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  2. Bama

    Meaningless pics

    I copied this off another PI message board. All credit to OP Dan.
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  4. cookie47

    Philippine Postal Service

    I'll keep an eye out for the Polo and other stuff for you.... [emoji23] Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
  5. I always thought it was the amount of sugar they eat that caused so many filipinos to have missing front teeth, guess its POLES TO BLAME
  6. I've heard a scam some Pinays fall for is chatting with a guy using a fake profile, who eventually claims to have arrived in Manila and will meet her soon, but is stuck in some immigration red tape and needs 5000p, can she send it? and on, and on and on. The scammers using the fake profile are sometimes, in fact, Nigerian, just like in the OP. Back in the early 2000s, I used to do some reverse-scamming to waste the scammers time. There were, and still are, websites dedicated to reverse 419 scamming. Although, these days most seem to have moved to youtube, and upload vids showing how they heckle the ransomware scammer operations in India.
  7. lamoe


    You don't find this attractive But there are those that do Imagine waking up to one of these after a bar pick up I've been drunk but NEVER that drunk.
  8. In a way it is, I've talked to a number of ladies here (35 + years old - some with a little money / some with a lot) who have been asked for money by the men they text with and some did. One was very successful in real estate in Manila Although the scamming is not as organized as in the op?
  9. The guy definitely has a good case for suing the pole. You could see how it jumped out in front of him.
  10. Somehow I think that astronauts are not as well vetted today as compared to years ago. Recall the case a few years ago where a diaper wearing astronaut drove 1000 miles to kidnap and kill someone she considered a romantic rival for the affection of another astronaut.One day, I'm afraid this type of erratic behavior is going to bite NASA in the tail. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/how-a-bitter-divorce-battle-on-earth-led-to-claims-of-a-crime-in-space/ar-AAGeTu2 How a Bitter Divorce Battle on Earth Led to Claims of a Crime in Space
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  12. Me too wasted 2 months writing to one i wont name told me if i was in a hurry look for someone else self applied going good so far the e mail me appointments i show up. Process is much better apply if rated low file appeal use a site like HADIT VET FORUM to get advice
  13. Yes the last flight of the concord it hit some debris on the tarmac that had fallen off another plate causing the concord to crash. I wonder how many wealthy test dummies will line up for this next one!
  14. Using Philhealth will enable admission without a deposit in some instances. That is an advantage if the care you need comes at a time you have little cash available. However, filing a claim with Phil health may be quick, or not. If there are delays, then you may have to wait until Philhealth completes their processing before you can file with your insurance. At least that is what is supposed to happen with some insurance coverages. When your claim is filed with your insurance, it may ask "have you received coverage benefits from other insurance?" If yes, then those benefits need to be considered by them.
  15. Yeah I’m dealing with that here, first time applying for disability to boot. eBenefits site is okay, I notice you have anywhere from 8-23 minutes to get things done before it auto-logs you off (even if you’re typing away). I think VSO’s have the permission to view/edit your eBenefits if you want. I just haven’t been able to find a VSO to respond. The eBenefits site list VSO’s however it’s not updated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/turn-off-your-bluetooth-warn-security-experts Turn off your Bluetooth, warn security experts
  17. Are there any advantages to having Philhealth if you have Tricare? I know if you have enough cash on hand and can wait for reimbursement there should be no need for Philhealth but are there any other pros? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Why would there be, according to the EX Filipinos are never wrong about anything. even if she drive the wrong way down a one way street. The city is wrong for making it the wrong direction
  19. I thought it was the fiery landing that did it in ??
  20. Off topic post IMO, and is not Filipino culture. - Romance, dating etc... To the Op I read scammers are up to 285mil $ a year in revinue now.
  21. bkb1


    Liveleak.com - Adorable, dog meets bird video.mp4
  22. SkyMan


    Does anyone's SO where those colored contacts that seem to be popular now? My SIL wore them a while. Every time I see a girl with those it's like, "Ok feck, the lizard people have landed."
  23. Zero at Cebu RAO and VFW Cebu Two at RAO Subic.
  24. What killed the concorde was the outrageous ticket price and the sonic boom near populated areas. Flying at this height might ease the noise complaints but I'll bet the ticket price would be in the stratosphere as well. Don't pack your bag just yet. Besides, I am saving for my trip to Mars.
  25. SkyMan

    NFL - 2019 Season

    Different, that's for sure. Because of the field size difference between NFL and CFL, they had to move the goalposts back out of the endzones. There was a slightly damaged spot, 2 yards from the back and the NFL deemed it was to dangerous for play. Really? So, they made it an 80 yard field by making the 10 yard lines the goal lines and the goal lines the back of the endzone. No kickoffs, just spotted the ball on the 15 which was really the 25. Kind of messed up and I think some errors in play were made because of it.
  26. Agreed. I say "thank you" a lot. So did my last biz partner. Cannot imagine not having basic manners. Pasayloa = forgive. As in pasayloa ko ("forgive me"), which is different than a simple sorry.
  27. His sister Hanoi Jane is a POS for sure !!!!
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      Just stopped by to see whats going on here. Sad to see so many people have passed...lifes been busy here but might slow down as I drew my retirement. I'll see how well that works out lol..headed back to Cebu for the month of November ( maybe a bit longer)
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      Just thought I would drop by and say hi (finally remembered my login  )
      Just a quick update and to report that rumors of my demise have been grossly exagerated.
      While I will never be back to 100%, I am doing quite nicely, or better than expected
      There are several things I am not able to do and one is to fly for more than about 4 hours due to cabin pressure, and that really pisses me of as the Philippines has been close to me for nearly 50 years.
      The other is I can no longer play the piano, which was my means of relaxation and stress relieving.
      I strongly believe that being active, in good health and reasonably fit has enabled me to get back this far.
      BTW, I am 82 in a few months and going better than many younger than me.
      Cheers and Keep safe guys

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      Spammer......bye bye..
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      If you're still around - can you give me the details of the Dentist you used in Ormoc ?
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      Got my first "follower" today..      I followed him back so now we're going around in circles.. 
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