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  2. It saved me 5 speeding tickets one no left turn ticket and 3 illegal right turn tickets. ( I'm a fairly aggressive driver lol) When I got my licence instead of standing in the sun all day it was done in the LTO Directors office- while I was served lunch! But that one cost me 1200 pesos hehe
  3. You don't need to pour all the walls at the same time. Just between the columns.
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  5. Honestly Ian.. I've never needed to.
  6. There is no problem getting it done that way in Dumaguete area, if one has the money. If the equipment is here in this small city of 130,000+, I'm sure it is elsewhere too.
  7. Barryrio

    UK tourist or visit visa.

    Not wishing to put a dampener on this idea, but we currently have a chap from Sussex staying at out B&B in Valencia (Dumaguete). He is 53 yrs old, has a house on the banks of the Thames and a very good job. He has been in a stable relationship with a lass here of about the same age as yours for a number of years. Her circumstances are pretty similar to those you describe for your partner. He has applied twice for a visitor visa to the UK and been turned down twice. Soon as they covered one exigency that was supposedly missing form his first application they produced a different reason for refusal. He does not give up easily and is now pushing through for a third attempt. Be prepared for a lot of hitches and frustration. Very annoying when one considers that a refugee from just about anywhere gets the red carpet treatment but not much we can do about that. I wish you all the best nevertheless and hope you succeed in bucking the trend!
  8. Jawny

    Tropical fish supplies Tacloban.

    Thanks. Not sure which Metrobank and KFC you referred to. I'll give Ormoc a try next time there.
  9. Salty Dog


  10. You can try. But you will need to completely change the way things are done. To properly fill a tall wall form will require a large amount concrete poured in a short amount of time. One might accomplish this in Manila or Cebu. But quite unlikely anywhere else. You need transit mix trucks, a pumper, vibrators, and a large crew that knows what they are doing. Also the forms are expensive and complex. Actually only a few of the walls need to be proper concrete. These are the 'shear walls' that keep a structure standing vertical in an earthquake or typhoon. Standing long enough for the occupants to escape. A CHB wall has no useful strength in shear. They instantly revert to sand. Same for the columns. The entire structure racks over: See Bohol, Mindoro, etc. With a proper design incorporating a few strategic shear walls the CHB filled walls can well provide their proper decorative roll, for that is all they are. Think gypsum board, Sheetrock, on a wood stud frame...structurally useless yet decorative.
  11. Been doing a lot of that for the last couple years. Almost done with that for the wall though, the rest will be CHB. Then it will be back to poured walls for the basement on the house.
  12. hyaku

    Tropical fish supplies Tacloban.

    The small place just down from Metrobank on the other side of the road is still open. Not much choice there. Straight up the road opposite KFC about 100 meters I get all my stuff from Ormoc. Either RZ Glass and Pet. That's just up from GV Hotel near the corner before the bridge. Or Erwins shop almost opposite OCCI. That sometimes does not open until late morning.
  13. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  14. Agreed it's a good discussion but also perhaps there's some confusion about the above two words. Indigenous scholarships are meant for those of a specific racial background. The Negritos and so on. Indigent refers to the limited financial means of the supporting family involved.
  15. Considering the questionable quality of blocks and the time and skill it takes to lay the properly and then to have to fill the cores with rebar and concrete, it seems pretty clear that the only way I would build here is solid concrete walls.
  16. PlanB

    Globe problems?

    With speeds like that who needs enemies.
  17. Damn, I was going to pick up a bitcoin a few months ago but never did. ArgggghhhH!!
  18. shadow

    Globe problems?

    Great, but not available here.
  19. SkyMan

    Globe problems?

    This is PLDT HomeBro. Up most of the time.
  20. trevorclap007

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  21. It's amazing what 500 pesos in a discrete envelope can accomplish in almost any situation .
  22. Yesterday
  23. David_LivinginTalisay

    Celebrating a Birthday @ Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM City, Cebu

    It does seem that the Management of 'Vikings' and 'Tong Yang Plus' have changed their previous Policy of accepting 'Foreigner Residents' of the Philippines, who can show proof of being over 60 Years old with Philippines issued ID (Driving Licence / ACR I-Card etc) showing over 60 Years old. Clearly not all of Vikings/Tongs Managers were aware of this Policy a while ago! Hence the reply that some received, that was contrary to what Smokey experienced. I still got my ACR :-*Card accepted @Tongs. When we went there on Sunday (Fathers Day)- however, it was NOT Accepted. See Photo- that I took, showing New 'Senior Discount Notice' that states 'Philippine Citizens'.
  24. shadow

    Globe problems?

    Dial up would be an improvement!
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