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  2. Apologies, I omitted to supply the original source regarding the LTO article.. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1814477/Cebu/Local-News/6-LTO-employees-2-fixers-nabbed?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link
  3. Whether the church is responsible or not that topic should stay in the CR where it can be openly chatted. Here in the open forum we try not to discuss politics and religion. Thanks guys & gals
  4. IMO the church has far too much influence and therefore should take a lot of the blame for the poverty and unwanted births their no divorce, no contraception etc stance causes. And the government should distance itself from the church like in other developed / developing countries. The church in the Phils is one of the countries greatest problems, IMO.
  5. I buy Nature's Spring 80p a gallon. 20p gallon water keeps me always thirsty
  6. Same? Glad to see this stuff getting attention. Maybe doing it the right way is slower but not nearly that expensive.
  7. I think all the bottled water places are required to have periodic testing so I imagine they could tell you how to get a test done.
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  9. Taken from the Sun Star site.. Six LTO employees, who are administrative aides, and the two fixers had been placed under NBI surveillance for six months after word reached LTO 7 Regional Director Victor Caindec and Executive Director Romeo Vera Cruz about the “new license fixing” that was posted on social media. The target of the NBI operation was the LTO district office at J Centre Mall in Mandaue City because this was where fixing was allegedly rampant. It turned out that the fixers had their contacts at the licensing center located at SM Seaside City. NBI agent-on-case Wenceslao Galindez Jr. said they sent out two decoys who brought with them marked money and pretended to apply for driver’s licenses. A fixer approached the decoys and facilitated the application by referring them to another fixer. Under the scheme, the second fixer contacts someone in the LTO licensing office. The driver’s licenses are released at a much shorter time than the usual waiting period. The fixers set a fee of P7,500. Galindez said the marked money was recovered in the hands of the LTO cashier at the licensing office. NBI 7 Assistant Regional Director Dominador Cimafranca said his office had to act because the fixing of driver’s licenses has become rampant. LTO’s Caindec, in a statement, said, that the arrests were “necessary actions in the processes of positive change and transformation” of the agency. “The agency will make no excuse in behalf of anyone for the mess they got themselves into,” he said. LTO 7 legal officer Vicente Gador Jr. said anti- graft charges will be filed against those culpable. The six LTO employees arrested were Marilyn Erederos, Jonathan Magudato, Epifanio Callino Jr., Charish Mae Cabigon, Gladys Mendero and Dembert Dasig. The fixers were identified as Fredlyn de Lara and Dexter Capendit. (AZLG, HBL/MPS)
  10. I think the girls are stuck waiting for Mr. Right (responsible, has a job) but he never comes. But the guy she's with tells her his plans and she takes that as close enough.
  11. Hey- you want me to feed you and bathe you when you get old?? Then start looking after all the cute little babies I JUST HAD TO HAVE !!
  12. And in many cases.. at least here.. it seems like the grand parents end up being literally forced to take care of unexpected grandchildren. I'd like to see some statistics about how often the single mother.. or the babies father.. are the ones who actually take care of the children they make, and how often it's the grandparents.
  13. I think they justify it more on theological grounds than commercial - but you do have a point!
  14. For the testing I asked at MCWD if I can test at their lab in Talamban. Answer is YES and it costs 500php. Contact MCWD Laboratory at (32) 254-84-34, press 9, press local number 801 - they will tell you to first go to the MCWD main building and pay the 500php at floor 4 (the agent you call). They will also supply you with a bottle for the test sample. After that you can fill the test sample and go to the lab in talamban to get it tested - it will take about 5 days. Maybe other labs are faster or cheaper - but as MCWD is responsible for Metro Cebus water I hope that they do more propper testing than labs that are just commercialized
  15. Yeah but i was not bitching about the forum was run was I salty? It was suggested by a member that the admin should start censoring people. I suggested that would be a horrible Idea. If you thought i was bitching please have another read through. I am starting to remember why i stopped posting here
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  17. On going membership drive for the Catholic Church..
  18. Dafey

    Filipino Superstitions

    After visiting the cemetery we need to start a small fire and step through the smoke before leaving...don't know why!
  19. In my little slice of rural Masbate the sequence seems to be 1 or more children, try 1 or more fathers, maybe get married. What is unusual about this is the continuing and vocal disapproval of the behavior despite its relative commonality. It’s also not restricted to uneducated village types. The girls seem to want the babies without considering the economic and social impacts. The boys want the sex but without any responsibility - and the Church keeps insisting contraception is wrong. My only surprise about the statistic quoted is “it’s that low?!” Mind you, who’s to say that all births are properly recorded 😄
  20. Kahuna

    Poop Dessert

    Poop Dessert I don't think I could eat this toilet bowl dessert ,especially if they add peanuts.. lol
  21. Having retired from the State of California, and my pension coming from CAL Pers, the worry is that there is a claim the pension program is underfunded. After all we are all expected to live 30 years after retirement and with that logic the pension program is underfunded and requires the agencies and counties using it to pony up more money every year. However, for every retired employee that kicks off before 30 years, the pension plan is making money. Worst case scenarios always get the fearmongers' panties all wadded up......Unless the pension plans put all of the funds in a stupid stock or real estate scheme, I do not believe the sky will be falling anytime soon. But that is just my view.
  22. user333

    Filipino Superstitions

    Don't point at a mound of dirt because that's where the dwarfs live and they'll get mad. If you go to a funeral wake, and leave, stop at some business first before you go home so that the spirits won't follow you home. My friend married a provincial lady from Bohol. She said she could talk with the "little people" or apo. They were spirits that lived in trees, mountains, etc. Don't sweep at night because you're brushing away good luck and success/money. Siblings cannot get married to other people in the same year because it will bring bad luck.
  23. Just like in this video, most of the reviews I've heard about the Blue label, seem to indicate it's overpriced for what it is. I don't really know. Rustan's at Ayala had Bruichladdich, a very nice Islay scotch.
  24. 05. Illegal Activities Any illegal activities detected by forum administration will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  25. Mmmmm I made that last post in reply to a post saying that the forum reports any illegal activities they hear about to the authorities- but now I cant find the post that I was referring to ???
  26. I recently posted that I had avoided having my drivers licence seized by paying SOP. Did an administration report me to the authorities? It would be nice if you advised us before reporting us 😊 I know a member who is committing adultery- am I obliged to turn him in? I recently posted that I had avoided having my drivers licence seized by paying SOP. Did an administration report me to the authorities? It would be nice if you advised us before reporting us 😊 I know a member who is committing adultery- am I obliged to turn him in?
  27. Headshot

    Filipino Superstitions

    You have to remember that in addition to strong Catholic beliefs (the holy water), Filipinas have even stronger animist beliefs left over from before they were converted to Catholicism. That is where the blood rituals and burying things in the ground (and fear of basements) come from, and also a lot of the beliefs in monsters and evil spirits. You see a lot of the same beliefs in Latin America, where the Indians were converted, but hung onto a lot of their old beliefs as well. You also have to remember that most of the "Spanish" settlers in the Philippines during their reign were actually from Mexico (and other parts of Latin America), and they brought a lot of their pre-conversion beliefs with them too. The mixture ends up as a culture with more superstitions than you can count. The trade route between the Philippines and Spain went across the Pacific to Mazatlan and then down to the isthmus of Panama, where goods were transported to the Atlantic side and on to Spain. Mexico had a lot of influence over what happened in the Philippines for a few hundred years.
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