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Semper paratus
On 1/12/2018 at 6:23 PM, Jack Rat said:


I have been trying to obtain a booklet ( if any) of the road rules here for many years to no avail...Anyway I guess when it comes to basic, commonsense road rules few seem to abide by them. 

I renewed my Phil Health yesterday. Cost 15000 pesos, the current cost being 17000,  but because I am past the use-by-date I received a 2000 peso rebate. I'm still debating whether I will renew it next year.

For rules of the road.


Or just Google Republic act No. 4136

On PhilHeath everyone seems to have a different experience. For me I had to sign up for my own plan here in Dumaguete but I did get the  3 years at the old price. They said I would no longer be covered under my wifes plan. But I have seen posts where that is not true. So who knows ? Every office makes up their own rules and interprets the existing rules differently. This happens everywhere, LTO, Immigration, name it. Check with your local offices is all I can say. Cheers.


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