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  2. Times haven't always been good in the U.S.

    FOLKS? ex-wife and I saw it when it first came out - No way will I admit to being of an age that you could be my son Other terms Sh1tkickers (shoes), Virgin Pin (round circle), Greaser (that's easy - dupers = nerds), baggie blues / grays (pants - part of dress code that included Italian knit shits (watch Good Fellows), Dago "T", 3/4 length suede - black or brown leather coat), Pinners (ball game played using edge of curb). Pitching penny s (gambling game) When all they see are 2 week millionaires with their Twinkies and Rustan's bag for her stuff, or retired guys who for th most part, are not that concerned about next meal, the misconception is inevitable. I felt the same about LSD residents (Lake Shore Drive)
  3. Should be greatful, he can have a reduction for time served. haha.
  4. Personally I would tend towards what ever lets me enjoy my life more, regardless of whether is extends life or not ... who cares if you live to 120, if you can't actually do anything ....
  5. Rev Billy Graham has died

    His reward will be among the best in the kingdom.
  6. Thought for the day

  7. Today
  8. Great value

    I have found this forum to be of great value.
  9. Bud Brown Videos

    He does nice things, no innuendo. I guess if you need that to feel then have at it. His style of giving is just objectifying him. P100 to our helpers 15 year old daughter for a load by handing it to the mom in front of the intended minor receipient while my wife was present. Context, minor helps wash clothes. Hopefully just as generous but more judicious, and rewarding effort. Just my opinion, no right or wrong.
  10. Hiking & Treking CEBU

    No mountains in Cebu, only hills Mboal's veteran action planet organize trekking trips to e.g. Cebu's highest point Osmena Peak (1000m). Also to Kanlaon volcano in Negros.
  11. Cars

    Tire keeps great rhythm
  12. Soup's Music Videos

    How can you go out and have fun if ya don't eat your Lechon?
  13. Cats

  14. I’m new here.just saying hi.

    Welcome to Cebu Ricky Just give us a holler if we can help you on anything
  15. Free Range Chicken Eggs

    A day in the farm Free range chicken farming in Alcoy Cebu
  16. I'm visible!

    Thanks it's working again!!
  17. I re-registered my car yesterday in Danau. It is 3 years old now. Took the ferry from Camotes to Danau, arrived at the the smoke testing station a bit before 11am. The place was a swamp, flooded from recent rain and road works right across the entrance to the station. Mud and water almost up to the door sills. Eventually managed to get in, then sat there for nearly an hour. Then told diesel tester not working, told to follow the guy up the road to another test station, got there and was very busy, said maybe 2 hours! Then the guy said we could drive up to Carmen. So that"s what we did. Got there, reversed in to the bay, took about 30 minutes for them to stick the pipe in the exhaust and take a photo, then produce the paper. that was 450p. then back to Danau LTO. Have to buy CTPL 1200p. That took another 30 minutes, Then go into LTO for the form for re-registration. Back out to CTPL place for that to be filled out. Then back into LTO to the boss for him to sign it. Back out to get car and take it into the inspection area. 45 minutes here as it was lunch time. Hand forms to inspector. Open hood, check tires, lights, wipers. signed off. Take car back out, park, then back to LTO and hand papers in. Take a seat. 30 minutes name called, handed papers go to window 5 and pay. 3630p. Take a seat. 45 minutes later, name called got OR and sticker. I have to say it seemed like quite a fiasco to get it done. But one thing I was trying to get information on, was, I have fully comprehensive insurance, which covers all risks including acts of nature, 3rd party etc etc etc. However I still had to purchase CTPL cover (Compulsory 3rd Party Liability Cover). Is this not just a scam? If I already have 3rd party cover, why have to buy it again? I am sure in most countries around the world, multiple insurance cover policies on a single item is illegal. Oh, and the extra cost of 1100p for re-registration was due to being late, It was due in January but problems with ferries not running due to weather, and me getting sick for 10 days meant not getting over to get it done. I am really hoping the LTO manage to get the satellite office opened in Poro before next January.
  18. Steam

    I see steam prepaid cards available at different outlets. I know DATABLITZ Has steam wallet. Also use paymaya for online transactions requiring a CC .
  19. Nbi clearance

    The NBI clearance. My son needs is for him to be a flight instructor at Mactan.
  20. Inspirational Memes

    This is not a meme... I suppose you could put a border around it...add flower and some lame quote and then it would be... But damn... a touch of the Irish..and? "God Bless All Here"....
  21. Relationships

  22. Remembering Pinatubo

    The video is broken into three parts, but for those who were there, this will likely bring back some memories...
  23. bernadette

    and its getting a bit crazier as days went by.....:wub::wub:

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