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  2. fred42

    World Cup, Football

    6-1-job done..England through!
  3. A_Simple_Man

    Fake p10,000 peso bills

    I've seen a legitimate 10K peso bill. When I got my car fixed last week the mechanic gave me a bill, for 10K pesos.
  4. I am pretty sure that the router does not use 1.5 A, maybe only half, specially in standby
  5. Today
  6. Flakes

    Went to an auction today

    Can u prove it?
  7. SkyMan


    Still works for me. fb videos used to embed. Maybe they've put some block on it now.
  8. aussiekangaroo

    Oz sign real?

    Far-right and anti-racism protesters trade verbal barbs in CBD clash https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/06/24/17/25/protesters-clash-in-melbourne-cbd
  9. lamoe

    Australian pension

    True 12.4% for 50 years? - imagine if 25 / 25 / 50 (spec, aggressive, conservative - shifting as time went by) investing.
  10. Contango

    NZlanders know how to party with a bang

    Many Pinoys in NZ as its a gateway to Australia, 230.000 of them in Australia.
  11. The only ones I could do were the quarter onto the plate and ball into the large milk container toss The trick is to stand sideways - lean as far over as they let you (reduces horizontal distance / inertia) and toss gently underhand so the coin / ball is at the peak of it's arc just above the closest rim (like the ball in the basket toss) For the plates make sure they aren't tilted away from you - they were at Great America. For the ball in the container ask them to drop one into one you select - they were going to drop it into one of the every top tier ones - was a pretty chilly day - grandson got a free super prize at local carney that's how close the hole and ball diameter were on the lower tier ones - (ring / bottle close) - baseballs in sun / containers in shade - he told daughter when we met up and she had them close down for the day
  12. I hope he kept his receipt so he can get a refund.
  13. Kreole

    Looks like today Man was dogs best friend.....

    A village in India did that once to rid the area of venomous snakes. They were so successful that the rats ate the entire grain harvest and many in the village starved. You cannot make these things up. Snakes are beautiful creatures and have as much right to live on this planet as any human being. Buddhist respect all living things and their place in the whole ecosystem. As far as "cold-blooded killing machines", humans are the only ones that accurately fit that description.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I heard it is taking a while to retrain Ceres bus driver to swim ...
  16. to_dave007

    Hello Again!

    Who gives a sh*t? Got better things to do that worry about that.
  17. max111

    Meaningless pics

  18. Headshot


  19. My post was based on my experience from my trip there last October. I didn't give you any info on Puerto Princesa because I haven't been there. There are several decent places in the area I spotlighted for you that are in your stated price range, plus most of the good restaurants are in that area too. There is also a BPI bank with an ATM there. All of the island tour boats leave from the beach right in front of that area, so staying within a few blocks is a real advantage. I made the mistake of staying at the El Nido Beach Hotel, which is at the other end of the beach and a long walk from anything you might want to do in or around El Nido. BTW, most of the hotels and restaurants in El Nido do a cash business, so you will need to use the ATM or just carry a lot of cash. It seems the electronic age hasn't hit El Nido yet. Nobody has card readers.
  20. lamoe

    XT 30 connectors in Cebu

    Switching over from EQ2 (Hubsan) connectors to XT30 (MJX) - got a great price on drone batteries - 5 pcs 2,700 Mah for 650 P each instead of 2k P each for the OEM 1,800's in a proprietary housing. Did the old trick of using lighter to soften plug housing and pulling pins out Now just need to get a soldering iron
  21. Is it twin tower in Dubai? Cebu business park yes its nicer then IT park..
  22. RogerDat

    Virtual Rail fanning

    Rail fanning is the "sport" of watching trains go by. I found a site that has real time feeds, same time as here, but opposite day / night. Can be like watching paint dry, but can see what is going on in US. One of the 3 feeds in Ashland VA has a train store across the street from it.
  23. lamoe

    USD to PhP Exchange Rate

    1 st floor 52.80 Maze 53.15 Schwab 53.275
  24. Goetz1965

    Martial Arts School

    I go for nearly 3 years now to Abellana Sports Center every Sat/Sun - costs just entry (15php/head) plus 25php for our Sensai. Its Shorin Ryu Karate and class consists mostly of Kids under 20 - so Im oldest but no one cares. If you like to have a look just drop by - every Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 15 Sundays is also Arnis teaching (Stick fighting) I only read about an Arnis Dojo in Inayawan but never was there nor know the Sensai. Theres quite some Karate schools in Cebu but you really must look them in Gogle and Facebook - and you must look if its easy to reach. I found one school thats nice but they have no parking space available - so for me being with a car it's unattendable then.
  25. the.lone.gunman

    Does She Love You or Your Money?

    if you were a dirt poor 65 y.o. tricicad driver living in a slum how interested would she be?
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  27. broden


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