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  3. Yes you can "rent" as many boxes you need from Sky. I have 2 for 2 different tv's and one is a DVR/On Demand/Netflix box. They just charge extra for each additional box over 1 you need.
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  5. jtmwatchbiz

    China Eastern

    i never took China Eastern either and mostly used Cathay's JFK-Cebu flights with great results. a few have told me China Eastern might be quite a but cheaper so i guess i will look into it for our next trip. nice to read the reviews in this thread.
  6. Nothing is the simple answer. Take a taxi to the mall of asia, maybe 5 minutes if it is clear, 10 minutes if busy and take a wander around
  7. HeyMike

    China Eastern

    One of my first flights to the Philippines was with an American airline, I think Continental/United. It seemed to make stops everywhere, including Manila. I learned my lesson. Never took China E. I have always used Cathay Pacific, Asiana, or EVA. No complaints with any of those 3 airlines.
  8. smokey

    China Eastern

    I could never get my seat in advance they give random seats
  9. Jack Rat

    China Eastern

    I have flown with China E. I can't fault their service and by having no ice in my drinks saved telling them, 'no ice'! You will never know the purity content of the ice water..even more so here in the Philippines.
  10. The thin plastic temp plate with the Conduction Permit # broke off on the front, Probably caught no some scooter squeezing in between us and the vehicle in front. So I went to a printer and got an outdoor sticker made. Similar size and put the Lilo-an seal on one side and some palm trees on the other and then Live, Love, Lilo-an across the top and "For Registration across the bottom. I think it was about p20. Got the real plates a month later.
  11. GwapoGuy

    China Eastern

    Have flown China Eastern the last few times to Cebu. My all time lowest fare of $495 from ORD to CEB completed last year! The best trip duration times of 24 hours inbound and 21 hours outbound. Plane lands in Cebu at 3:40 AM when taxis are plentiful and traffic minimal. Only other airline with similar trip duration from ORD is EVA but that flight lands in Cebu at 11:00 AM when traffic is a nightmare. Would like to try Cathay but the layover in HKG is 12 to 15 hours. China Eastern cabin service is not unlike Delta. Noticed that they didn't have ice when serving drinks. In seat entertainment had plenty of movies to choose from. Entrees consisted of meat with noodles or meat with rice. Bottled water was plentiful and passed around liberally. Deplaning at PVG was like a breath of fresh air. Cool weather as we loaded onto two huge buses. Unfortunately, some elderly and handicapped passengers were treated rather cruelly while transferring. Seems like they are building a new terminal so hopefully outside deplaning will end soon.
  12. SkyMan


  13. We got five vehicles. We just get a guy to print some heavy-duty stickers and he puts them over the temp plates. May not be strictly kosher, but hey it works.
  14. RogerDuMond

    Synthetic Vinegar! Yummy!

  15. SkyMan

    Miscellaneous Humor

  16. SkyMan

    Miscellaneous Humor

  17. Quite true, (according to numerous quotes on the net). The German bombers were heading for a military target (not sure what, can't find as yet, maybe Coventry) and were "off course". But,,HEY. they were still indiscrimiate with the V1, and somewhat V2 flying bombs that just dropped "anywhere". Our house street number was 67.... 57 got a direct hit.. Sent from my MI MAX using Tapatalk
  18. Yes, they said it was available in Talamban.
  19. One of the most decisive and cold blooded decisions of the war was Churchill's instigating the bombing of London. I've read that the German's mistakenly bombed London - Churchill used this to bomb German cities which caused Hitler to retaliate - thus losing the gains they'd made in destroying industrial and military infrastructure.
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  21. fivestarph

    Senior Citizens Discount for Foreigner

    The free parking rules seem to have changed recently. Whilst the malls give free parking to foreign seniors CITOM say for on street parking the privilege only applies if you can show a Senior Citizen Card. Even my wife who is a Filipino Senior Citizen once did not have her Senior Card with her and got charged even though she showed her Driving Licence indicating she was a senior.
  22. Radar at that time sure played a major part not taking anything away from the brave pilots..
  23. Headshot

    Senior Citizens Discount for Foreigner

    Yeah, I just got back this morning from a trip around SEA, and maybe it is time for a coffee meetup at Consolacion. I'll text you after I get a new SIM card. I needed a SIM card for Thailand, and unfortunately my old Globe SIM got lost while I was storing it in my wallet.
  24. The "Porters" at Bacolod Airport used to do this 30 years ago. Quite a common practice then. Their toe would be under the scale plate. In those days just arrive, give all your bags to a porter, He would place your bags on the scale and "fix" any overweight issues "🤔. I'm only talking about a few kilos,,(or was it pounds).. but Hey.. It got you on the plane. BAC 1,11s in those days..
  25. Headshot

    Senior Citizens Discount for Foreigner

    True. As far as I know the only three major malls in the Cebu Metro area are in Cebu City, and only two of them charge for parking. I mentioned SM Consolacion, and although it is bigger than any Gaisano Grand or Metro mall, I would hardly consider it a major mall.
  26. Staying two nights in the City of Dreams complex Manila. The question is about dining just outside the facility. I am unimpressed by the actual restaurant choices in the facility. (I do plan to try Nobu, however) Not into buffets at all. Anything above fast food places easy walking distance from the complex? Any reasonably priced restaurant would be nice. Abaca grade to a a bit less in price. Have a child in tow. No taxis just to eat. Thank you.
  27. Pretty sure that if you want to see 2 different channels you will need 2 boxes anyway do you know if you can get sky cable where you live ?? https://www.mysky.com.ph/onesky#premiumplans
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