assigned to the lowest ranks, but rather to whoever drank the last cup.


5. We get very little sleep
To the surprise of absolutely no one, troops rarely get eight hours of sleep.
The higher the rank of a troop, the less they’re allowed to show sleepiness. Coffee helps mask that exhaustion.


4. Something warm in the field is nice
In combat arms units especially, you’re seen as weak if you can’t endure the elements.
Grab another layer of clothes? Weakness. Throw on a fleece jacket? Weakness. Grab a warm cup of coffee? Carry on, soldier.


3. It’s a reminder of back home
There isn’t much time, space, or ability to pine for life back home.
Troops take great care when they prepare a pot of coffee. They can skimp on many necessities of life but will always spend the big bucks to get the “good stuff” from their civilian life.


2. It’s a little break from reality
The military is a very high-speed piece of machinery. You’ll run from point A to point B, over to C, back to B, asked why you aren’t at D, and get there only to realize everyone is at C — and so on until your brain is fried.
At least for those brief moments, when you’re drinking a cup of coffee, you can relax.


1. It just tastes good
There’re countless ways to stay warm, awake, and hydrated. Coffee isn’t the only option.
The fact of the matter is, we just love the taste — regardless of how we make it.






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Mr. Mike

When we were deployed on the gun line, we would have to rendezvous with a supply ship further off the coast to rearm and replenish food and consumables. About every 5-7 days or so. If the supply ship ,usually out of Subic, failed to get underway for whatever reason, every ship along the line would start to run out of the fresh, good stuff... fresh milk, butter, eggs, vegies, candy blah blah.

We never ran out of coffee however...the supply officer would have been keelhauled.

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