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    I noticed someone felt to need to announce they were leaving. I think that is just some passive aggressive attempt at a rebuke? Paul was always a gentleman. I found some psychotic wen site attacking him and non of the contents reflected my experience with him. Always a good guy to me. The new owner made an unsolicited contact with me to help me optimise a web page. How cool is that? I come here to pass the time. Maybe I am mistaken but I consider myself a realist. I don’t want or expect anyone to care if I leave or stay. I come here to pass time. None of my posts will be exceptional. I don’t join cliques and block those people. I just enjoy simple browsing and occasional interactions by posting. What is exceptional is how willing members are to help when it has needed most. I have donated money and time to people in need here. I have gotten much more back in priceless knowledge. So things are a bit different now but the core group of good hearted members are why I like it here and don’t think that can easily be replaced. I don’t like a beat down just because things may not operated the way I expect. Not my site. This is my way of supporting an overwhelmingly good core group of members. End.
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    I am not a fan of over moderating , it dampens things a bit if someone is just strolling around looking for stuff to pick at , I would say right now is the smoothest and least moderating used since I joined here 12K posts ago, and everyone I think , is more at ease without over the top moderating ....for this to continue some self restraint is sometimes required from everybody participating ....particularly in controversial type subject matter. So we need to be selective with our wording and descriptions in these topics , and we also need to refrain from injecting political persuasion into things where it is just not necessary , no one in particular is being singled out here but we can sort of look at it as a notification of where the speed camera is going to be set up ...and hopefully avoid being pinged as we go through it.............
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    Final report: After a few week's absence, finally reached the finish line (almost)! Despite being the dry season we have pushed ahead with landscaping and laying turf. This means copious watering twice a day - fortunately nature has played its part the last few days with heavy overnight rain. Long may it continue! All units have been fully fitted out now and the water supply system installed - reserve water tank, pump and pressure tank. The system is rigged to run off city water unless the pressure drops below a certain level, which will trigger the pressure tank and pump to supplement the supply. Cable TV and internet the last remaining non-construction related items yet to be sorted. I hope this thread has been of interest to anyone considering a building project in these parts. Many thanks to our builder Dhing Santos, who yet again produced results far exceeding our expectations and without whose voluntary help in dealing with the local electricity cooperative we could never have reached this happy conclusion. Major credits to Belle Caldosa, co-owner of the apartments for her flawless eye for design and fantastic landscaping. Many thanks to Pakon, a lovely lady who single-handedly planted each individual piece of turf under an intolerably hot and unforgiving sun over the last two weeks. And lastly to Clary, my daughter, whose future inspired me to undertake this project in the first place!
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    I dont want to be here anymore. I don't belong here . I have been here 10 years but now its not for me . . I have better things to do with my time. But rather than just leave I feel it necessary to come here and post that some of you are crooks . Because I'm a classy guy . And I believe that my leaving words will have a lasting and positive impact on this forum . Oh, and by the way , I'm not going to tell you who the crooks are - because I want you all to find out the hard way the same way that I did . And being of superior intellect I chose the Introduction forum to post this .
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    The forum rules were written with the idea in mind we are mature adults here. Obviously, that is not completely true across the board.
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    I hope Laurence wasn't referring to me. The chickens were clearly advertised as "barely fecked" Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk
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    You take the bull you get the horns. You want a forum of travel agents each stroking each other fine..Or do you want seasoned vets with experience If so you deal with some bullshit we all have our specialities thru experience or family ... Ian knows about buying and selling property and cars . Need to find someplace ask wolf .. Need to apply for a K1 or ir1 or visitor visa ask shadow getting screwed over at bi ask me . Problem with pnp ask harry .. Headshot seems to know all the rules in dealing with goverment bullshit . The watch guy huummmm ALL OF US OLD TIMERS SURVIVED AND PROSPERED IN A COUNTRY NOT THEIR OWN What is needed more a politically correct forum or connections..
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    Had a first date with a girl i met online. Ayala 3 pm 4 th floor Cinema. we texting back forward she is asking what i am wearing i reply shorts and a blue polo .so we are still looking for eachother on the 4 th floor but i never able to find her and suddenly no more replies or messages from her either.So i call her phone but no answer so after 20 more minutes waiting i send her some very bad swearing words and leave Ayala .Then 3 hours later new messages from her that she thanks me for the nice date in Ayala ??and for even buy her some groceries in Rustans..?? Then her next message from her hey why i use bad language... Then I finally figured out what happened she saw a foreigner with similar outfit as mine said hi to him they talked had lunch went Rustans he buy her some groceries and all the time she is thinking she is have a date as it was planned with me.. Very hilarious to say the least.
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    Isn’t this dejavu all over again? I recall at least a couple of LinC members who made a cryptic post about their imminent departure. The ones who do return make a delightful show that they are BACK! Reminds me of a teenager running away from home. I must admit, I’ve had this experience. Usually it involves peanuts and cold beer. At times like this is when I realize i have two brains competing for my attention. Can I stop eating the peanuts, or is it the beer that’s making me do it? I do love the crook connection. I suspect there are a lot of crooks within the LinC ranks. Might be a jaywalker or two. I am certain there are some philanderers.
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    First off...this is not what we would consider a "resort". This is Filipino style beach for locals and we celebrated MIL's Bday. While this is specific to Merida it is typical of what you may find in the Province anywhere in the Philippines. There are a ton of these type beach stops along the National Highway and Asawa and Mom picked this one for room and Karaoke. We brought all our own food and drink and rented the place for 1800 PHP. It was worth it but while swimming I did a little recon next door and found better beach areas. About 70-80 people eating drinking and swimming. Relatively sandy beach, (black sand...I'm going with volcanic rock as I didn't wake up with the Hershey squirts from swimming in sewage) and high tide brings the water right up to edge of the land so you step right into the water. No broken glass and crap that you usually find and shallow enough to stand 70-80 meters out. Brought the paddleboard and it was a big hit. They had an excellent Karaoke machine with a lot of variety so everyone could find something to sing and plenty of huts with shade, though the entire property is shaded with big trees which kept it as cool as possible. The usual feeding frenzy when the starting gun when off but the lady in pink top did an excellent job of cutting the lechon and plating it so you didn't end up with peeps digging for their favorite part and ruining the pig. There is also a grilling area with a water tap, in the shade for cooking. the CRs and "changing" area was really bad. That's a lot coming from me! Also the fence at the edge of the water was bamboo that was decrepit and splintery so be very careful. The step down onto the beach was an old tire filled with rocks...again not very safe. However, once you make it to the water it is very good for swimming so all the kids spent most of the day at that. I am going to look around next door for a better place next time but all in all this was a pretty good beach area and very doable for a party.
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    Hope they throw the book at her. Next thing you know she'll be smuggling airline fruit.
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    i know i've barely been around for a while but life gets busy sometimes.. about to be around even less for at least a short while kiddo was involved in a few math brain studies over the last few years at utsa. they basically hook him up to a brain scanner seal him a room that was isolated from everything and have him do all sorts of math .. he killed it every time they were extremely happy with him.. do we are about to head up to cornell for a couple of weeks or so for a similar things he got invited/accepted to. .. leaving for there in a couple days... he won't be able to but i am hoping i can sneak away for a little time to see my brother and sister and plan another trip up there with him once summer hits for a real visit
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    We made sure that every child got a similar number of treasures when they were all done. The little ones were helped by the older ones, and everybody got some eggs.
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    Meanwhile, in Dumaguete...
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    If you ever have the need to stay in Matlang a newish Hotel has opened and has many conveniences that would accommodate westerners. Moussaka hotel has hot water, AC and cable. WiFi is only good in public areas. All rooms come with a descent breakfast, (though Filipino sized), and access to the swimming area. If you are a hotel Guest you get a discount on tables and huts while swimming. There are also several grills and charcoal for sale if you want to cook out at the pool. There is a canteen that offers snack food tubig and refreshmants at the pool also. I spoke with the owner the other day and the swimming area is a work in progress but he is dedicated to making a nice area for the families to relax. KTV rooms coming soon along with function areas/rooms. We stayed at the hotel about a year ago while it was still under construction and found it comfortable and clean. The best thing about the Moussaka hotel is...it's just down the road from me on National Highway!
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    This is a spin-off thread from the 'Building a Small Lobster Hatchery here in the Philippines' https://www.livingincebuforums.com/ipb/topic/95658-building-a-small-lobster-hatchery-here-in-the-philippines/ which will be discussing several types of floating nets and floating cages which I will eventually be constructing to use for the lobster hatchery facility. I will be not only raising lobsters from eggs but will also be raising various saltwater species of fish, crabs, shrimp and assorted shells to be used to feed the lobsters being produced in the hatchery. This need will require several different styles of floating nets and cages. This is why I felt that by grouping these into a separate thread it would help the readers to more easily follow the information while allowing the hatchery thread to remain less cluttered. My first net system is a large multi-purposed floating platform which will be used for lobster 'grow-out' aquaculture. We will be purchasing Pueruli and Algal-juvenile size seedstock and will be raising them to 500gram size buyer's market weight. This is what is called lobster 'grow-out' aquaculture. This first floating net platform system though built for open-water lobster 'grow-out' aquaculture, is a design which is adaptable for both freshwater and saltwater 'grow-out' aquaculture. When I first sat down to design this platform I knew what I wanted to use it for, and I understood that it would have to meet certain criteria. First I knew that I wanted a (6 meter x 6 meter) floating net-platform. The platform needed to have a large net enclosure capable of performing several different functions at the same time. The platform must be capable of handling the stresses of moderate to heavy wave action (Cat-2 to Cat-3 tropical storm), and capable of being quickly relocate to a more sheltered location in case of typhoons. The frame needed to be constructed out of a durable lightweight medium which is affordable, yet both extremely strong and flexible as to not easily buckle by heavy wave action; which of course made (single-length bamboo construction the best option). And the the platform needed to be constructed with a sufficient height above the waterline to protect the walkways from heavy wave action, and handle the wear from boats which will be lashed to the frame during normal day-to-day usage. Well that certainly seemed easy enough at the time, but it quickly turned into quite a task which took some time to take it from concept to reality. . When I first started sketching out the platform I decided I would look at some examples on the internet to use as an example. Well I quickly discovered that there was actually very little on the internet and what was available offered little in the way of useful information. In fact it became clear that what sketches were on the internet were not actually sketched by someone who had actually built one before, as there lots of artistic license being employed in their sketches. This is the closest drawing off the internet which I could find to the design I was working with in my head. So I decided to stop looking for assistance on the internet and just start sketching a long series of rough drafts and drawing until something that appeared to be a feasible working design stated to evolve into something that seemed practical. I then sat down and made a working model using plastic straws, bamboo toothpicks and sewing thread and built a prototype. I knew that plastic straws reacted similar to lengths of bamboo when stressed, and that the plastic straws displayed a similar flexibility to that of bamboo lengths. This allowed be to build a platform in miniature, which I could easily hold in my hand and twist and flex. This would allow me to simulate the stresses the platform would most likely encounter during heavy wave action. I would test, discover the flaws in the design and build another straw model and test that one, and so on and so on. I was able to strengthen those areas in the design which had weaknesses, and trim-down all unnecessary weight while maintaining the integrity of the frame. Eventually I had a simplistic design which was extremely strong but required a minimum of building materials which would help keep the material cost low for the project. I now knew that I had the design just as I wanted. The model also allowed me to already assemble the platform; so I was confident that all the needed bamboo lengths, bracings and sections connecting the 55gal plastic drums to the frame were correct. All the materials had already been collected and the bamboo had been properly dried, so now it was time to assemble this project so we can get it in the water for real.
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    We live in a tiny little house. In this tiny little house we pack four children, two dogs, two cats, a bird and an assortment of creatures into the petting zoo that our oldest daughter calls her basement bedroom. The floors are slanted and creaky and the tile in the kitchen is missing most of its grout. The basement often floods in the spring and, in the winter, you can almost see your breath in the upstairs bedrooms because, for whatever reason, the heat from our trusty old furnace doesn’t seem to make it up there. We have mismatched appliances and secondhand furniture in every room. I love this tiny house. The creaks in the floors and cracks in the plaster are like poetry to my soul because this is home. I don’t care that the houses on all sides of us are far bigger and much fancier. I don’t envy the vehicles in their driveways or notice if they take expensive vacations each year. I don’t compare our lives to theirs in any way. I’m not interested in keeping up with the Joneses. And I have a very good reason for that. You see, many, many years ago there were only two children and I was married to a different man. A man who cared more about material possessions and instant gratification than his family. And we had a big house. A big, newly-built home with an incredible view of a lake. A big new home, nice vehicles and a boat in the driveway. We had a little boy and a little girl. A “million dollar family” people used to say. We were, in fact, the Joneses. We were the postcard example of what society tells everyone they should want or aspire to be. But inside the front door of that house there was a different story unfolding. There was a life filled with alcoholism, drug abuse, infidelity and violence. There was a life filled with overspending by a man who could never be satisfied, and hopelessness and despair. There were two children who either never saw their father, or only saw him screaming at their mother or passed out in bed. During those years, I often felt as though I was living in a reverse snow globe. The world outside of our home was sparkly and happy. Inside, I tried desperately to calm things down, but no matter what I did, we just kept getting picked up and shaken around again. From the outside, we were the envy of neighbors and friends. Inside, it was a nightmare that nearly destroyed me and my children. I was fortunate to get away. With the support of family and friends who started to see what was truly happening, I was able to start a new life with my children. And then, we met my husband who loves those children as his own, and we added two more. And then we bought this tiny little house. This tiny little house, with its cracks and creaks and secondhand everything. This tiny little house, filled with love, respect and so much laughter. This tiny little house, where everyone feels secure and safe. This tiny little house, where even if our upstairs bedrooms are freezing cold, our hearts are filled with warmth. This tiny little house, where our two oldest children don’t ever feel they are missing out on bigger, fancier homes because they know what truly matters. This tiny little house, where both of those children exclaim on a regular basis how much they love it here and ask that we never move. And we won’t. We aren’t the Joneses. And we don’t aspire to be. I know firsthand that we can’t possibly know what’s happening behind the doors in the lives of others. And I also know how beautiful it is to be truly content with exactly what we have. Love your life. Don’t be concerned with what others have or what society tells you to want or buy. If your little place on this earth is filled with love and respect and the warmth that comes from the safety of knowing people care about you, then you are already rich. Don’t worry about the Joneses. They might happily trade in that six bedroom home for exactly what you have. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/had-picture-perfect-unhappy-life-080403432--abc-news-parenting.html I just felt that this was such a refreshing point of view. We live in such a materialistic world where so many think that things make you happy. Things don’t make a person happy, being happy with what you have brings true well being , not the car in the driveway.
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    i just read this thread and let me be the first to step up and say that tony is awesome. however those that haven't met him don't need to take my word for it...just ask him and he'll tell ya
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    I wouldn't say that , we've never lost a world war ....Goetz is a German name isn't it ?...........
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    No, not "no lights". Lights should be the focus of any new legislation, on cars trucks motors and highways. More stringent driver qualifications couldn't hurt either.
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    Don't worry. You are on my list of things that frustrate me too.
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    Tiles laid without adhesive may last a few years or more ...but eventually they will either crack or lift ..become drummy(hollow sound when you tap them with an object). American friend of mine just replaced the tiles on the whole second floor of his house , 4 years old , tiles laid with sand and cement , the whole lot just let go and lifted ...they tried to blame the mason who is a friend of mine and who has also laid 200+ square meters of tiles in my house and not one drummy tile ....we used tile adhesive , 200 pesos per bag. Laying tiles with just sand and cement is your own choice , cost less money initially but is a dumbass move at the end of the day. I see nothing wrong with the comparisons of Thailand being introduced here , you are a member of this forum and are welcome to join in and share your thoughts and experiences , lots of members are always comparing "how it is done " in their home country's like Australia , America and in Europe etc , etc, so no big deal , Thailand is even closer geographically for comparisons ...so....keep it coming bro .......
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    The Philippines has some of the smartest spiders in the world. I took these pics of a spider (obviously related to Charlotte) on the power wire outside my window. The spider actually wrote the word XANADU (all caps), but the batteries in my camera died after I took these photos.... damn shame.
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    My wife has lived in Dumaguete for many years. She says the "gentle people" in the city of Gentle People left 20+ years ago. I have asked her why. The best I can get out of what she says is the city has grown too much too fast and many of the now residents have moved here from other towns and provinces to go to school and work. Sort of diluting the gentle people population. The small town feel is gone. The newer residents just don't feel the same way about the old Dumaguete. My wife says the current attitude/ lack of gentleness is the result of so called progress and also a generational thing. All one needs to do is look around at people staring at their cell phones and not even talking to the people they are with or passing the sidewalks or streets. And the traffic is terrible, leading to road rage type actions. Personal;y I first came here 12 years ago and have lived here full time now for 8 years. Dumaguete is not what it used to be at all. The road traffic has tripled in that 12 years. Hopefully the Gentle people will come back. We try and do our share to be friendly and gentle people, that's all we can do. Anyhow, that is our point of view. It is what it is but it doesn't have to stay that way. Cheers.
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    I was out of this form for quite some time but I'm now glad to be back. It now seems to be a bit more positive and a lot more informative than when I left it. I totally agree with what this topic is saying and has a lot to do with why I left. I'm still married to my Philippina wife and I will be happy with her in Cebu or S. California. My plans haven't changed but we have started working on more realistic day to day activities to make those plans a reality. A vacation there in one year and six months here the year after that is the plan. If all goes well our life will be 6 months in Cebu and 6 months in the U.S. on a regular basis.
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    Sorry, Ill tell the wife to quit carrying them today.....
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    I'm surprised ! I thought you were much shorter than that !
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    We have started our summer vacation with a bang. We arrived in Kissimmee yesterday afternoon. Today, we went on an airboat ride on a lake south of here, and saw gators and lots of different kinds of birds. My daughter was originally worried that she would get eaten by an aligator, but she ended up having a great time. Tomorrow we will transfer to a resort on the WDW property, and do the dinner jousting show at Medieval Times tomorrow evening. We then have four or five days at the various kingdoms at Walt Disney World, so the schedule will be pretty much packed. I was talking with another guy at the pool this evening who is also married to a Filipina, and he was saying that his wife drove up to Jacksonville to visit the Jollibee there. They live in Minnesota, so she doesn't get a Jollibee fix very often.
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    Lots of alternatives if you allow them , I just keep it simple and say "let's save all the heartache , headaches and any other problems and just do it all my way , when you build your house with your money you can do it your way" ......... I would suppose the difference in all this is that I am a carpenter and have been building since I was 16 years old , for inexperienced people it is easy to be persuaded into allowing or just letting things to be done the way the workers would like to do it .....which , because of what they are used to dealing with is generally the cheapest way possible ....
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    Looks like a great spot to park your bicycle on the beach.
  47. 7 points
    You guys are looking at their struggles and pitying them. A few minutes ago they were having the time of their lives riding down the hill.
  48. 7 points
    OI! This post was directed to epicureans who appreciate Vegemite, not the gourmands from Yonkers brought up on a diet of salami-filled bagels .
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    Paid 145 for my latest one. Great body, 2009, descent engine, 4wd but need to fix the positraction. Others I looked at were 190 and up. got mine from a mechanic that puts them together when he has time...one year warranty for labor too!
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    Great point Jawny. I never understood all the complaints about the politics and religion forums. I did not participate as they were merely a shouting match where Members beat their chest and said "you're wrong & I'm right". But even though I did not participate I never slammed someone's "privilege" to do do so. That word privilege is something we can all keep in our thoughts. It is a privilege to utilize this website not a right. As such we need to nurture it and respect other Members so this website grows and is accessible to all.
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