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Found 1 result

  1. WINLAND TOWERS Condo unit- ONE BEDROOM unit for sale, 2.2 million with split air con. I have 2 units which are located side by side. I am offering both for sale but selling only one of them. I will keep the one that doesn't sell first. Both units are 40 sq meters. Units are on the 11th floor with a wide open view and lots of air flow. Unit #14 has been made into a one bedroom unit. Windows to the balcony have been replaced with full length sliding doors and the balcony has been tiled. The unit has just been tiled Same size units from Winland which are absolutely bare with no balcony tiles, no glass doors, no air con, no furniture, and no cabinets on this floor are selling for 2.55M. My price for this unfurnished unit with split air con included is 2.2 M. I will finance over 3 years with 25% down. Contact Ian at [email protected]
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