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    • rizla
      I've been using kodi since I first arrived in China, but in the last year have found it nothing like as good as it used to be. The restrictions placed on apps within kodi have meant that unless you pay for a subscription it is just taking up valuable memory space, I now have a H96+ TV box running the latest Android 7, I have added two good VPNs and Movie Play Box, so can download tv or films even with the awful internet I have here, I have a 64Gb flash card which I use to store all downloads, which means I can download interesting documentaries, nature programs etc and then use them in my classes, with subtitles. I was even able to watch live sports such as the Rugby and snooker, download some games and show in class to explain western sport to bewildered Chinese students, I learnt not to show Cricket lol.
    • mikewright
      Thanks for that, exactly what I was trying to ask!
    • Jawny
      Thanks for sharing the info.  Nice shirt!  
      https://www.ezstreambox.com/ I bought an EZ Steam android streaming box. Best money I've ever spent. I can watch any TV show, movie and live event that I want. Want to watch all the episodes of a particular TV show or series like the Sopranos. No problem you can watch as many as you want for as long as you want.  After you buy the box you never pay for anything again other than your internet bill. I also bought one for my mom because of its ease of use and no need to know any computer or technical knowledge.
    • tonny
      OK guys all done goo procedure nothing found was easy in and out for the test  the night before prep was the worst by far up all night with  the CR ,and nothing to eat all day and night .But did it .The total cost with the senior discount just show my ACR card and and Phil health discount as to what they paid i guess was 9 thousand   Peso's total.For the procedure,supplies medicines like drip of sedative  very mild was awake the whole procedure and watch on the Monitor .All normal no biopsy's at all  nothing found. But because of my other operation from 40 years ago need to now go down thru the mouth to look at what is left of my small intestine  . Really don't want that one done but guess i have too . So now we know the Phil Heath prom was a good buy . The Dr was great waste no time and the staff on the ball no freaking around that place a cash cow for them.