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  2. I think there will be a Restobar on the market soon...
  3. But how do you know the reason for that murder? If "jealousy" was the reason, just owning a nice condo, motorcycle, car, nice clothes, etc could also get you killed. You would have to dress like a homeless person, never bathe, and sleep on the street, lest someone get "jealous" of you.
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  5. Now maybe the perfect time for him to request the halt on screening of any films that show a failed hitman visiting the hospital to complete his tasks....
  6. KID

    Putting Paint to Canvas

    Wow, I cant manage a proper stick figure
  7. Update; He is not dead, he is recovering in the hospital..
  8. If you are talking about the Italian guy in Dauin, he was a wealthy developer in a property dispute. He was shot not because he was in business, but probably because of the type of business and probably pissing off a Filipino, or someone after his money, which was substantial. Ron had run several bars, resorts, and restos here, and other businesses too, such as 5/6 money lending, and gambling, which would put him as far over breaking the golden rules as anyone. He lived to a ripe old age, and died of natural causes. But, he generally treated people fairly, and had little money for someone to inherit. He was a likable guy. Then along comes a German and buys the business Ron built, and he gets shot within two months? Somehow he pissed off the wrong people, or someone wanted his money. I doubt it was because he was in business, but maybe due to his actions in business? I too have been in business here over 15 years, one of which puts me in position to constantly piss off Filipino scammers. I'm still here, believe it or not.
  9. Women are incredibly unreasonable, aren't they?
  10. I’m going to disagree with you on this one (owning a business is not reason enough to be killed/shot/threatened). I’ve read enough murders going on in the Philippines and it has come down to a foreigner owning a business and some kind of jealousy going on. I think the last one was that Italian expat who was married to a Filipina. I think he was property investor. Shot n killed in his home when he was watching a movie with his wife. But I’ve read others. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Wife wants me to build a house before the pool. There will probably be a good bit of fill from building the house. Then the topsoil get's scraped off and then the pool with perhaps some other structures built (septic, cistern) and then then fill around and replace the topsoil.
  12. Agreed on all counts. I've been following this, and see nowhere in any news report (other than headlines) that he died, as yet. The story on the street last night put the wound in the kidney area, which would probably not be fatal.
  13. There seems to be conflicting stories on whether or not the victim is in fact dead or receiving medical treatment. If the shot was to the area described I would not think that is necessarily a fatal wound. Paralysis is very possible, but without verification of the complete story this is all conjecture. Time will tell. Hoping for the best for him and the arrest of the suspect.
  14. I assume they would give the stink-eye to a software developer coming in with computing equipment under this provision?
  15. DeedleNuts

    Brit Faces Death Penalty- Drug Raid Manila

    Drugs should be legal, but local laws should be obeyed until the right thing is the legal thing. It's not like he could have not known the law.
  16. hi Steve. LBC does balikbayan boxes, they have an office in Salem.
  17. Yes, it'll be less expensive, but I'm in mid Oregon, and the balikbayan service is 5+ hours away in Seattle. Not sure if there's one yet in Portland, still two hours each way. Don't mind struggling with the 16 bags for a few hours to save a thousand in BB box service.
  18. I wasn't really talking about paying for excess baggage. Just the thought of you traveling with 16 bags and 2 kids. I know you can pay porters and get van taxis rather than regular cars but wouldn't life be a little easier sending a few BBBoxes a month or 2 before you leave? Should be pretty cheaper from the left coast.
  19. The previous owner of Gie Gie's, Ron, was a good friend of mine for 15+ years. He ran food/bar/resort businesses here for 15 years, and never had a problem. Unfortunately, he developed Cancer and passed away recently. This guy bought him out and took over March 1st, and is dead 2 months later. He may have broke some rules, but just running a business was not it.
  20. HeyMike

    Putting Paint to Canvas

    My latest painting... Plowing the Field oil on canvas 18 x 24 inches
  21. Well for all we know at this stage there could be half a dozen or so "thou shall not" rules broken .... thou shall not covet the wife/girlfriend of another man is another major one here in the PI , but at this stage all I see is assumptions .... so until the unreliable press releases some half truths or facts we are all just guessing as to the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate man's death.
  22. I think what he is getting at is the German broke one of the golden rules to safely living in the Philippines. That’s rule number 2 to be exact. Thou shall not do/own/run business in the Philippines. If your wondering what the first and third golden rules are. Thou shall not have anything to do with drugs and thirdly, thou shall not have any political views or advocate while living in the Philippines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. We were within 100 meters of this making music when it happened. RIP
  24. Is there some information here that the rest of us don't know about ?
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