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do they sell testosterone gel in cebu

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On 9/15/2017 at 1:23 PM, bcchance said:


Short version - eating WAY less, no bread, and a lot of salad. 

Longer version - I left here last year weighing at around 270 pounds. That was November...plan was holidays with the US family (I alternate each year) and 3 months. I joined the gym while out there, and began taking mass gainers as I began getting stronger and larger with machines and nothing on the back fusions (chicken legs)...yes, I used to be into that crap as a youngster. The milk and calories was doing it's job, tried to increase my aerobics to help the heart. I also went to all my doctors when I arrived, and all tests were my usual, in range (borderline high norm hemoglobin and liver enzymes)...except my testosterone, as I was complaining about less interest in sex. That was very low. I was then sent to a urologist as he was an expert in that field. Again, the bloodwork he redid, as if it was going to change in a week, was the same, although they did far more extensive. He put me on 1/2 cc test 2 x week inject...asked if I wanted to try the clomid instead...I have had 4 eye surgeries, and a worst case sore eye ever...scarred my corneas, and was stuck in a unlit room for 3 weeks, visit once to davao doc, thus wanted no part of clomid, which like viagra, can cause eye issues. 

Move ahead past the 3 months, blood test came back as I gained weight vs told to lose and my family doctor told me stroke, liver problems, heart problems and all sorts of things. Told me the testosterone can raise your already high hemoglobin (blood thickens) and need to either get to hospital, or dump blood. Iron was also way high, as was my blood pressure 180/120 while on medication. That's when I went cold turkey....from eating near 2000 calories a meal, with mass protein shakes and snacks galore (6 bagels a morning anyone)...plus 6 eggs, bacon...I would eat 6 slices of pizza, and still be hungry. From that I went almost no protein. Oatmeal breakfast, no coffee, water....then 2 egg whites and low iron wheat. Lunch was a thin peanut butter sandwich, apple water...3 pm had more cereal, very small amount, low iron...dinner was a ceasar chicken salad, croutons never tasted so good. No snacks, LOT of water. Dropped 30 pounds in 2 months....the last 30 was slower, but consistent. From 300 to 240, and a week ago I was 236. I then went to 242...easier here, but once I hit the city and stay, it's hard to find healthy options. 

Blood pressure now 110/60-70...no meds. Hemoglobin 14-16, donate 500 ml's when it gets to 16...liver enzymes from the high 80's ALT AST to in the 20's...that was usually 30-44. I can see a six pack....can move better, limits cause my spinal fusions of course, but even the back has less pain. 

Key is being boring with food, eating for function vs pleasure. In the USA, I can eat for function and still enjoy food more then here, but the fiancee is a great cook...western foods. Simply has that ability....oh, and I only eat skinned chicken breasts....occasionally eating the roasters s $ r sell...fruits here, love the chinese pears. 


Basically same  method - 103 Kg down to 76 Kg now - at 5'8" - was waaay too much - 44" waist - now 33/ 34

Started too late (68) for excess skin to completely disappear which is a fecking pain. Chicken wings, waddles, & spare tire

Now ABS & arm exercises & walk 1 hour  5 x week - can make it from Windland to Carbon and back in less than 1 1/2 hour

Have a pulse watch - would hit 150 BPM (max rate for age 70) at top of one very steep hill when started - now around 120 which is where it should be

Gave up eating 1/2 Kg of jelly beans while driving to next customer, 1 L of deer with dinner twice a week, chips and salsa as a nightly snack.

Now I eat whatever she makes and lots of rice. Very little beef - we eat pork, chicken, fish instead.

Although 2 L of coffee every morning

Only problem is not eating has become a habit same as eating wrong foods was. When Charity is not here not unusual for me to eat once ever 24 hours if that. She gets upset when I say not hungry.

Air popped popcorn is our snack of choice


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