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    He was killed on June 24. It was reported here on June 27. So much for your outrage at how things are on this forum !! And in case you didn't notice this thread is about " Food and Restaurants"- so why would anyone [ other than you it seems ! ] want to post about a dead Canadian in this section of the forum ?? I think possibly too much ice cream has caused a massive attack of brain freeze !!
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    Ever since adding the side entry door into the Pisonet we get some water flowing in since the door is at ground level. Easy fix was to add awning but didn't want just a crappy awning coving the door so I did a bit more. 1 cube gravel delivered p1,550 1 roll up door installed p6,500 6 - 2" x 3" x 12' Coco p864 3 - 3' x 8' corrugated p792 2/2 kg umbrella nails p35 Tip for kids to deliver stone exactly we're needed, about 50 m walk p300 All in all total spent was p10,041. Since me and papa did the work no labor costs. No more mud, no more water coming in and overall a decent beautification project for only $187 usd. All that's left is some touch up work. Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    yah Mindanao is about the size of S. Korea with over 30 million residence, And the big island does have a reputation on the expat sites as being treacherously dangerous, which is primarily propagated by those inexperienced self-professed know-it-alls. Last numbers released by the Surigao City B.I. office cited it services over 2,000 expats within it's jurisdiction. So It would be seem not too reasonable to imagine that perhaps tens thousand or more expats live here on Mindanao same as myself. Most expats here know to stay out of the war zones and the hot spots in the Moro-lands. These are in fact relatively small isolated areas due to the topography of the island and easily avoidable. I fully understand that Mindanao is not for everyone, We who live here do so not out of a sense of machismo, nor due to some perceived feeling that we are somehow more adventurist. We all primarily live here because we have good lives here. I have a little secret which I believe most Mindanao expats would agree. We are actually glad most of you chose not to come here. Your absence is actually to our betterment as a whole. Being less of you actually helps keep the land prices down. Less means a lower percentage of expats acting like total wankers and pissing off our locals neighbors. We don't want the influx of the jack-asses among your ranks reflecting poorly on us. We don't want Viagra-fueled nit-wits and low-lifer sex tourists tainting the locals as was already done in Manila, Clark, Cebu, or many other of the tourist designations North of us. Please stay there wherever it is you perceive as being so much safer, because we are certainly safer without you. Besides here the local cannibals, Wak-waks and Aswangs love to kill and eat stupid expats. Be afraid, very afraid! Do not risk even flying over the airspace!
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    On the highway near Danao
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    Not knowing what Lamoe and Tata had for dinner was torture for me.
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    Even before I move to the Philippines in 2010 my favorite location has always been a peaceful place as beautiful nature as possible, if at sea, it's the right place for me. I want it's possible to reach the city in an hour, distance is not important, it's about how long time it will take to reach the city. I want the benefit the city gives me shopping, restaurants, cinema, dentist, health care and like feel the vibes of the city, but live there, no thanks. I live in Bacong south of Dumaguete, 20 meters from the sea, the view from the terrace is Siquijor, the sound of waves, fresh breeze from the sea, makes me feel good and I can reach Siquijor in 30 min in my 15 feets banka. Best of all is the locals like others here say, people are different in the province, people here help each other. I observe poor people who have a little is the first to share with the poor who have nothing. I always talk with someone when I walk around, it can be the kids, the young guys who bonding on the beach, fishermen, families in the bamboo house up in the street, the old people who still smile and talk to me even life is a struggle, maybe they have 500 pesos a month from municipal. I live before in Panglao nearly 5 years, had a good time there, but get tired of living in a tourist place with all the negative shit IMHO. I feel happy here, so it's the right place for me, 15 min to Dumaguete is fine and easy access to Cebu by bus, ferry and airplane, life is good
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    Pros: You can have everything delivered. We got people waiting to sell us fresh seafood when we wake up at 5AM. Sacks of tobacco delivered to the doorstep, etc. Skilled labor is dirt-cheap albeit highly incompetent. Good builders gravitate to the cities or go abroad. But if you need unskilled labor for a project it's a bargain. The traditional craftsmen though are excellent at what they do like boat building and furniture making. Masons and carpenters not so much. The views. This is important. Lots of open space with not a soul around. Pristine empty beaches for example. Or walking 10 km through the jungle without seeing another soul. Potential to see and photograph some really interesting wildlife. Have an excellent relationship with my neighbors; no security concerns, They got my back. And I got theirs. Once you put in the years to develop relationships it makes a huge difference. Cons: The posts about good inexpensive meals in Cebu make me salivate. We ain't walking away from a decent resort meal for two for under 1500. If you want quality you pay. Much cheaper in the city. Education and employment opportunities are an afterthought. The thinking seems to be "if you want better go elsewhere" Health care does not really exist except for emergency patching people up. The local RHU docs do an excellent job with what they have but it's, uhm, basic. Though I love living in the 'country' I can easily see the appeal of both options. For now, I'm choosing the province since I love nature and space. The sense of belonging to a community strongly appeals to me as well.
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    My best story: My MIL buys day old shrimp (the big ones) and goes around telling people they are fresh. Yesterday she came home early with a boatload of cash. Gotta love the province. Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    After a year living in the province we've adjusted, adapted and embraced the simple life. While there are many things we miss about Cebu City our "province life" has many advantages. As people have gotten to know us there are vendors that deliver to our door. Everything from flowers to pasayan. Usually things are even cheaper but occasionally I'll pay a little extra for the convenience. Yesterday the fish lady came by and excitedly called to me. She had fresh shrimp...the biggie size and knows I like them. She was asking 320 a kilo which is 20 pesos more than the market price. I gladly paid her for the whole bucket, 3 kilos and started preparing a variety of pasayan dishes for the next few days. She had an ear to ear grin as she unloaded a whole days work in one stop. This morning a lady from up the street delivered puto for 50 pesos to our gate. She cooks this sticky rice dish wrapped in leaves. A little salty, a little sweet with ginger. Honestly, tastes a lot like cardboard to me but asawa and mom love the stuff. What are your positive experiences in the province?
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    Hit a 7-11 this morning as I was an hour early for a meeting. Only having had 6 cups of coffee at home I was shaking for some fresh caffeine. I entered 7-11 and saw a "fresh brewed" coffee machine. It makes 1 cup at a time 8, 12 or 16oz. I opted for the 16oz cup and was pleasantly surprised. Not a bad cup for p39. They also had 3 flavors, French vanilla, caramel macchiato and a choco something. Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    I find for the most part folks in the province are honest...hard working and friendly pretty much directly opposite from the people you meet in the city. They also tend to be a lot less noisy. Things are cheaper in the province, from food to services. But the thing that I love the most is the quiet, when we lived in San Jose, it was a constant barrage of noise from loud ass motorcycles, to street kids, vendors and people yelling for no reason...24/7 Here unless there is some event going on, from about 6pm until 5am you can hear a pin drop...which allows the wifey and I to sit out on the back porch, enjoy the sunset and stars and actually have a conversation which for us is great as during the day our lives are somewhat hectic with the businesses and kids...
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    i consider that to be a regular life !!
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    clear your cookies and stop visiting gay sites.....
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    I spend most of my waking hours (and some non-waking hours) oil painting on stretched canvas. My latest work is Lahug, Cebu City. Please feel free to comment. All comments are welcomed; good, bad, or indifferent. Lahug, Cebu City oil on canvas 48 x 60 inches
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    I only know 3 words in visayan but I have never had a problem getting anything I wanted. All you have to say is: I HAVE MONEY ! It works every time!
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    Agreed I just searched "closet queens" and now all my banner ads have switched to "Visit Taiwan" Huh Sent from my CPH1819 using Tapatalk
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    being the wealthy high society guy i am, i missed logging on every morning to read about what all you little people have to deal with in your daily lives that i never have to trifle myself over. i find it all amusing and uplifting
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    Sorry to hear that Joe. I've heard stories like this from others too. Honestly though I don't feel it's indicative of the province. It feels like a problem that the Expats before us have created by teaching a few that it's okay not to work and to live off of the "rich" instead. In my experience it's worse in the city. My BILs are good hard working guys but they weren't always like that. Early on, when they had no work, I would feed and house them and their families. One day the oldest wanted money for beer and I told him "no, he needs to work for that and I would not support luxuries like that". He ranted and raved about no jobs being available. About then a kid came by on a bicycle collecting plastic bottles. We loaded him up and the kid was on his way. I turned to my BIL and said, "that 8 year old kid is making money and no job". Since then he has been doing whatever he can, when not employed, to feed his family. I'm more than happy to help if they are trying. We also try to help those who can't help themselves. Christmas here starts on September 15th...mark it on your calendar. That's when the first kids start singing Xmas carols outside our gate. by Christmas Eve it's nonstop, one group after another. And we don't give out money. I give them lollipops and candy. Last year I started teaching them the correct words to the songs...it's hilarious their interpretations. A few weeks ago at the market a man with one arm and no legs crawled by and offered a polite greeting, with a big smile, as he made his way to a corner in the shade. My wife was buying fruit as all this happened and when she was done we walked over to him and I gave him a 20 peso note. He never asked for anything and I never saw him beg. Even before I gave him money he was smiling like he was the luckiest man on earth. Very clean and happy to be alive I now call him Lucky when I see him and always give him something, food, bread, money. I found out he was a carpenter that was in an accident and can't work anymore. Since then I have seen him with his wife and 3 kids who also hang out at the market. She sells calimansi and the kids carry peoples bags for coins. I hope if I ever end up like Lucky that I can still smile like that and someone will take pity on me and throw me a coin, once in a while.
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